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Funding Opportunities Available This Week: 123
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Funding Number Opportunity Title Award Ceiling
SAG10019GR0054 The Role of the Media in Countering Violent Extremism $200,000.00
PASCNB NOFO FY 19 02 Looking to 2040: Developing Next-Generation Leaders and Policy Thinkers of the U.S.-Australia Partnership in the Indo-Pacific Region $200,000.00
P19AS00555 Point Reyes National Seashore Young Stewards Program $200,749.00
P19AS00554 Bridging the Watershed Not Set
P19AS00543 Natural Resources Stewardship and Support in San Mateo County $242,865.00
P19AS00552 Collaborative Efforts to Reduce the Risk of Aquatic Invasive Species $391,444.00
P19AS00550 National Cave and Karst Research Institute $1.00
HRSA 20 024 National Rural Health Information Clearinghouse Program $2,500,000.00
P19AS00544 Restore Endangered San Francisco Lessingia at Fort Funston $196,153.00
P19AS00551 Mississippi Gulf Coast National Heritage Area - Modification 12 $332,097.00
BOR GP 19 N011 Aquatic Invasive Species Prevention Activities at Granby, Grand Lake, and Shadow Mountain $370,041.00
F19AS00342 NAWCA FY20 U.S. Small Grants $100,000.00
BOR UC 19 N002 Save Our Bosque Task Force for Proposed Project HR Monitoring and Maintenance Activities $250,000.00
P19AS00549 Repair and Replace Split Rail Fence $106,896.00
N624731920026 Conservation Actions for Desert Tortoise in the Shield Ranch Grazing Allotment $1,264,887.00
NPS 19 NERO 0119 Monitoring Estuarine Condition in Coastal Parks $60,299.00
P19AS00548 Rehabilitate Shut-In National Recreational Trail $40,125.00
FR CRS 19 001 FY 2019 Consolidated Rail Infrastructure and Safety Improvements (CRISI) $244,621,500.00
NPS 19 NERO 0118 Operate, Maintain, and Enhance Acadia National Park’s Alternative Transportation System $2,867,104.00
SMY300 19 YSEALI BOOTCAMP YSEALI Boot Camp 2020 $100,000.00
SMY300 19 YESEALI BOOTHCAMP YSEALI Boot Camp 2020 $100,000.00
19 596 NSF/DOE Partnership in Basic Plasma Science and Engineering $250,000.00
08172019 KV 2 Updated title 2 $5,000.00
P19AS00547 Post Carr Fire Trail Rehabilitation and Invasive Species Removal at Whiskeytown National Recreation Area $460,000.00
P19AS00546 Vegetation Management for Yosemite National Park $499,999.00
P19AS00545 Technical Assistance in Curation and Relocation of Fort Vancouver Archaeological Museum Collections and in Developing Archaeological Public Educational Products $280,517.00
F19AS00340 Conservation of Pacific Lamprey in California $50,000.00
USGS 19 FA 0098 Notice of Intent $584,100.00
USGS 19 FA 0369 Notice of Intent $985,080.00
NPS 19 NERO 0116 BOST 245901 - Cyclic Maintenance of Old North Church Windows $50,500.00
NPS NOI 19 1236 Recruit Interns from a Historically Black College or University (HBC Not Set
USGS FA 19 0367 Notice of Intent: Sustaining USArray Capabilities in Alaska $2,877,330.00
NPS NOI 19 1083 Utilize interns to assist with critical assessments of bat populations Not Set
P19AS00541 GBI Research Associate for the Development and Implementation of an IPM Plan $52,874.00
NPS NOI 19 1375 Interns to assist with maintenance on heavily used trails Not Set
NPS NOI 19 1348 Interns to assist with maintenance on heavily used trails Not Set
NPS NOI 19 1316 Natural and Cultural Resource Interns Not Set
P19AS00540 Surveys for Mexican Spotted Owls and the Owl Community in support of watershed restoration $110,603.00
P19AS00539 Framework for Addressing Culture Resource Vulnerabilities $59,766.00
P19AS00537 Provide Experiential Learning Opportunities in Historic Preservation $98,520.00
USGS FA 19 0366 Notice of Intent: Murray State University-USGS Collaborative Research and Facilities $125,000.00
BER NOFO FY19 002 Mapping MIC2025 in Germany $30,000.00
BER NOFO FY19 003 Human Rights and Xinjiang Awareness $60,000.00
P19AS00536 Zion Canyon Trail Maintenance & Repair $129,750.00
P19AS00535 Baseline Cultural Resource Documentation for historic properties in Grand Teton National Park $143,850.00
P19AS00534 Mississippi Hills National Heritage Area - Modification 11 $332,097.00
NPS 19 NERO 0115 Prepare Historic Resource Study: Lowell the Spindle City $98,496.00
P19AS00531 Muscle Shoals National Heritage Area-Modification 11 $332,097.00
P19AS00532 Botany and Wildlife Management Internships $105,497.00
