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Funding Opportunities Available This Week: 83
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Funding Number Opportunity Title Award Ceiling
F18AS00323 15.670 Adaptive Science $93,500.00
NPS 18 NERO 0163 White Clay Watershed Management Plan Implementation $120,000.00
NPS 18 NERO 0164 Trails Intern for Deferred Maintenance and Volunteer Program $40,079.00
693JJ318NF HIN National Summer Transportation Institute $118,000.00
USGS 18 FA 0339 Notice of Intent $499,000.00
NPS 18 NERO 0162 Park Landscape Condition Assessment Youth Internships $111,222.00
INL18GR0065 WHPCOSTARICA 08272018 Strengthening Judicial Response to Organized Crime in Costa Rica $300,000.00
USGS 18 FA 0338 Notice of Intent $60,000.00
NPS 18 NERO 0161 Delaware and Lehigh National Heritage Corridor $610,000.00
P18AS00590 Upgrading Curation and Cataloging Collections of the Southeast Archeological $108,000.00
P18AS00589 OVVI Trailhead Parking Area at Lake Welchel $27,642.00
NPS 18 NERO 0160 Collaborative Implementation of Chesapeake Programs & Projects $653,481.00
BOR LC 18 N015 Notice of Intent to Award to the University of Arizona $89,051.00
OR LC 18 N015 Notice of Intent to Award to the University of Arizona $89,051.00
P18AS00588 Survey Riverscour Communities of the Clear Fork $27,642.00
P18AS00587 Analyze New & Established Data to Develop Alternatives for Managing Hydrilla $35,000.00
G18AS00122 Cooperative Ecosystem Studies Unit, Great Rivers CESU $79,916.00
BOR LC 18 N009 Notice of Intent to Award to Navajo Nation $400,000.00
F18AS00322 Survey and Inventory for Listed and At-Risk Species in Georgia $1.00
NPS 18 NERO 0156 Youth Employment and Education Programming at Fort McHenry $99,230.00
FR 6200 N 07 Section 4 Capacity Building for Community Development and Affordable Housing Grants (Section 4) $35,000,000.00
2018 NIST MEP AK 01 Award Competition for a Hollings Manufacturing Extension Partnership (MEP) Center in the State of Alaska Not Set
L18AS00096 BLM Improving Habitat Quality in Arizona and Utah Big Game Migration Corridors $250,000.00
BOR DO 18 N016 Scaling-resistant RO/NF membrane for concentrate minimization $206,334.00
DOS LONDON PD 2018 CA 019 Youth Exchange on Social Cohesion $125,000.00
P18AS00586 Natural Resources Conservation Intern $34,300.00
HRSA 19 069 Lost Wages Support for Living Organ Donors Demonstration Project Not Set
P18AS00585 Muscle Shoals National Heritage Area $327,720.00
P18AS00584 Hemlock Treatment and Wetland Restoration $38,400.00
P18AS00583 Tribal Cultural Monitoring in Support of Phase 2 of the El Portal Sewer Rehabilitation Project $77,259.00
P18AS00582 Support Safety and Risk Management at Pacific West Region Parks $80,000.00
DOS PD MEX DF 2018 04 Request for Mexican Implementing Partner $80,000.00
CDC RFA GH19 1932 Building and Improving Laboratory Capacity and Quality in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) under the President's Emergency Plan for AIDS Relief (PEPFAR) $1,500,000.00
RFA DP 19 002 Packaging and Spreading Proven Pediatric Weight Management Interventions for Use by Low-Income Families $750,000.00
FR AMT 18 011 FY18 Washington Union Station Track 22 Rehabilitation $19,037,038.00
P18AS00580 Education Program Intern at Lake Roosevelt National Recreation Area $25,594.00
P18AS00579 Science Summer Camp $69,100.00
DOS PARIS PD 2018 CA 001 U.S Speaker Series: Transatlantic Voices: U.S. Commitment to Europe $200,000.00
NOAA NMFS SE 2019 2005794 FY 2019 Marine Fisheries Initiative (MARFIN) $525,000.00
BOR MP 18 N032 Nevada Department of Wildlife (NDOW) $129,739.00
USGS 18 FAC 5924 NOTICE OF INTENT-Coordinating for the Delivery of Great Lakes Bottom Mapping Data and Data Products $170,254.00
F18AS00320 Migratory Bird Monitoring, Assessment and Conservation $225,000.00
FR OLS 18 001 FY18 Highway-Rail Grade Crossing Safety Education and Enforcement Program $1,000,000.00
P18AS00576 Applying Sound Science to Identify Adaptation Strategies that Protect Resources and Facilities under Changing Environmental Conditions in National Parks $226,810.00
