Grant Alerts (Week 26 of 2021)

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Issue #2021-26

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Funding Opportunities Available This Week: 71
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Funding Number Opportunity Title Award Ceiling
DOS UNVIE PAS FY21 01 UNVIE Space Exchanges 2022 $150,000.00
72062121RFA00003 Tanzania Orphans and Vulnerable Children (OVC) Next Generation $28,500,000.00
PAS MOROCCO FY21 04 TechCamp for Cultural Heritage Preservation $50,000.00
AF HAR FY21 04 Media Professionalization and Partnerships Program $25,000.00
PAS NEWZEALAND 2021 03 Young Pacific Leaders Small Grants Competition 2022 $250,000.00
PAS NEWZEALAND 2021 05 TechCamp for Young Pacific Leaders 2022 $316,000.00
PAS NEWZEALAND 2021 04 Young Pacific Leaders Regional Workshop: Marine Sustainability 2022 $250,000.00
PAS NEWZEALAND 2021 02 Young Pacific Leaders Conference 2022 $250,000.00
W9126G 21 2 SOI 4749 Ecosystem Function Model Analysis on the Roanoke River $160,000.00
O OJJDP 2021 47001 OJJDP FY 2021 Invited to Apply for Enhancements for Juvenile Indigent Defense Training and Technical Assistance $250,000.00
ETA TEGL 25 20 CAREER (Comprehensive and Accessible Reemployment through Equitable Employment Recovery) National Dislocated Worker Grants $3,000,000.00
W9126G 21 2 SOI 4742 Environmental DNA Sampling in the Lower Roanoke River $335,000.00
W9126G 21 2 SOI 4740 Understanding Thermal Mixing, Water Quality, and Algae Dynamics with the Pulsing of Releases from Jordan Reservoir in the Cape Fear River $210,000.00
21CS28 EBP Publication Project $150,000.00
HHS 2021 ACL AOD IL 0102 Centers for Independent Living – Washington $286,411.00
RBCS AIC 2021 Agriculture Innovation Center Grant Program $1,000,000.00
HHS 2021 ACL AOD ILNA 0082 Centers for Independent Living: Operationalizing Independent Living Services to American Indian and Alaska Native Communities $368,440.00
HHS 2021 ACL AOD IL 0076 Centers for Independent Living Competition - American Samoa $159,762.00
N40080 21 2 0004 Cliffline Stabilization Naval Research Laboratory $5,000,000.00
MEDIA FY21 01 Promoting media literacy and critical thinking in Armenia $100,000.00
AF BAMAKO FY21 03 Training for English Club Leaders $15,000.00
W9126G 21 2 SOI 4579 Cultural Resources Support – Professional Archaeologist and Project Liaison for Solar EUL Development Project Oversight at Edwards AFB, CA $415,000.00
O OJJDP 2021 43003 OJJDP FY21 National Mentoring Resource Center Continuation $2,845,000.00
FTIF GUYANA FY20 0621 Strengthening the capacity of the Government of Guyana (GoG) to improve the transparency of the fiscal management of natural resource funds used for public infrastructure projects $100,000.00
HHS 2021 ACL AOD DNCE 0099 Projects of National Significance: Bridging the Aging and Disabilities Networks $380,000.00
USDA FAS 10962 0700 10 21 0004 2021 Cochran Fellowship Program - U.S. Pesticide System Study Tour $300,000.00
PA 21 266 Patient Safety Learning Laboratories: Advancing Patient Safety through Design, Systems Engineering, and Health Services Research (R18 Clinical Trial Optional) Not Set
21CS30 Advancing Community Supervision Strategies Microsite Development $80,000.00
HRV003NOFO2021 The U.S.-Croatia Forum: a 21st Century Partnership $75,000.00
NIO NOFO 21 101 North India Office Annual Program Statement $25,000.00
PAS CMR FY21 12 Inclusive Education in Schools $20,000.00
72061521RFA000016 Sustainable Management of Tsavo and Amboseli Landscapes $7,800,000.00
ESF HOCHIMINH FY2020 0102 Battery Energy Storage System Pilot (BESSP) $2,962,000.00
O BJA 2021 44001 Restrictive Housing Reform Implementation Assistance Program $2,100,000.00
O BJA 2021 45001 FY 21 Internet of Things National Training and Technical Assistance Program $445,932.00
W9126G 21 2 SOI 4655 Cultural Resources Support AFCEC/CZ $1,913,372.00
