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Funding Opportunities Available This Week: 94
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Funding Number Opportunity Title Award Ceiling
NPS NOIP19AC00002 Elevate Awareness of Contributions of First Ladies through Programs, Services, and Community Engagement at the First Ladies National Historic Site -FILA $2,000,000.00
19 559 Quantum Leap Challenge Institutes $25,000,000.00
CDC RFA DP19 1905 The CDC Cancer Genomics Program: Translating Research into Public Health Practice $550,000.00
F19AS00063 Central Africa Regional Program $2,000,000.00
USDA NIFA CPPM 006698 Crop Protection and Pest Management Competitive Grants Program $325,000.00
W911NF19S0005 Fiscal Year 2020 Defense University Research Instrumentation Program (DURIP)- ARMY SUBMISSION $1,500,000.00
SFOP0005607 DRL WomDRL Women's Workforce Participation Programen's Workforce Participation Program $1,000,000.00
RFA NS 19 012 Post-Stroke Vascular Contributions to Cognitive Impairment and Dementia (VCID) in the United States Including in Health Disparities Populations (U19 Clinical Trial not Allowed) $39,000,000.00
2019 NIST PMGP 01 Precision Measurement Grant Program (PMGP) $150,000.00
SFOP0005577 Nigeria Defections Promotion Messaging Program $760,000.00
CDC RFA DD19 1902 Surveillance of Congenital Heart Defects Among Children, Adolescents, and Adults $500,000.00
F19AS00109 Development of an Integrated Population Model for Baird's Sparrow $100,000.00
USDA FNS SNAP FFIG 2019 SNAP Fraud Framework Implementation Grant Program $750,000.00
USGS 19 FA 0068 Systemic analysis of hydrogeomorphic influences on native freshwater mussels $112,775.00
SMART 2019 14905 SMART FY 19 Adam Walsh Act Implementation Grant Program $400,000.00
USDA NIFA SAECP 006697 Secondary Agriculture Education Challenge Grant Program $300,000.00
NIJ 2019 15383 Research and Evaluation on White Collar Crime: Health Care and Elder Fraud, FY 2019 $2,500,000.00
NIJ 2019 15287 Artificial Intelligence Research and Development to Support Community Supervision, FY 2019 $3,000,000.00
CDC RFA PS19 1907 STD Surveillance Network (SSuN) $600,000.00
72011419RFA00003 Georgia Elections and Political Processes Support through Direct Awards to Georgia's Civil Society Organizations (2019-2023) $4,600,000.00
19CS09 Alabama Department of Corrections Thinking for a Change Overview Training Project $22,500.00
DOSRUS19CA005 FY 2019 English Language Teaching Logistical Support $480,000.00
DOSRUS19CA004 FY 2019 Cultural Programming Support $650,000.00
DOSRUS 19 CA 003 FY 2019 U.S. Subject Matter Experts $400,000.00
19 558 Faculty Development in the Space Sciences $1,500,000.00
DHS 19 NPD 040 000 99 Chemical Stockpile Emergency Preparedness Program Not Set
DOS MSU PFSGPCB FY19 PEPFAR Small Grants Program 2019-2020 Capacity Building $25,000.00
DOS MSU PFSGP FY19 PEPFAR Small Grants Program 2019-2020 $25,000.00
HHS 2019 ACL NIDILRR DPHF 0329 Disability and Rehabilitation Research Projects (DRRP) Program: Health and Function (Development) $500,000.00
HHS 2019 ACL NIDILRR DPHF 0328 Disability and Rehabilitation Research Projects (DRRP) Program: Health and Function (Research) $500,000.00
CDC RFA CK19 1902 Performing Regulatory-Required Medical Examinations for U.S. Bound Populations by US Screening Physicians $500,000.00
BOR MP 19 N008 Derby Dam Fish Screen Project $20,000,000.00
F19AS00104 Desert Southwest CESU (DS-CESU) Sky Island Alliance Single Source Award $75,000.00
SMART 2019 14906 SMART FY 19 Maintenance and Operation of Dru Sjodin National Sex Offender Public Website $1,000,000.00
F19AS00107 Science Support to Assist the Desert LCC Science Working Group and Landscape Conservation Design Teams $45,000.00
HHS 2019 ACL NIDILRR RTEM 0334 Rehabilitation Research and Training Center (RRTC) on Transition to Employment for Youth and Young Adults with Serious Mental Health Conditions $875,000.00
HHS 2019 ACL NIDILRR RTCP 0333 Rehabilitation Research and Training Center (RRTC) on Community Living and Participation For Youth And Young Adults with Serious Mental Health Conditions $875,000.00
F19AS00108 California Condor, Incubation and Chick Rearing Facility $50,000.00
USGS 19 FA 0066 Carbon dioxide fish barrier project: engineering and economic assessment $49,761.00
19AC04 Management Development for the Future (MDF) Series - Facilitation, Coaching and Training with Two Agencies $100,000.00
19AC02 Correctional Leadership Development (CLD) Series - Facilitation, Coaching and Training with Two Agencies $100,000.00
RUS 19 01 DLT Distance Learning and Telemedicine Grants--Opioid. $500,000.00
RUS 19 02 DLT Distance Learning and Telemedicine Grants. $500,000.00
