Grant Alerts (Week 51 of 2020)

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Funding Opportunities Available This Week: 68
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Funding Number Opportunity Title Award Ceiling
O SMART 2021 36008 SMART FY 2021 Keep Young Athletes Safe $2,300,000.00
72038821RFA00003 Fight Slavery and Trafficking-In-Persons (FS/TIP) Activity $10,000,000.00
PAS BUD FY21 NOFO AWE Academy for Women Entrepreneurs Hungary 2021 $66,600.00
21 545 Dimensions of Biodiversity $2,000,000.00
HRSA 21 009 Native Hawaiian Health Care Improvement Act Not Set
21JD06 Virtual Curriculum Development of Safety Matters: Managing Relationships in Women’s Facilities and Training of Trainers $30,000.00
FOA ETA 20 08 A The National Farmworker Jobs Program (NFJP) Career Services and Training Grants Reopening for Select Service Areas $3,024,258.00
HRSA 21 014 Primary Care Training and Enhancement-Community Prevention and Maternal Health (PCTE-CPMH) $600,000.00
SFOP0007482 Village Monitoring Systems: Early Warning and Early Response in Northern Nigeria $320,938.00
SM 21 010 National Child Traumatic Stress Initiative – Category III, Community Treatment and Service (CTS) Centers $24,903,000.00
RFA FD 21 011 Renewal - Strengthen and Promote the Role of Local Health Departments in Retail Food Safety Regulation (U50 Clinical Trial Not Allowed $800,000.00
RFA DE 21 002 Engaging the dental workforce to end the HIV epidemic in the U.S. (UG3/UH3 Clinical Trial Required) Not Set
SM 21 009 National Child Traumatic Stress Initiative – Category II, Treatment and Service Adaptation (TSA) Centers $17,853,000.00
SM 21 008 National Center for Child Traumatic Stress – Category I, National Center for Child Traumatic Stress Cooperative Agreement $6,000,000.00
EPA R3 CBP 21 01 Chesapeake Bay Program Office Fiscal Year 2021 Request for Proposals for Citizens Advisory Committee, Local Government Advisory Committee, and Local Leadership Workgroup Support $4,650,000.00
RFA AG 22 001 Limited Competition: National Institute on Aging (NIA) Late Onset of Alzheimers Disease (LOAD) Family-Based Study (FBS) (U24 Clinical Trial Not Allowed) $2,400,000.00
PAS CMR FY21 03 Empowering Female Elected Leaders in Cameroon for Executive Leadership $15,000.00
12 2020 1 U.S. Embassy Bangkok FY21 Annual Program Statement $30,000.00
DRAFTPD HIGHEREDUCATION USAID Partnership for Higher Education Reform Not Set
RFA FD 21 010 Renewal - Research, Education, and Outreach on Botanical Natural Products (U01) Clinical Trial Not Allowed $3,500,000.00
DE FOA 0002360 FY 2021 SBIR/STTR Phase I Release 2 $200,000.00
80HQTR21NOA01 21NIAC A2 NASA Innovative Advanced Concepts (NIAC) Phase II $500,000.00
FOA ETA 21 01 Workforce Pathways for Youth grant program $5,000,000.00
FOA ETA 21 04 YouthBuild $1,500,000.00
SM 21 005 Cooperative Agreement for National Suicide Prevention Lifeline and Disaster Distress Helpline $18,228,788.00
O NIJ 2021 40002 Research and Evaluation on Promising Reentry Initiatives, Fiscal Year 2021 $5,000,000.00
HRSA 21 078 Early Childhood Comprehensive Systems: Health Integration Prenatal-to-Three Program $255,600.00
O NIJ 2021 40003 Research on Juvenile Justice Topics, Fiscal Year 2021 $2,000,000.00
SFOP0007480 DRL Promoting and Protecting Media Freedom in Bangladesh $750,000.00
HRSA 21 087 Integrated Substance Use Disorder Training Program (ISTP) Not Set
80JSC020N0001 OMNIBUS2 2020 HERO Appendix D: NASA Human Research Program Omnibus Opportunity $150,000.00
80JSC020N0001 HHCSR 2020 HERO Appendix C: Human Health Countermeasures and Space Radiation Topics $1,200,000.00
DE FOA 0002398 University Training and Research for Fossil Energy Applications $400,000.00
DE FOA 0002438 Design, R&D, Validation, and Fabrication of a Prototype Carbon-Based Building $2,250,000.00
CDC RFA GH21 2101 Support of Global Polio Eradication Initiative (GPEI) using Integrated Modeling Not Set