P18AS00577 MONOCACY NATIONAL BATTLEFIELD – Maintenance and Resource Management Interns $3,392,224.00
P18AS00560 NCR Civil Rights Fellows - Graduate Student Internship Program $1.00
NPS 18 NERO 0105 WARO Organization, Interpretation, Education and Outreach $49,037.00
P18AS00575 NOTICE OF INTENT: Next Generation Ranger Corps opportunity to learn traditional interpretation $68,732.00
TI 18 022 Rural Opioids Technical Assistance Grants $8,250,000.00
P18AS00574 NCPE Interns at the Bureau of Land Management $59,334.00
USDA NRCS IL 18 01 NRCS-IL Grazing Management Plans $90,000.00
DHS 18 NPPD 128 ISAO 001 Internet Security - Information Sharing and Analysis Organizations (IS-ISAO) Pilot $3,000,000.00
P18AS00572 Support Park Youth Preservation Crew for Painting Exterior of 492 Auburn $36,207.00
P18AS00573 Piscataway Park Cultural Landscape Inventory $57,000.00
P18AS00100 Repair and rehabilitate Flat Top National Recreational Trail $39,840.00
BOR MP 18 N035 Captive Propagation and Reintroduction of Large-flowered Fiddleneck (Amsinckia grandiflora) in Contra Costa, Alameda, and San Joaquin Counties, California - Phase 2 Monitoring $273,464.00
P18AS00571 Characterizing Response of Soil and Stream Chemistry from the Chimney Tops 2 Fire $56,924.00
P18AS00570 Research to Evaluate Visitor Characteristics Across and Within Seasons at Joshua Tree National Park $163,956.00
P18AS00568 Bird monitoring within the Sierra Nevada Network National Parks $310,200.00
CDC RFA GH19 1933 Enhance Population Access to Comprehensive HIV/AIDS Services in order to Achieve HIV/AIDS Epidemic Control in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC), Specifically in Haut - Katanga under the President's Emergency Plan for AIDS Relief (PEPFAR) $3,500,000.00
CDC RFA GH19 1938 Scaling High Quality Laboratory Services for HIV Diagnosis, Care, Treatment and Monitoring in Mozambique under the President's Emergency Plan for AIDS Relief (PEPFAR) $5,000,000.00
CDC RFA GH19 1929 Supporting Counties and Other Indigenous Health Management Institutions to Bridge Skill Gaps Among Health Care Workforce Necessary for HIV Epidemic Control in Kenya under the President's Emergency Plan for AIDS Relief (PEPFAR) $689,776.00
P18AS00567 Create Youth Internships at Nez Perce National Historical Park $50,828.00
BOR PN 18 F033 Upper Salmon Basin Habitat Improvement Planning and Coordination $1,600,000.00
NPS 18 NERO 0146 Preserve, Maintain & Interpret the Tenement Museum Not Set
NPS 18 NERO 0154 Spindle City Corps Trades Skills 2018-2019 $51,000.00
P18AS00566 Trail repair Blue Ridge Parkway $36,139.00
P18AS00565 Interactive Analytics for Natural & Cultural Resource Management $31,874.00
W81XWH 18 PHTBIRP LIMBIC Psychological Health/Traumatic Brain Injury, Long-Term Impact of Military-Relevant Brain Injury Consortium (LIMBIC) Award Not Set
NPS 18 NERO 0153 Westfield Wild and Scenic River Assistance $105,000.00
USGS 18 FAP 0098 Congressional Science Fellowship Not Set
P18AS00561 HOPE Crew Project at National Capital Parks-East $41,600.00
DE FOA 0001978 RFI - High Efficiency Internal Combustin Engine Development $1.00
P18AS00564 Continuation of the LAMR Southside Trail from Meredith Way to Fritch Fortress $84,000.00
P18AS00563 Wolf Trap National Park for the Performing Arts Administrative History $51,922.00
P18AS00562 Trail preservation $52,800.00
NPS 18 NERO 0152 Aquatic Resources Data Stewardship and Analysis for the New River Gorge National River, Gauley River National Recreation Area, and Bluestone National Scenic River in West Virginia $89,602.00
NPS 18 NERO 0151 Develop Climate Change-Resilient Restoration Techniques on Cad $58,580.00
NPS 18 NERO 0150 Visitor Contact, Educational and Public Programs $116,880.00
CDC RFA GH19 1923 Strengthen Capacity of South African Government's Department of Health and Implementing Partners to Deliver Quality Differentiated, Advanced Clinical Care for Unstable HIV and TB/HIV Patients in the Republic of South Africa under PEPFAR $5,000,000.00
Funding Opportunities Available This Week: 83
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