BJA 2019 15084 BJA FY 19 Adult Drug Court Discretionary Grant Program $2,000,000.00
BOR MP 19 F002 Bay-Delta Restoration Program: CALFED Water Use Efficiency Grants $500,000.00
USDA NIFA CBGP 006696 1890 Institution Teaching, Research and Extension Capacity Building Grants (CBG) Program $600,000.00
F19AS00103 Department of the Interior, United States (U.S.) Fish and Wildlife Service, (Region 3 Division of Migratory Birds $180,000.00
SFOP0005603 TBD Women in Countering Violent Extremism $2,000,000.00
72016819RFA00001 Civil Society - Anti-Corruption Activity $7,000,000.00
F19AS00102 Western Hemisphere Program (Caribbean Regional Program) $100,000.00
SFOP0005590 FY 2019 Benjamin A. Gilman International Scholarship Program $12,500,000.00
NIJ 2019 15444 Research and Evaluation on Drugs and Crime, FY 2019 $3,000,000.00
DOS PD PAP GG 19 U.S. Embassy Haiti PAS Annual Program Statement $50,000.00
F19AS00106 Adaptive Management and Monitoring of Pyramid Lake, Nevada $55,000.00
F19AS00105 Pyramid Lake Creel Survey $40,000.00
MP CPI 19 001 OMH Hepatitis B Demonstration Grant Program $500,000.00
AH TP1 19 001 Announcement of Availability of Funds for Replication of Programs Proven Effective through Rigorous Evaluation to Reduce Teenage Pregnancy, Behavioral Risk Factors Underlying Teenage Pregnancy, or Other Associated Risk Factors (Tier 1) Phase I $500,000.00
SFOP0005602 2019 Rwanda, Tanzania, and Uganda $1,000,000.00
SFOP0005584 DRL FY18 IRF Addressing Societal Constraints on Religious Freedom in Pakistan $987,650.00
SFOP0005593 DRL FY18/19 IRF Journalist Training on Religious Freedom $600,000.00
RFA FD 19 011 Enhancing Regulatory Science for the Risk Based Quality Assessment of Complex Products (U01) - Clinical Trials Optional $3,000,000.00
OJJDP 2019 14931 OJJDP FY 19 Second Chance Act Addressing the Needs of Incarcerated Parents and Their Minor Children $750,000.00
NIJ 2019 15365 Research and Evaluation on Violence Against Women: Sexual Violence, Intimate Partner Violence, Stalking, and Teen Dating Violence, FY 2019 $3,500,000.00
NIJ 2019 15270 Research and Evaluation on Gangs and Gang Violence, FY 2019 $3,000,000.00
NIJ 2019 15403 Evaluation of Project Safe Neighborhoods, FY 2019 $3,000,000.00
RFA FD 19 003 Cooperative Agreement to Support the Illinois Institute of Technology's Institute for Food Safety and Health (U19 Clinical Trial Optional) $10,000,000.00
SFOP0005597 Wildlife Trafficking Evidence Security and Destruction $1,000,000.00
SFOP0005596 Official U.S. Presentation at the 17th International Architecture Exhibition $325,000.00
FA8650 19 S 5015 Defense Production Act Title III Space Industrial Base Next Generation Reaction Wheels (NGRWs) Project Not Set
19 556 Signals in the Soil Not Set
72011519RFA00003 USAID/Kyrgyz Republic Tuberculosis (TB) Control Program $18,500,000.00
72048219RFA00002 Agriculture and Food-Systems Development Activity (AFD) $38,000,000.00
DE FOA 0002077 Quantum Information Science Enabled Discovery (QuantISED) for High Energy Physics $500,000.00
SCAISB 19 AW 003 02122019 Pakistan English Language Teacher (ELT) Development $700,000.00
F19AS00100 Great Lakes Restoration Initiative Grant Program- Endangered Species Grant Program FY19 $120,000.00
F19AS00101 Sonoran Joint Venture 2019 Awards Program $15,000.00
F19AS00099 HQ NWRS System Enhancements $250,000.00
HHS 2019 ACL NIDILRR RTEM 0337 Rehabilitation Research and Training Center (RRTC) on Improving Employment Outcomes for People with Psychiatric Disabilities $875,000.00
SFOP0005578 DRL FY18/19 IRF Papua New Guinea $493,827.00
SFOP0005576 DRL FY18/19 IRF Nigeria $641,975.00
RDRUS CC 2019 Community Connect Grant Program $3,000,000.00
SFOP0005551 DRL FY18 Strengthening Democratic Processes and Human Rights in Burma through Constitutional and Legislative Reform $1,000,000.00
BJA 2019 15086 BJA FY 19 Adult Drug Court and Veterans Treatment Court Planning, Training, Technical Assistance, and Resource Center Initiative $6,000,000.00
BJA 2019 15225 BJA FY 19 Innovative Prosecution Solutions for Combatting Violent Crime $360,000.00
FTA 2019 002 TPM PF FY 2019 Competitive Funding Opportunity: Passenger Ferry Grant Program $6,000,000.00
OWBO 2019 01 1 Women’s Business Center - Initial Phase Grant $150,000.00
NIJ 2019 15303 Research and Evaluation on Terrorism Prevention, FY 2019 $3,500,000.00
NIJ 2019 15527 Research into Desistance from Crime, FY 2019 $2,000,000.00
HHS 2019 ACL NIDILRR REGE 0336 Rehabilitation Engineering Research Centers (RERC) Program: RERC on Information and Communication Technologies Access $925,000.00
Funding Opportunities Available This Week: 94
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