ED GRANTS 121120 001 OSERS-OSEP: Personnel Development to Improve Services and Results for Children with Disabilities--Improving Retention of Special Education Teachers and Early Intervention Personnel CFDA Number 84.325P Not Set
PAS JAKARTA FY21 02 2021 Academic Writing Center Support Funds Program $25,000.00
RFI 442 21 002 Natural Resources Management Activity Not Set
DOS CNK FY 20 03 Julia Taft Refugee Fund for FY 2021 $25,000.00
PAS CHISINAU FY21 02 Alumni Small Grants Program $25,000.00
DE FOA 0002446 Hydrogen and Fuel Cell Technologies Office (HFTO) FY 2021 Funding Opportunity Announcement (FOA) $5,000,000.00
HQ0034 21 S F001 Funding Opportunity Announcement (FOA) for the National Defense Education Program (NDEP) for Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM), and Biotechnology Education, Outreach, and Workforce Initiative Programs and Enhanced Civics Educat $6,000,000.00
RFA FD 21 014 Development of Methods to Evaluate the Impact of Design Differences to the User Interface of Generic Drug-Device Combination Products in Comparison to their Reference Listed Drugs (U01) Clinical Trials Optional $500,000.00
DE FOA 0002423 FY21 Bioenergy Technologies Office (BETO) Feedstock Technologies and Algae FOA $3,500,000.00
DE FOA 0002458 “Carbon Capture R&D: Bench Scale Testing of Direct Air Capture Components (TRL 3) and Initial Engineering Design for Carbon Capture, Utilization and Storage Systems from Air (TRL 6)” $2.00
DE FOA 0002399 Water Management For Thermal Power Generation $1,100,000.00
DE FOA 0002420 Vehicle Technologies Office Fiscal Year 2021 Research Funding Opportunity Announcement $5,575,000.00
RFA FD 21 013 Physiologically-based pharmacokinetic (PBPK) models to aid the development of generic dermatological products (U01) Clinical Trials Optional $500,000.00
DOSRUS21GR002 International Cooperation $200,000.00
DOS CPT RSOI 202101 U.S. Consulate Cape Town Public Affairs Section Request for Statements of Interest: Annual Program Statement $25,000.00
W81EWF 21 SOI 0004 Comprehensive Evaluation of Recommended Actions to Limit Fishery Escapement from Reservoirs $160,000.00
W81EWF 21 SOI 0005 Development of Septoria villarsiae for biological control of Nymphoides peltata $20,000.00
W81EWF 21 SOI 0006 Flowering Rush $35,000.00
SM 21 011 Tribal Behavioral Health Grant Program $250,000.00
TI 21 001 Enhancement and Expansion of Treatment and Recovery Services for Adolescents, Transitional Aged Youth, and their Families $9,524,682.00
SFOP0007471 FY2021 Increase and Diversify Education Abroad for U.S. Students (IDEAS) Program $1,500,000.00
CDC RFA IP21 2106 Partnering with National Organizations to Increase Vaccination Coverage Across Different Racial and Ethnic Adult Populations Currently Experiencing Disparities Not Set
SFOP0007469 DRL FY2020: Countering Religious Intolerance in Indonesia $1,000,000.00
NOAA NMFS SE 2021 2006733 Fiscal Year 2021 NOAA Gulf of Mexico Bay Watershed Education and Training (B-WET) Program $150,000.00
RDBCP REAP EA REDA 2021 REAP Energy Audit and Renewable Energy Development Assistance Program $100,000.00
NOAA NOS IOOS 2021 2006729 FY2021 Coastal and Ocean Modeling Testbed Project $6,000,000.00
HRSA 21 015 Nurse Faculty Loan Program (NFLP) Not Set
NOAA OAR CPO 2021 2006738 Climate Program Office (CPO) Extreme Heat Risk Initiative Competition, FY2021 $150,000.00
SFOP0007462 DRL Promoting and Protecting Media Freedom in Afghanistan $750,000.00
W9127N2120002 Natural Resource Management (NRM) Education and Training of Eugene Area Alternative High School Students $25,000.00
AFYDE PSGCLM GR POLECON 2020 PEPFAR Small Grants Program POL/ECON, U.S. Embassy Yaounde $12,500.00
EPA OW OGWDW 20 02 FY 2020 Training and Technical Assistance to Improve Water Quality and Enable Small Public Water Systems to Provide Safe Drinking Water $15,000,000.00
Funding Opportunities Available This Week: 68
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