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Funding Opportunities Available This Week: 108
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Funding Number Opportunity Title Award Ceiling
17 552 Computer and Information Science and Engineering (CISE) Research Initiation Initiative $175,000.00
EPA R1 SNEP 2017 Coastal Watershed Restoration Grant Program for the Southeast New England Program (SNEP) $12,000,000.00
P17AS00186 Urban Archeology Corps $40,000.00
F17AS00193 Natural Resource Damage Assessment, Restoration and Implementation $45,000.00
L17AS00058 BLM CA Friends of Jawbone $500,000.00
P17AS00191 Notice of Intent to award, not a request for applications $31,500.00
L17AS00043 BLM CA Friends of Big Morongo Preserve $250,000.00
USDA NRCS MS ACEP 17 01 Mississippi ACEP-WRP-EWP Not Set
693JJ317NF0006 Surface Transportation System Funding Alternative $20,000,000.00
HHS 2017 ACL NIDILRR BISB 0217 Small Business Innovation Research Program (SBIR) Phase II 93.433 HHS/ACL/NIDILRR $575,000.00
SCAKAB 17 AW 005 SCA 04132017 Debates on Key Issues – Preparing the Afghan Population for Elections (Dari Language) $325,000.00
SCAKAB 17 AW 006 SCA 04132017 Debates on Key Issues – Preparing the Afghan Population for Elections (Pashto Language) $325,000.00
CDC RFA PS17 1712 Assuring Comprehensive Prevention and Treatment for Families Affected by HIV to Eliminate Perinatal HIV Transmission in the United States $400,000.00
NPSNOILYJO1700422 Youth Preservation of Cultural Landscapes and Cyclic Maintenance of Historic Structures Not Set
CDC RFA GH15 162203CONT17 Strengthening South Africas Laboratory and Epidemiology Capacity to Detect and Respond to Zoonotic Disease Outbreaks, Center for Global Health Not Set
P17AS00190 Three Ranger Interns at Independence NHP $1.00
P17AS00189 Cultural Resources Youth Fellowship/Internship - Biscayne National Park $50,000.00
USDA NRCS VT CIG 17 01 Vermont Conservation Innovation Grant $75,000.00
USGS 17 FA 00136 HayWired Earthquake Scenario $50,000.00
USGS 17 FA 0135 HayWired Earthquake Scenario $50,000.00
USGS FA 17 0134 Notice of Intent - Committee on Seismology and Geodynamics and its Activities $50,000.00
P17AS00187 Historic Preservation Intern - Perform Repairs on Cone Estate Structures $71,000.00
L17AS00062 BLM-NOC, Enhancement of APEX Model for Simulating Soil Erosion and Salt Transport in the Colorado River Basin $1,004,036.00
P17AS00188 Latino Heritage Internship Program $138,829.00
NPS 17 NERO 0032 Upper Housatonic Valley National Heritage Area $151,721.00
HHS 2017 ACL CIP LRLR 0209 Lifespan Respite Care Program: Grants to New States $200,000.00
ISN ISNCTR 17 005 ISN CTR FY17 AQM Grants Not Set
NPS NOI 17 NATC 22861 Joint Operations & Maintenance of the Natchez Visitor Reception Center Not Set
P17AS00185 Youth Programs Cooridnator Internship at San Juan National Historical Park $27,282.00
HRSA 17 075 National Organizations for State and Local Officials (NOSLO) Not Set
FR 6100 N 15 Lead and Healthy Homes Technical Studies Grant Program Pre and Full Application $700,000.00
L17AS00061 BLM-WY, Southwest Wyoming Watershed Restoration and Enhancement Projects $50,000.00
L17AS00060 BLM-WY, Deer Elk Ecology Cooperative Study $221,000.00
NPSNOIGRCA1700414 Riparian Restoration Intern Not Set
NPSNOIGRCA1700415 Habitat Restoration Intern Not Set
NPSNOIGRCA1700412 Invasive Plant Intern Not Set
HHS 2017 ACF OPRE YE 1208 Early Care and Education Research Scholars: Child Care Research Scholars $25,000.00
NPSNOIGRCA1700413 Native Plant Nursery Intern Not Set
HHS 2017 ACF OPRE YR 1219 Early Care and Education Research Scholars: Head Start Graduate Student Research Grants $25,000.00
USGS 17 FA 0702 Notice of Intent $174,000.00
HRSA 17 070 Behavioral Health Workforce Education and Training (BHWET) Program Not Set
HRSA 17 103 Optimizing Momentum Toward Sustainable Epidemic Control Not Set
P17AS00184 Remote and Active Monitoring of Special Status Wildlife, Mojave National Preserve $58,518.00
L17AS00059 BLM-WY, Wyoming Range Habitat Restoration Enhancement and Mule Deer Initiative $5,000,000.00
HRSA 17 033 Health Workforce for HIV and Chronic Disease Service Delivery Global Initiative Not Set
P17AS00179 Internships for Subalpine Revegetation at North Cascades National Park $28,403.00
HRSA 17 116 Health Professional Support Program for Children with Congenital Zika Virus (ZIKV) Infection $80,000.00
693JJ317NF0001 Advanced Transportation and Congestion Management Technologies Deployment Initiative $12,000,000.00
F17AS00191 Implementation of Unique and Critical Elements of the 2017 PPJV Implementation Plan $40,000.00
DOS LONDON PD 2017 03 Jo Cox Memorial High School Exchange $75,000.00
