Grant Alerts (Week 45 of 2019)

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Issue #2019-45

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Funding Opportunities Available This Week: 47
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Funding Number Opportunity Title Award Ceiling
20 513 Understanding the Rules of Life: Microbiome Theory and Mechanisms Not Set
SVM700 20 PAS 002 25th anniversary of the establishment of bilateral relations between the United States and Vietnam $25,000.00
DE FOA 0002213 RFI - Biotechnologies to Ensure a Robust Mineral Supply Chain for Clean Energy $1.00
OVW 2020 17592 OVW FY 2020 Sexual Assault Forensic-Medical and Advocacy Services for Tribes (FAST) Initiative $2,000,000.00
G20AS00008 2020 National Geological & Geophysical Data Preservation Program Announcement $100,000.00
G20AS00007 Long Term Resource Monitoring Program FY 2020 $1,000,000.00
DOS HRE FY2020 Annual Program Statement, Public Affairs, U.S. Embassy Harare $24,999.00
PAS JOR FY20 002 2020 Ambassadors Fund for Cultural Preservation Large Grants $800,000.00
PAS JOR FY20 001 2020 Ambassadors Fund for Cultural Preservation Small Grants $200,000.00
20 512 Understanding the Rules of Life: Epigenetics Not Set
SFOP0006255 2020 CTR Reducing Resurgent State Weapons of Mass Destruction Threats $1.00
SFOP0006253 2020 CTR Strengthening International Nonproliferation Norms $1.00
NOAA NWS NWSPO 2020 2006290 NWS Office of Science and Technology Integration: Unified Forecast System $250,000.00
SFOP0006254 2020 CTR Countering the Proliferation of Advanced Conventional Weapons to States of Proliferation Concern $1.00
HRSA 20 077 Leveraging a Data to Care Approach to Cure Hepatitis C within the Ryan White HIV/AIDS Program (RWHAP) $1,000,000.00
CDC RFA DP20 2006 National Asian Language Tobacco Use and Dependence Treatment Support System $700,000.00
SFOP0006245 2020 Countering WMD Threats in Iraq $1.00
SFOP0006246 2020 CTR Preventing the Transfer of Proliferation Sensitive Technology to Iran $1.00
SFOP0006248 2020 CTR Countering Threats from Acquisition or Misuse of Emerging and Advanced Technologies for WMD and WMD-Related Delivery Systems $1.00
SFOP0006247 2020 CTR Securing WMD Expertise at Higher Education Institutions $1.00
SFOP0006243 2020 CTR Global Biosecurity Engagement Activities $1.00
SFOP0006244 2020 CTR Global Chemical Security Engagement Activities $1.00
SFOP0006242 2020 CTR Global Nuclear Threat Reduction Activities $1.00
FTA 2020 001 TPM Access and Mobility for All Pilot Program Not Set
20 511 Addressing Systems Challenges through Engineering Teams Not Set
DE FOA 0002181 FY 2020 Continuation of Solicitation for the Office of Science Financial Assistance Program $5,000,000.00
CDC RFA PS20 2005 Medical Monitoring Project (MMP) Not Set
F20AS00027 Great Lakes Fish and Wildlife Restoration Act $1,380,000.00
SFOP0006239 2020 CTR Enforcing Sanctions Against the DPRK's WMD Program $1.00
HRSA 20 037 Emergency Medical Services for Children Innovation and Improvement Center $2,500,000.00
USGS 20 FA 0263 NOTICE OF INTENT: Collaboration and Colocation between the USGS CMWSC and the Univeristy of Illinois $1,808,648.00
2020 NIST COMM RES COE 01 Request for Application (RFA) NIST Community Resilience Center of Excellence Renewal $4,000,000.00
FOA ETA 20 01 The Support to Communities: Fostering Opioid Recovery Through Workforce Development $5,000,000.00
PAS CMR FY20 02 U.S. Embassy Yaounde PAS Annual Program Statement $25,000.00
20 510 NSF Directorate for Engineering - UKRI Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council Lead Agency Opportunity Not Set
DE FOA 0002209 Energy Storage for Fossil Fuel Energy Systems $2.00
72061720RFA000002 USAID/Uganda Local Service Delivery for HIV/AIDS Activity $50,000,000.00
NOAA OAR CIPO 2020 2006289 Competition for a Cooperative Institute for the Pacific Northwest and Polar Regions $300,000,000.00
RFA CA 20 006 Communication and Decision Making for Individuals with Inherited Cancer Syndromes (U01 Clinical Trial Optional) $600,000.00
SVM700 20 PAS 008 2020 Alumni Small Grants Competition $10,000.00
20 509 Frontier Research in Earth Sciences $3,000,000.00
RFA IP 20 005 Rapid-Cycle Survey Collaborative for Patient and Provider Input on Immunization Issues $500,000.00
2020 08 Section 108 Foreign Currency Program (FY2020) $500,000.00
72052320RFI00001 Request for Information - Strategic Communications Services - USAID/Mexico Not Set
PAS MOROCCO FY20 01 U.S. Mission in Morocco $25,000.00
PASCONAKRY AFCP FY20 Ambassadors Funds for Cultural Preservation 2020 $200,000.00
Funding Opportunities Available This Week: 47
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