Grant Alerts (Week 07 of 2021)

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Issue #2021-07

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Funding Opportunities Available This Week: 37
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Funding Number Opportunity Title Award Ceiling
USDA NRCS TX MULTI 21 NOFO0001072 Texas FY21 State CIG $200,000.00
SFOP0007634 2021 Burkina Faso, Mauritania, Niger, Senegal - Full Proposals $1,400,000.00
USDA NRCS AR MULTI 21 NOFO0001046 FY 2021 Arkansas Technical Assistance Projects $3,000,000.00
21 561 Stimulating Collaborative Advances Leveraging Expertise in the Mathematical and Scientific Foundations of Deep Learning $1,200,000.00
SFOP0007585 Supporting Transparency and Accountability in Sudan $1,350,000.00
PAS FRANCE FY2021 02 Alumni Small Grants Competition - France 2021 $5,000.00
BER NOFO FY21 002B Reimagining the Transatlantic Relationship $15,000.00
RFA OH 21 006 Underground Mine Evacuation Technologies and Human Factors Research $1,000,000.00
SFOP0007632 2021 Chad, Cameroon, and southeast Nigeria $2,000,000.00
DOS GHANA ECON 2021 01 U.S. Embassy Accra Special Self-Help Program $12,000.00
PAS SIV 100 FY21 APS U.S. Embassy Abidjan PAS Annual Program Statement $25,000.00
DOS ANGOLA TAFT FY21 01 Julia Taft Refugee Fund - Angola $25,000.00
72038621RFA00003 USAID's Support for Coalition for Disaster Resilient Infrastructure $9,200,000.00
72011521RFA00002 Rule of Law and Anti-Corruption Activity in the Kyrgyz Republic $9,400,000.00
RFA CE 21 002 Research Grants to Develop or Identify Effective Strategies to Prevent Overdose Involving Illicit Stimulants and Polysubstance Use Involving Stimulants $725,000.00
FTA 2021 001 LOWNO FY 2021 Competitive Funding Opportunity: Low or No Emission Vehicle Program Not Set
DE FOA 0002459 OPEN 2021 $10,000,000.00
USDA FNS SNAP 2021 FY2021 SNAP Longitudinal Data $2,250,000.00
SFOP0007587 DRL FY20 Freedom of Expression for Women Environmental Defenders in the Indo-Pacific Region $1,500,000.00
SFOP0007593 ISN/ECC FY2021 Regional RSOI $975,000.00
W81EWF 21 SOI 0008 Monitoring Ecological Parameters in the Forested Wetlands of Southern Florida $415,787.00
PAS MAP FY21 02 U.S. Embassy Mozambique PAS Annual Program Statement $50,000.00
BIA IHSP 2021 0003 Indian Highway Safety Law Enforcement Grants Not Set
FR AMT 21 003 FY21 Supplemental for the Northeast Corridor Cooperative Agreement to the National Railroad Passenger Corporation $1,209,483,050.00
FR AMT 21 004 FY21 Supplemental for the National Network Cooperative Agreement to the National Railroad Passenger Corporation $1,380,241,050.00
SFOP0007595 DRL Balkans Media and Civil Society $2,550,000.00
SFOP0007611 FY 2021 Future Leaders Exchange (FLEX) Program Organizational Components $13,584,000.00
20210518 PE Preservation and Access Education and Training $350,000.00
72049221R00003 Climate Resilient Cities Project $15,000,000.00
21 PHL NOFO ALUMNI 2021 US-PH Alumni Small Grants Program $25,000.00
SFOP0007601 DRL Justice Sector Reform in Armenia $1,000,000.00
SFOP0007597 DRL Youth and Media in Albania $250,000.00
W81EWF 21 SOI 0009 Field Experiments for Chemical Control of Starry Stonewort (Nitellopsis obtusa) $20,000.00
20210520 AA AB AC AD AE Humanities Initiatives $150,000.00
W81XWH 21 LCRP CA DoD Lung Cancer, Concept Award Not Set
W81XWH 21 LCRP CDA DoD Lung Cancer, Career Development Award Not Set
Funding Opportunities Available This Week: 37
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