Grant Alerts (Week 30 of 2020)

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Issue #2020-30

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Funding Opportunities Available This Week: 58
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Funding Number Opportunity Title Award Ceiling
USDA FNS WIC ONLINE 20 WIC Online Ordering Grant $2,500,000.00
20JD06 NIC Jail-Related Publications Revision Not Set
AF PDPA FY20 03 Tenth Anniversary of the Young African Leaders Initiative (YALI 10) Livestream Event & Summit $350,000.00
FG 20 008 Centers of Excellence for Behavioral Health Disparities $700,000.00
NOAA OAR CPO 2021 2006389 Climate Program Office FY2021 $300,000.00
DC OVC MG 20 001 Tribal Victim Services Micro-Grant Program $350,000.00
RFA ES 20 015 NIEHS Research Intensive Short Courses and Educational Opportunities (NIEHS RISE) (R25 Clinical Trial Not Allowed) $200,000.00
HHS 2020 ACL AOA LRSP 0432 Lifespan Respite Care Program: Special Projects to Strengthen Program Development, Implementation and Sustainability $750,000.00
USDA FAS 0700 10606 C FY 2020 FFPr Limited Merit-Based NOFO $11,000,000.00
STX 100 FY20 003 Exchange program for biotechnology experts $55,000.00
DHS 20 CISA 128 SLT001 State, Local, Tribal and Territorial (SLTT) Indicators of Compromise – Automation Pilot $500,000.00
DHS 20 CISA 128 SLT002 State Local Tribal and Territorial (SLTT) Reporting and Threat Information Sharing Pilot $625,000.00
PAS CMR FY20 08 Strengthening University eLearning Capacity $50,000.00
PTS 20200718 S2S 2 This is a test. Please ignore. $2.00
SFOP0007207 Preparing to Promote Defections from the ADF in the Democratic Republic of Congo and Uganda $799,875.00
SFOP0007215 Tunisia Thomas Jefferson Scholarship Program $1,300,000.00
FOA ILAB 20 03 Helping Protect Armenians’ Rights Together $2,000,000.00
USDA NIFA AFRI 007692 Agriculture and Food Research Initiative - Foundational and Applied Science $15,000,000.00
BOR MB 20 N002 Aquatic Invasive Species Prevention Activities in Kansas $172,857.00
NPS 20 REG1 0014 New River Clean Water Alliance $39,993.00
W81XWH 20 SRP IDA DoD Scleroderma, Idea Development Award Not Set
W81XWH 20 SRP TRPA DoD Scleroderma, Translational Research Partnership Award Not Set
DHS 20 NPD 107 00 01 Fiscal Year (FY) 2020 National Incident Management System (NIMS) $2,000,000.00
ED GRANTS 071720 001 Office of Elementary and Secondary Education (OESE): Office of Indian Education (OIE): Indian Education Discretionary Grant Program: Demonstration Grants for Indian Children and Youth Program (Demonstration Program) CFDA Number 84.299A Not Set
HRSA 21 005 Service Area Competition Not Set
EPA HQ OPP 2020 002 Projects to Advance the Safe Use of Pesticides $6,000,000.00
P20AS00092 Visitor Use Study at Waco Mammoth National Monument $45,108.00
BRO 20 SOMAII Award for Fundamental Research in Socio-Mathematics of Information and Influence $3,000,000.00
MP CPI 20 004 Sickle Cell Disease Clinical Data Collection Platform $1,000,000.00
FR 6400 N 71 Education and Outreach Initiative (EOI) - Tester Training $250,000.00
BOR MB 20 N001 Aquatic Invasive Species Prevention Activities in Wyoming $24,000.00
BOR MB 20 N003 Aquatic Invasive Species Prevention $10,000.00
AF ARS FY20 02 Virtual Civic Engagement to Strengthen Democracy in Africa $400,000.00
P20AS00091 Invasive Species Control using the Incentivized Harvest Program for Managing Non-native Brown Trout within Glen Canyon National Recreation Area $1.00
MP CPI 20 003 Reducing Cardiac Arrest Disparities Through Data Registries Initiative $70,000.00
80HQTR20NOA01 20LUSTR B5 Lunar Surface Technology Research (LuSTR) Opportunities $2,000,000.00
RFA NS 21 002 NINDS Morris K. Udall Parkinson's Disease Research Center Without Walls (P20 Clinical Trial Optional) $300,000.00
MP CPI 20 005 Community-based Approaches to Strengthening Economic Supports for Working Families $450,000.00
L20AS00104 BLM National Interagency Fire Center (NIFC) Joint Fire Science Program (JFSP) Regional Fire Science Exchange Announcement (One Task Statement) $304,000.00
72062420RFA00002 Strengthening Community Resilience and Learning in Cote d'Ivoire's Border Areas to Counter Violent Extremism/Resilience for Peace $19,500,000.00
L20AS00102 BLM National Interagency Fire Center (NIFC) Joint Fire Science Program (JFSP) Graduate Research Innovation (GRIN) (One Task Statement) $25,000.00
L20AS00103 BLM National Interagency Fire Center (NIFC) Joint Fire Science Program (JFSP) Primary Announcement (Two Task Statements) $500,000.00
OPPE 014 Funding Opportunity Announcement: Outreach and Assistance for Socially Disadvantaged Farmers and Ranchers and Veteran Farmers and Ranchers $450,000.00
OPPE 15 Solicitation for Applications to Assist Persistent Poverty Farmers, Ranchers, Agriculture Producers and Communities through Agriculture Resources $450,000.00
FR MPS 20 002 FY20 Magnetic Levitation Technology Deployment Program $2,000,000.00
NOFO 72065620RFA00007 USAID’s Community Radios Assistance for Greater Empowerment of Mozambicans – USAID’s CORAGEM $6,000,000.00
NOAA NOS ORR 2021 2006587 FY2021 Marine Debris Removal $250,000.00
FR RRD 20 003 FY20 Wireless Digital Train Line (WiDTL) for Passenger Trains - Phase III $173,000.00
N400802020004 Attachment A- FY20 NAS Pax River Shoreline Bathmetry & Redesign $109,048.00
GH BAA 2018 INTELLIGENT FORECASTING Intelligent Forecasting Addendum $225,000.00
STI400 20 GR 0000 NOFO for Environmental Awareness and Action Campaign, Public Affairs Section, U.S. Embassy, Tajikistan $25,000.00
FR 6400 N 38 Choice Neighborhoods Planning Grants NOFA $450,000.00
NOAA NMFS PRPO 2021 2006563 John H. Prescott Marine Mammal Rescue Assistance Grant Program (Prescott Grant Program) $100,000.00
USDA AMS TM MGFSP G 20 0010 Micro-Grants for Food Security Program $1,938,557.00
ED GRANTS 071420 002 Office of Elementary and Secondary Education (OESE): Office of Indian Education (OIE): for Indian Education Discretionary Grants Programs: Native American Language (NAL@ED) Program CFDA Number 84.415B Not Set
DRC FTIF FY20 02 Improving Fiscal Transparency of Mining Royalties in the DRC $294,000.00
Funding Opportunities Available This Week: 58
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