Grant Alerts (Week 05 of 2018)

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Issue #2018-05

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Funding Opportunities Available This Week: 43
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Funding Number Opportunity Title Award Ceiling
PAR 18 604 Vet-LIRN Network Capacity-Building Projects $225,000.00
AFYDE SSH GR POLECON 2018 Ambassador’s Special Self-Help Annual Program Statement, POL/ECON, U.S. Embassy Yaounde $10,000.00
SMART 2018 5204 SMART FY 18 Fellowship: Strengthening Sexual Violence Victim Service Program $150,000.00
SFOP0003945 Democracy, Human Rights, and Rule of Law in Iraq $3,000,000.00
BOR PN 18 N006 Project Development for the Sheep Creek Habitat Improvement Project $68,000.00
CDC RFA PS18 1808 National Network to Enhance Capacity of State and Local Sexually Transmitted Disease Prevention Programs (NNECS) $5,000,000.00
PAR 18 599 Shared Instrumentation for Animal Research (SIFAR) Grant Program (S10 Clinical Trial Not Allowed) $750,000.00
PAR 18 598 High-End Instrumentation (HEI) Grant Program (S10 Clinical Trial Not Allowed) $2,000,000.00
NIJ 2018 13702 NIJ FY18 Research and Evaluation on Violence Against Women: Sexual Violence, Intimate Partner Violence, Stalking, and Teen Dating Violence $4,500,000.00
PAR 18 600 Shared Instrumentation Grant (SIG) Program (S10 Clinical Trial Not Allowed) $600,000.00
CDC RFA DP18 1803 State Public Health Approaches to Addressing Arthritis $500,000.00
CDC RFA OT18 1802 Strengthening Public Health Systems and Services Through National Partnerships to Improve and Protect the Nation's Health $150,000,000.00
APS 72027918APS00001 H2O Yemen $9,200,000.00
EAPBJ 18 GR 001 EAP012618 Programming in the People’s Republic of China $150,000.00
NPSNOIBAND1800167 Bus Shuttle Service Not Set
DRLA DRLAQM 18 004 FY18 DRL Internet Freedom APS $3,000,000.00
HRSA 18 108 Service Area Competition-Additional Areas (SAC-AA) — Newark, NJ Not Set
BOG PAS FY18 1 U.S. Embassy Bogota Small Grants Program $20,000.00
DE FOA 0001749 Notice of Intent to Issue Funding Opportunity Announcement entitled Flexible Combined Heat and Power Systems for Grid Support. $1,500,000.00
USAID 621 TMSN FY2018 Tanzania Multi-sectoral Nutrition Activity $20,000,000.00
SCAISB 18 AW 005 01252018 Building a Pakistani CVE Ecosystem $700,000.00
HRSA 18 082 Adolescent and Young Adult Health National Capacity Building Program Not Set
HR001118S0016 DARPA Subterranean (SubT) Challenge Not Set
SFOP0003943 2018 Burkina Faso, Mauritania, Niger, and Senegal $2,000,000.00
HRSA 18 064 Vision Screening in Young Children Not Set
HHS 2018 ACL NIDILRR REGE 0264 Rehabilitation Engineering Research Centers (RERC) Program: RERC on Technologies to Support Aging-in-Place for People with Long-Term Disabilities $925,000.00
HRSA 18 036 Rural Quality Improvement Technical Assistance Cooperative Agreement Not Set
HRSA 18 048 Evidence-Informed Approaches to Improving Health Outcomes for People Living with HIV Not Set
HHS 2018 ACL NIDILRR RTEM 0261 Rehabilitation Research and Training Center (RRTC) on Employment for People with Physical Disabilities $875,000.00
SCAISB 18 AW 004 01242018 Media Training and Professional Journalism Development in Pakistan $600,000.00
DHS 17 GPD 044 000 98 Assistance to Firefighters Grant Program, Fire Prevention and Safety Grants $1,500,000.00
RFA RM 18 013 Development of Large Animal Reporter Systems for Testing Somatic Cell Genome Editing Tools (U24 Clinical Trial Not Allowed) $500,000.00
RFA RM 18 012 Rodent Testing Centers for Development of Reporter Systems and Evaluation of Somatic Cell Genome Editing Tools (U42 Clinical Trial Not Allowed) $225,000.00
RFA RM 18 015 Development of Cell and Tissue Platforms to Detect Adverse Biological Consequences of Somatic Cell Gene Editing (U01 Clinical Trial Not Allowed) $390,000.00
RFA RM 18 016 Innovative Technologies to Deliver Genome Editing Machinery to Disease-relevant Cells and Tissues (UG3/UH3 Clinical Trial Not Allowed) $500,000.00
SFOP0003924 Increase Citizen Access to Objective Information in Jordan $750,000.00
DOS BAGHDAD PD 2018 003 Conservation and Restoration of the Historical and Traditional Hammam (Public Bath) of Erbil Citadel $500,000.00
DOS BAGHDAD PD 2018 002 Conservation and Restoration of Heritage Building Complex of Erbil Citadel $300,000.00
SFOP0003936 2018 South Sudan $1,500,000.00
PAS LIMA FY18 01 U.S. Embassy LIMA PAS Annual Program Statement $100,000.00
SFOP0003934 2018 Ethiopia and Kenya $2,000,000.00
ED GRANTS 012218 001 Institute of Education Sciences (IES): Lead of a Career and Technical Education (CTE) Network: Research Networks Focused on Critical Problems of Education Policy and Practice Program CFDA Number 84.305N $1,000,000.00
Funding Opportunities Available This Week: 43
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