P19AS00494 Natural Resources and Other Support Associated with PG&E Projects $67,490.00
P19AS00524 Leader Trail Crew $17,318.00
P19AS00530 Scientific support and investigation on the Rio Grande River $20,000.00
P19AS00529 Research Efforts in Support of Investigation, Documentation and A $195,000.00
P19AS00528 SCC Youth Crews for Trail Maintenance $158,400.00
P19AS00527 CAVE Cultural Landscapes Inventory Update for Rattlesnake Sprin $112,415.00
P19AS00525 Huna Tribal House Programs $638,021.00
P19AS00526 Repair, Restore, and Maintain Trails at Guadalupe Mountains Nati $67,795.00
NPS NOI 19 1235 Operation of an NPS Multi-park Museum Storage Facility Not Set
NPS 19 NERO 0114 Develop Ed. Programs Using NPS Unit Resources and Themes Not Set
P19AS00523 Historic Preservation Intern $29,982.00
P19AS00522 Notice of Intent: Developing Skills and Methods for Landscape Scale Inventory $400,000.00
NPS 19 NERO 0113 Inspire Cooperative Coastal Change Adaptation Through Locally-Scaled Vulnerability Analyses $105,390.00
P19AS00520 Resource Management assistance with Geographic Information System Mapping $37,380.00
P19AS00519 Stabilize and Repair Deteriorated Wood and Adobe Components of Enlisted Men's barracks $67,513.00
P19AS00521 Colorado Plateau Dark Skies Cooperative Coordinator Internship $30,000.00
MFA FY20 Museums for America $250,000.00
IGSM FY20 Inspire! Grants for Small Museums $50,000.00
NANH FY20 Native American/Native Hawaiian Museum Services $100,000.00
NLG M FY20 National Leadership Grants for Museums $1,000,000.00
SFOP0006095 19.PMWRA.15October2019.Unsolicited.RFI Not Set
ME FY20 Museums Empowered $250,000.00
P19AS00517 Stabilize and Repair Deteriorated Stone Foundation of the Quartermasters storehouse $83,897.00
P19AS00515 Preservation Skills Development $167,792.00
AAHC FY20 Museum Grants for African American History and Culture $250,000.00
P19AS00518 Repair, Restore, and Maintain Trails at Guadalupe Mountains Nati $73,540.00
P19AS00516 Linking Southwest Heritage through Archeology Session 7 $85,000.00
F19AS00337 Plover Management and Monitoring $29,000.00
P19AS00514 NEPA & Section 106 Project Planning and Compliance Death Valley National Park $250,000.00
DE FOA 0002098 RFI - Engaging Governors to Advance State Energy Priorities $2.00
NPS 19 NERO 0112 NJ Pinelands Long-term Environmental and Economic Monitoring $300,000.00
EPA R3 CBP 19 05 Chesapeake Bay Program Office Fiscal Year 2019 Request for Applications for Chesapeake Bay Optimization Tool Development $956,400.00
P19AS00513 Anza Expedition Film $47,200.00
USGS 19 FA 2380 Improving Pollinator Habitat using Mycorrhizal Inoculum $63,910.00
P19AS00512 West Naknek Archaeological Survey $225,000.00
P19AS00511 Subsistence Resource Commission Meeting Travel Coordination $350,000.00
FR 6300 N 05 Resident Opportunity & Self-Sufficiency Program $717,750.00
RFA HL 20 030 Regenerative Medicine Innovation Project (RMIP) Investigator-Initiated Clinical Trials (UG3/UH3 Clinical Trial Required) Not Set
693JJ919R000078 Pain Management Evidence-Based Guideline $200,000.00
F19AS00240 Clean Vessel Act $1,500,000.00
RFA AG 20 031 Research Education: Short Courses on Alzheimer's Disease and Related Dementias for the Behavioral and Social Sciences (R25 Clinical Trial Not Allowed) $150,000.00
P19AS00510 Vulnerability to Natural Hazards of National Park Facilities, Assets, and Historic Structures $293,410.00
HRSA 20 025 Rural Health Network Development Program $300,000.00
NPSNOICOLM1900291 MOD01 PLC FY16-19 – Invasive Species Removal, Road Corridor Maintenance and Trail Maintenance $30,800.00
NOI ILAB 19 01 Engaging Workers and Civil Society to Strengthen Labor Law Enforcement $4,000,000.00
72061219APS00001 Leveraging Local Capacity to Strengthen Health Service Delivery Project $7,500,000.00
P19AS00509 P19AS00509 $350,000.00
F19AS00336 15.665 The Emergency Wetlands Resources Act National Wetlands Inventory, 16 U.S.C 3901 39031 thru 39032. $43,254.00
P19AS00482 Interns at Intermountain Regional Office Historical Preservation $1.00
P19AS00508 Youth Restoration Project on the Channel Islands $28,410.00
P19AS00507 Cultural Landscape Report of Prairie Creek Fish Hatchery, Redwood National Park $76,592.00
Funding Opportunities Available This Week: 123
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