RFA CA 17 024 SBIR Phase II Bridge Awards to Accelerate the Development of Cancer Therapeutics, Imaging Technologies, Interventional Devices, Diagnostics, and Prognostics toward Commercialization (R44) $1,000,000.00
CDC RFA GH16 16170201SUPP17 Supplement: Strengthening Public Health Capacity and Strategic Information Systems through Cooperation and Support Services from the Joint United Nations Programme on HIV/AIDS (UNAIDS) under the President's Emergency Plan for AIDS Relief (PEPFAR) $525,000.00
CDC RFA GH13 13270401SUPP17 Supplement: Support Services from the World Health Organization (WHO) for the President's Emergency Plan for AIDS Relief (PEPFAR) $9,420,000.00
AT ATC 17 006 International Programs to Combat Child Trafficking in the Philippines $3,000,000.00
INL17CA0020 INLWHPMEXICO 04112017 Mexico Travel and Logistics Program for Training Support $9,000,000.00
F17AS00190 Directors Fellows Program $590,000.00
SCAKAB 17 AW 004 SCA 04112017 Undergraduate Scholarships Outside of Afghanistan for Afghan Women $1,000,000.00
17CS08 Reentry Employment Series- Training and Coaching Facilitation $120,000.00
17CS06 Outcome and Performance Measures for Community Corrections $150,000.00
17CS07 Employment Retention Inventory Research Project $180,000.00
CDC RFA IP17 1703 National Organization to Strengthen and Support a Network of Immunization Program Managers $600,000.00
USDA NIFA SLBCD 006349 Smith Lever Special Needs Competitive Grants Program $180,000.00
P17AS00182 SUCR ACE PLC Fencing and Trails (PMIS# 196885A) $32,800.00
P17AS00181 Promote and protect foot trails, their surrounding natural areas, and the hiking experience for the general public. $1.00
NEAAC ACMEPI 17 004 Advancing Civic Engagement through the Assessment of Public Opinion $2,000,000.00
NPS NOI CESU 17 21675 Trails and Rails Interpretive Support Program --II Not Set
NPS NOI MACA 17 22861 Interpretation Park Guide Interns Not Set
CDC RFA DP17 1705 Scaling the National Diabetes Prevention Program in Underserved Areas $1,500,000.00
P17AS00180 NOTICE OF INTENT: Successional changes in arthropod assemblages during watershed restoration and fire management in the Jemez Mountains, New Mexico $1.00
P17AS00178 Lake Meredith National Recreation Area Multi-use Trail System Project $25,000.00
L17AS00057 Pahrump Poolfish Habitat Enhancement $470,000.00
F17AS00189 Analysis of Practices that Lead to Successful Prairie Reconstructions $40,000.00
P17AS00177 Public Inforamtion Project $85,897.00
P17AS00176 Enhancing Visitor Experience through Noxious Weed Management $56,800.00
DHS 16 GPD 044 000 98 Assistance to Firefighters Grant Program, Fire Prevention and Safety Grants $1,500,000.00
P17AS00174 Notice of CESU Funding Opportunity Everglades Ecosystem Restoration and Management $500,000.00
RFA HL 18 020 Integrative Computational Biology for Analysis of NHLBI TOPMed Data $324,000.00
F17AS00188 Aquatic Habitat Restoration for the Lower Osage River Protection and Enhancement Program $1,000,000.00
DOS GEO 17 GR 003 GEO 041017 Government of Georgia Strategic Communications Program $250,000.00
CDC RFA GH15 162403CONT17 Developing professional training programs to increase capacity for effective global health response to humanitarian emergencies Not Set
HKG NOFO FY17 001 Hong Kong & Macau Small Grant Program $10,000.00
P17AS00173 Village Marine Science Outreach $110,000.00
INL AFGHANISTAN 17GR0026 04072017 Afghanistan Access to Justice Legal Aid Project $1,350,000.00
SFOP0001604 ADAPT Africa $197,530.00
NEAAC ACBURGR 17 007 Regional Assistance Program 2 $1,500,000.00
DRLA DRLAQM 17 065 Financial Management Capacity Building for Implementing Partners IRF $600,000.00
NPS 17 NERO 0031 Historic Preservation of the Chatham Manor Complex $50,994.00
RFA DK 17 005 George M. O'Brien Kidney Research Core Centers (P30) $750,000.00
RFA 294 17 000002 Education for the Future $25,000,000.00
RFA NR 17 001 Limited Competition: Palliative Care Research Cooperative (PCRC) (U2C) $1,000,000.00
RFI 673 17 000001 DREAMS Initiative Namibia $20,000,000.00
P17AS00172 Communicating Marine Science to Alaskan Communities through Discovery Labs $50,000.00
P17AS00171 Assessing the Impacts of Climate Change on Vulnerable Coastal Cultural Resources $100,000.00
USGS 17 FA 00125 Seafloor Geodetic Methods $40,000.00
P17AS00149 The Little Yosemite Valley Backcountry Internship Program $32,609.00
P17AS00162 Larimer County Conservation Corps crew working directly with an NPS Trail Crew $70,103.00
NPSNOIBAND1700318 Bandelier Conservation Corps Not Set
USDA NRCS MS CTA 17 01 Mississippi Conservation Technical Assistance (CTA) Not Set
NPSNOIBAND1700319 Bandelier Preservation Crew Not Set
M17AS00015 BOEM FY 2017 Environmental Studies Program $1,900,000.00
Funding Opportunities Available This Week: 108
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