Grant Alerts (Week 01 of 2021)

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Issue #2021-01

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Funding Opportunities Available This Week: 45
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Funding Number Opportunity Title Award Ceiling
72044021RFA00001 USAID Counter Wildlife Trafficking $15,000,000.00
72062421RFA00002 STOP DJEKOIDJO $19,500,000.00
HRSA 21 043 Maternal and Child Health Workforce Development Center Program $1,970,000.00
USDA FAS 10613 0700 10 21 0001 Faculty Exchange Program – African Veterinary Science $400,000.00
DOS USNATO PAA 2021 002 U.S. Mission to NATO Public Affairs Annual Program Statement $15,000.00
O OJJDP 2021 47010 OJJDP FY 2021 Supporting Tribal Youth: Training and Technical Assistance and Youth Leadership Development $2,000,000.00
O NIJ 2021 45009 Research and Evaluation on Violence Against Women, Fiscal Year 2021 $2,500,000.00
DOTBAB202012 Regional Infrastructure Accelerators $2,000,000.00
CDC RFA IP21 2104 Developing and Disseminating Targeted Immunization Materials Not Set
PAS UKRAINE 2021 003 European Regional Hackathon to Promote U.S.-Europe Cooperation in Space $100,000.00
O OJJDP 2021 47011 OJJDP FY 2021 Delinquency Prevention Grants Program $1,500,000.00
72069621RFA00002 Inclusive Nutrition and Early Childhood Development Activity $38,000,000.00
SP 21 002 Grants to Prevent Prescription Drug/Opioid Overdose-Related Deaths $850,000.00
RFA CE 21 004 Research Grants for Preventing Violence and Violence Related Injury (R01) $350,000.00
RFA CE 21 003 Grants to Support New Investigators in Conducting Research Related to Preventing Interpersonal Violence Impacting Children and Youth $125,000.00
SFOP0007518 DRL Promoting and Advancing International Labor Rights in Bangladesh $750,000.00
RFA IP 21 003 Collaborative Research on Influenza, Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19), and Other Respiratory Pathogens in South Africa $1,250,000.00
003 2020 Ambassador’s Special Self-Help (SSH) Program – PEPFAR Small Grants Fund $10,000.00
002 2020 Ambassador’s Special Self-Help (SSH) Program – SSH Fund $10,000.00
SM 21 013 Certified Community Behavioral Health Clinic Expansion Grants $2,000,000.00
SFOP0007516 DRL FY2020: Global Equality Fund Programs in East Asia $1,000,000.00
DHS 20 GPD 044 00 98 FY 2020 Assistance to Firefighters Grant $3,550.00
ED GRANTS 122920 001 Office of Special Education and Rehabilitative Services (OSERS): Office of Special Education Programs (OSEP): for State Personnel Development Grants (SPDG) Program Assistance Listing Number 84.323A Not Set
O OJJDP 2021 47008 OJJDP FY 2021 Reducing Risk for Girls in the Juvenile Justice System $425,000.00
O NIJ 2021 45008 Tribal-Researcher Capacity-Building Grants Solicitation, Fiscal Year 2021 $500,000.00
O OJJDP 2021 48006 OJJDP FY21 Court Appointed Special Advocates Training, Technical Assistance, and Subgrants Program $11,000,000.00
PAS STG FY21 Annual Program Statement – Public Diplomacy Programs with Chile $50,000.00
72069621RFA00001 THRIVE Water Sanitation and Hygiene Activity $21,000,000.00
ED GRANTS 122820 001 for Office of Postsecondary Education (OPE): Talent Search Program Assistance Listing Number 84.044A $277,375.00
72068821APS00002 USAID/Mali ADDENDUM TO NPI/APS $1,000,000.00
USDA NRCS 10902 6322XXXX 21 0002 Minnesota Fiscal Year (FY) 21 Contribution Agreement $300,000.00
USDA NRCS 10902 6322XXXX 21 0001 Minnesota Fiscal Year (FY) 21 Cooperative Agreement Notice of Funding Opportunity $300,000.00
ED GRANTS 122320 001 Office of Special Education and Rehabilitative Services (OSERS): Rehabilitation Services Administration (RSA): American Indian Vocational Rehabilitation Services (AIVRS) Assistance Listing Number 84.250N Not Set
SMK80021PAS002 Public Diplomacy Grants Program 2021 $20,000.00
SMK80021PAS001 Annual Program Statement for Democracy Commission Small Grants Program 2021 $24,000.00
PASCNB NOFO FY21 03 Women’s Economic Empowerment Mentorship Program $35,000.00
O BJS 2021 48005 FY 2021 Continuation of the Federal Justice Statistics Program $3,300,000.00
O OJJDP 2021 47007 OJJDP FY 2021 Children’s Advocacy Centers National Subgrants Program $10,600,000.00
O OJJDP 2021 41004 OJJDP FY 2021 Opioid Affected Youth Initiative $750,000.00
O OJJDP 2021 48003 OJJDP FY 2021 Family Drug Court Program $1,500,000.00
O NIJ 2021 45007 Research and Evaluation of Trafficking in Persons, Fiscal Year 2021 $3,000,000.00
20210315 DR Fellowships Open Book Program $5,500.00
ED GRANTS 122220 001 OSERS: OSEP: Educational Technology, Media, and Materials for Individuals with Disabilities Program: Stepping-up Technology Implementation Assistance Listing Number 84.327S $500,000.00
Funding Opportunities Available This Week: 45
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