Grant Alerts (Week 11 of 2021)

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Funding Opportunities Available This Week: 74
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Funding Number Opportunity Title Award Ceiling
CDC RFA EH21 2103 Radiation Health Protection Involving Ionizing and Non-Ionizing Radiation $300,000.00
ED GRANTS 031621 001 Office of Special Education and Rehabilitative Services (OSERS): Rehabilitation Services Administration (RSA): American Indian Vocational Rehabilitation Training and Technical Assistance Center (AIVRTTAC) Assistance Listing Number 84.250Z $1,013,000.00
72061221RFA00003 Strengthening Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics & Expanding Degree Opportunities (SSTEMEDO) $17,000,000.00
21 571 Broadening Participation in Computing $1,200,000.00
DE FOA 0002489 DOE Traineeship in Accelerator Science and Engineering $4,950,000.00
DE FOA 0002463 FY2021 Research Opportunities in Accelerator Stewardship $3,000,000.00
CDC RFA IP21 2108 Partnering with National Organizations to Support Community-Based Organizations to Increase Vaccination Coverage Across Different Racial and Ethnic Adult Populations Currently Experiencing Disparities Not Set
72052221RFA00001 USAID/Honduras Generating Green Economic Opportunities through Local Partnerships to Deter Irregular Migration (Local Works) Activity $1,700,000.00
FOA ETA 21 03 Young Adult Reentry Partnership (YARP) 2 $4,500,000.00
CDC RFA PS21 2105 National Viral Hepatitis Education, Awareness, and Capacity Building for Communities and Providers Not Set
EPA OW OWM 20 02 Training and Technical Assistance for Wastewater Treatment Works for the Prevention, Reduction, and Elimination of Pollution $12,000,000.00
W81XWH 21 PRMRP FPA CDMRP PRMRP Focused Program Award Not Set
W81XWH 21 PRMRP CTA CDMRP PRMRP Clinical Trial Award Not Set
W81XWH 21 PRMRP TTDA CDMRP PRMRP Technology/Therapeutic Development Award Not Set
W81XWH 21 PRMRP DA CDMRP PRMRP Discovery Award Not Set
W81XWH 21 PRMRP IIRA CDMRP PRMRP Investigator Initiated Research Award Not Set
TREAS GRANTS 052021 002 Low Income Taxpayer Clinic $100,000.00
31310021K0002 U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission Funding Opportunity Announcement (FOA), Research and Development Grant, Fiscal Year (FY) 2021 $500,000.00
PAS GUA FY21 01 U.S. Embassy Guatemala - PAS Annual Program Statement Not Set
LITC LITC 21 002 Low Income Taxpayer Clinic $1,000,000.00
RFA FD 21 033 Enhancing Innovations in Advanced Manufacturing Technologies for Vaccines against Influenza and Emerging Infectious Diseases (R01) Clinical Trials Not Allowed $500,000.00
CDC RFA DD21 2103 Improving the Health of People with Mobility Limitations and Intellectual/Developmental Disabilities through State-based Public Health Programs $585,000.00
HHS 2021 ACL NIDILRR DPKT 0062 Disability and Rehabilitation Research Projects (DRRP) Program: Model Systems Knowledge Translation Center (MSKTC) $792,000.00
W912HN 21 0 0001 Endangered Species Management Program at Fort Stewart, Georgia $676,500.00
RFA FD 21 022 Expanding the opioids system modeling efforts to more comprehensively address fentanyl, stimulants use, polysubstance use and associated outcomes.(U01) Clinical Trials Not Allowed $1,250,000.00
HHS 2021 ACL NIDILRR DPHF 0059 Disability and Rehabilitation Research Projects (DRRP) Program: Disability and Pregnancy $500,000.00
SB OVVB 21 001 Veteran Business Outreach Center $400,000.00
USAFA BAA 2021 CALL0002 Space Domain Awareness Grand Challenge – Ground-Based Spectral Signatures of Satellites $300,000.00
CMS 2F2 21 001 Emergency Triage, Treat, and Transport (ET3) Model $1,175,000.00
SFOP0007752 FY 2021 Online Professional English Network (OPEN) Program $8,000,000.00
PAS UKRAINE 008 2021 Managing the Mission Ukraine American Spaces Network to Support U.S. Engagement with Ukrainians $2,100,000.00