EP HIT 21 002 Enhance, Manage, and Promote the Medical Reserve Corps Training and Learning Management System via the TRAIN Learning Network (MRC-TRAIN) $125,000.00
O OJJDP 2021 42001 OJJDP FY 2021 Invited to Apply - Training and Technical Assistance - National Gang Center $1,000,000.00
O OJJDP 2021 43002 OJJDP FY 2021 Invited to Apply - Addressing the Training Needs of Juvenile Prosecutors Program $500,000.00
W911KB 21 1 0007 Fort Hunter Liggett Range adn Training Land Assessment $477,999.00
EPA OW OWOW 21 02 Fiscal Year (FY) 2021 Building Partner Capacity and Promoting Resiliency and Equity under Clean Water Act Wetlands, Nonpoint Source, Monitoring, Assessment and Listing Programs $990,000.00
DHS 21 NPD 005 00 01 Fiscal Year (FY) 2021 Homeland Security National Training Program (HSNTP) - National Domestic Preparedness Consortium (NDPC) $79,000,000.00
DHS 21 NPD 005 00 02 Fiscal Year (FY) 2021 Homeland Security National Training Program (HSNTP) - Continuing Training Grants (CTG) $2,000,000.00
HHS 2021 ACF ANA XN 0002 Native Hawaiian Pacific Islander Language American Rescue Plan Funding Opportunity Announcement $250,000.00
DHS 21 NPD 005 00 03 Fiscal Year (FY) 2021 Homeland Security National Training Program (HSNTP) - Continuing Training Grants (CTG) - National Cybersecurity Preparedness Consortium (NCPC) $4,000,000.00
FRDOC202112374 Aviation Manufacturing Jobs Protection Program $2,970,000,000.00
ED GRANTS 062421 001 Office of Postsecondary Education (OPE): International Foreign Language Education (IFLE): Business and International Education (BIE) Program Assistance Listing Number 84.153A Not Set
DOS BAGHDAD PD 2021 002 Children’s Interpretation Center - Erbil Citadel $300,000.00
DOS BAGHDAD PD 2021 001 Investing in the Liberated Universities of Ninewa $1,200,000.00
21 595 Tribal Colleges and Universities Program $3,500,000.00
21 594 GERMINATION: Germination of Research Questions for Addressing Critical Societal Challenges Not Set
SHTG FY 21 05 Workplace Safety and Health Training on Infectious Diseases, Including COVID-19 $200,000.00
SHTG FY 21 03 Capacity Building Developmental & Capacity Building Pilot $180,000.00
SHTG FY 21 02 Training and Educational Materials Development $75,000.00
SHTG FY 21 01 Targeted Topic Training $160,000.00
FR 6500 N 19 Self-Help Homeownership Opportunity Program (SHOP) $10,000,000.00
20210914 AKA AKB Humanities Connections $150,000.00
USDA FNS SNAP 21 PAFFM SNAP Online Purchasing Participation Assistance for Farmers and Farmers Markets $4,000,000.00
EPA R3 CBP 21 07 Chesapeake Bay Program Office Fiscal Year 2021 Request for Applications for Agriculture and Nonpoint Sources Program Support for the Chesapeake Bay Program Partnership $3,000,000.00
ED GRANTS 062321 002 Office of Special Education and Rehabilitative Services (OSERS): Rehabilitation Services Administration (RSA): Rehabilitation Short-Term Training: Client Assistance Program Assistance Listing Number: 84.246K $308,000.00
RFA AG 22 025 Data Enhancements and Analyses to Clarify the Relationship between Education and Cognitive Function (including AD/ADRD) (R01 Clinical Trial Not Allowed) Not Set
ED GRANTS 062321 001 Office of Elementary and Secondary Education (OESE): Expanding Opportunity Through Quality Charter Schools Program (CSP)--Grants for Credit Enhancement for Charter School Facilities (Credit Enhancement) Assistance Listing Number (ALN) 84.354A $12,000,000.00
RBCS SDGG 2021 Socially Disadvantaged Groups Grant $175,000.00
PAS MOROCCO FY21 02 TechCamp for Cultural Heritage Preservation $80,000.00
PAS ZAF FY21 06 American Spaces Cape Town Program Management, Staffing and Operations $200,000.00
21CS27 New Mexico Pretrial Implementation Project. $85,000.00
W81EWF 21 SOI 0021 Evaluating Mineral Associated Blue Carbon Accumulation in Coastal Wetlands $140,000.00
AF HAR FY21 03 Culture of Research and Content Design Exchanges program $100,000.00
Funding Opportunities Available This Week: 71
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