Grant Alerts (Week 34 of 2020)

Government Funding Opportunities
Issue #2020-34

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Funding Opportunities Available This Week: 51
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Funding Number Opportunity Title Award Ceiling
G20AS00141 Cooperative Ecosystem Studies Unit, Rocky Mountain CESU $40,466.00
GABPE 20 AW 001 AF 081720 Promoting Women in Politics in Botswana $250,000.00
P20AS00096 Engaging Youth through Trails, Roads and Environmental Restoration Projects $40,579.00
DE FOA 0002357 Solar Energy Technologies Office Fiscal Year 2020 Perovskite Funding Program $10,000,000.00
RFA HD 21 023 NICHD Program Project Grants for HIV Research (P01 Clinical Trial Optional) $1,000,000.00
20200930 FN Dynamic Language Infrastructure – Documenting Endangered Languages Fellowships $60,000.00
SBR25020GR0032 Academy for Women Entrepreneurs - AWE $122,000.00
G20AS00138 Cooperative Ecosystem Studies Unit, Rocky Mountain CESU $51,834.00
G20AS00139 Cooperative Ecosystem Studies Unit, Great Lakes Northern Forests CESU $110,000.00
G20AS00134 Cooperative Ecosystem Studies Unit, Pacific Northwest CESU $80,394.00
G20AS00137 Cooperative Ecosystem Studies Unit, Gulf Coast CESU $150,000.00
G20AS00136 Cooperative Ecosystem Studies Unit, Great Lakes Northern Forests CESU $386,575.00
G20AS00140 Cooperative Ecosystem Studies Unit, Great Basin CESU $63,295.00
PAS MOROCCO FY20 08 Youth Outreach for Bicentennial of U.S. Legation in Tangier $85,000.00
W912DW 20 2 RFP2 Natural Resource Survey and Habitat Enhancement for the United States Army on Joint Base Lewis-McChord (JBLM) in Washington State $7,800,000.00
W912DW 20 2 RFP1 Native Plug and Seed Production and Seed Row Development for the United States Army on Joint Base Lewis-McChord (JBLM) in Washington State $665,000.00
CDC RFA OE15 15010502SUPP20 CDC Partnership: Strengthening Public Health Laboratories $100,000,000.00
RFA OH 21 004 Exploratory/Developmental Grants Related to the World Trade Center Health Program (R21) $275,000.00
EDSUSS 2020 Emergency Department Substance Use Surveillance System $300,000.00
SFOP0007233 2020 TIP Office Annual Program Statement to Address the Impacts of COVID-19 $1,000,000.00
SFOP0007256 2020 TIP Office Notification of Funding Opportunity - Statement of Interest $2,000,000.00
USDA FAS 10960 0200 10 20 0007 Support to Global Agricultural Innovation Agenda and Forum $1,000,000.00
NOI ILAB 20 08 Improving workers’ occupational safety and health in selected supply chains in Mexico—A Vision Zero Fund Project $5,000,000.00
PD SEOUL FY20 02 U.S.-ROK Alliance: Virtual speaker series and In-person Study Tour to U.S. Indo-Pacific Command $70,000.00
EPA GM 2020 FARMER Gulf of Mexico Division Farmer to Farmer Request for Applications - 2020 $1,000,000.00
USDA FAS 0700 10606 C2 FY 2020 FFPr Limited Merit-Based NOFO 2 $11,000,000.00
W81XWH 20 RCRP RCDA DoD Rare Cancers, Resource and Community Development Award Not Set
W81XWH 20 RCRP IDA DoD Rare Cancers, Idea Development Award Not Set
W81XWH 20 RCRP CA DoD Rare Cancers, Concept Award Not Set
72061120CA000OSZ Draft Program Description for the Open Spaces Zambia Activity $12,000,000.00
PCLM 2020 PEPFAR Community Led Monitoring - Zambia $125,000.00
DHS 20 CWMD 077 001 Countering Weapons of Mass Destruction: Academic Research Initiative (ARI) Not Set
NOAA NMFS NEFSC 2021 2006494 2021/2022 Sea Scallop Research Set Aside $1.00
20 599 Improving Undergraduate STEM Education: Hispanic-Serving Institutions $3,000,000.00
80GSFC20R0046 Cooperative Agreement to establish a Heliophysics Science Center (HSC) $62,469,086.00
RFA PS 21 001 Minority HIV Research Initiative (MARI) to Support Epidemiologic and Implementation Science Research in Racial/Ethnic Minority Communities Disproportionately Affected by HIV and Build Research Capacity Among Historically Underrepresented Researchers $350,000.00
NOAA OAR WPO 2021 2006592 FY2021 Weather Program Office Research Programs $500,000.00
EP HIT 20 002 Partnership for Disaster Health Response $3,000,000.00
FR RRD 20 004 FY20 Confidential Close Call Reporting System Peer Review Team $100,000.00
USDA FAS 10960 0200 10 20 0006 International Agricultural Trade Research Consortium (IATRC) $75,000.00
NAP AX 20 001 Tracking Use and Impacts of Health IT on U.S. Office-Based Physicians $290,000.00
COVID C3 20 003 Public Health Emergency Response Related HL7® Standards, Solutions and Future Pandemics $2,000,000.00
COVID C3 20 002 Strengthening the Technical Advancement & Readiness of Public Health via Health Information Exchange Program $500,000.00
COVID C3 20 004 Accelerating and Expanding LOINC® Development to Support Public Health Needs $1,500,000.00
CDC RFA GH20 2084 County Government Implementation, Management and Sustainability of High Quality HIV Services in Homa Bay, Kiambu, Kirinyaga, Kisii, Kisumu, Kitui, Machakos, Makueni, Migori, Muranga, Nairobi, and Nyeri Counties in the Republic of Kenya under PEPFAR Not Set
W81XWH 20 KCRP CRNDA DoD Kidney Cancer, Clinical Research Nurse Development Award Not Set
EPA R3 CBP 20 03 Chesapeake Bay Program Office Fiscal Year 2020 Request for Applications for Accelerating Restoration of Pennsylvania’s Chesapeake Bay Watershed $20,370,672.00
FR 6400 N 48 Indian Housing Block Grant (IHBG) - Competitive Grant Program $5,000,000.00
Funding Opportunities Available This Week: 51
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