72088721 PACIFIC RFI 00001 Digital Connectivity and Cybersecurity Partnership (DCCP) - Pacific $19,000,000.00
W81EWF 21 SOI 0010 Identifying and Applying Engineering With Nature® (EWN) Solutions to Inland Locations of the Central United States $750,000.00
HRSA 21 066 Global Reach I Not Set
21CS20 Responding to Staff Trauma and Organizational Stress in Community Supervision Agencies $80,000.00
21JD04 Jail Inspection Initiative $50,000.00
21PR01 Conducting Prison Security Audits $90,000.00
21PR04 Emerging Leaders in Middle Management $165,000.00
72062421RFA00003 SERVIR WEST AFRICA 2 $15,000,000.00
NNH21ZHA006C MUREP Space Technology Artemis Research (M-STAR) Implementation Funding $250,000.00
VA GPD CG FY2021 GPD Capital Grant $2,500,000.00
NOAA OAR CPO 2021 2006797 NOAA Science Collaboration Program $75,000,000.00
NAG ENHANCEMENT FY21 Native American Library Services Enhancement Grant (2021) $150,000.00
O OVC 2021 58001 OVC FY 2021 Invited to Apply - Antiterrorism and Emergency Assistance Program for Crime Victim Compensation and/or Assistance $488,054.00
NAG HAWAIIAN FY21 Native Hawaiian Library Services Grant (2021) $150,000.00
W81XWH 21 GWIRP NIA DoD Gulf War Illness, New Investigator Award Not Set
W81XWH 21 GWIRP TBTA DoD Gulf War Illness, Therapeutic/Biomarker Trial Award Not Set
W81XWH 21 GWIRP RAA DoD Gulf War Illness, Research Advancement Award Not Set
W81XWH 21 GWIRP CEA DoD Gulf War Illness, Clinical Evaluation Award Not Set
W81XWH 21 GWIRP IA DoD Gulf War Illness, Idea Award Not Set
CDC RFA CE21 2102 Drug-Free Communities (DFC) Support Program $125,000.00
W81EWF 21 SOI 0013 Monitoring Phragmites australis biological control agent movement into the US $35,000.00
INL21GR0018 SUBSAHARAN CWT 03 10 2021 Limited Competition - Countering Wildlife Trafficking in Sub-Saharan Africa $1,500,000.00
FR 6400 N 07 Section 4 Capacity Building for Community Development and Affordable Housing $36,000,000.00
RFA OD 21 003 Secondary Analyses of Existing Datasets of Tobacco Use and Health (R21 Clinical Trial Not Allowed) $200,000.00
RFA OD 21 004 Maximizing the Scientific Value of Existing Biospecimen Collections (R21 Clinical Trial Not Allowed) $200,000.00
USDA NRCS IA IPC 21 NOFO0001069 Iowa Partners for Conservation (IPC) Fiscal Year (FY) 2021 Announcement for Program Funding $1,500,000.00
USDA FS UCF 010 2021 2021 Urban and Community Foresty Challenge Cost Share Grant Program $300,000.00
DE FOA 0002416 Notice of Intent (NOI) for Bioenergy Technologies Office (BETO) FY 2021 Multi Topic FOA DE-FOA-0002396 $2.00
USDA NRCS AR CIG 21 NOFO0001059 Conservation Innovation Grants (CIG) for Federal fiscal year (FY) 2021 – ARKANSAS $150,000.00
DE FOA 0002464 SuperTruck 3. $2.00
DE FOA 0002478 Low Greenhouse Gas (GHG) Vehicle Technologies Research, Development, Demonstration and Deployment $2.00
USDA NRCS NE CCA 21 NOFO0001076 Conservation Collaboration Cooperative Agreements Fiscal Year (FY) 2021 Announcement for Program Funding – NEBRASKA $1,000,000.00
SFOP0007741 FY 2021 Youth Leadership Programs with Algeria, Iraq, the Philippines, and Russia $1,260,000.00
72061321RFA00005 Citizen Engagement for Accountability Activity (CEAP) $19,000,000.00
20210609 MD MN MT Digital Projects for the Public $400,000.00
O OVW 2021 64001 OVW Fiscal Year 2021 STOP Formula Grant Program Solicitation $14,800,000.00
HHS 2021 ACL NIDILRR SIMS 0049 Spinal Cord Injury Model Systems $490,000.00
SFOP0007579 DRL FY20 Latin America and Caribbean Small Grants Program $1,000,000.00
21PR05 Core Competencies: Senior Correctional Leadership $185,000.00
DOS KAZ NS AEECA 21 001 U.S. Embassy Small Grants Program 2021 $50,000.00
SFOP0007765 2021 Pakistan Full Proposal $1,250,000.00
Funding Opportunities Available This Week: 74
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