Grant Alerts (Week 28 of 2021)

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Issue #2021-28

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Funding Opportunities Available This Week: 66
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Funding Number Opportunity Title Award Ceiling
STX100 2021 5 Theater Directors’ Exchange on Musical Theater Production $55,000.00
ED GRANTS 071321 001 Office of Elementary and Secondary Education (OESE): Office of Indian Education (OIE): American Rescue Plan (ARP)-American Indian Resilience in Education (ARP-AIRE) Assistance Listing Number 84.299C Not Set
72011121RFA00002 Armenia Civics for Engagement activity $5,000,000.00
RFI WGS 2021 0001 Water Governance for Sindh Activity $3,000,000.00
21 599 Advancing Informal STEM Learning $3,000,000.00
NSS ODEP 21 01 Notice of Sources Sought for operation and maintenance of the Job Accommodation Network (JAN) $12,400,000.00
PAR 21 274 Cancer Target Discovery and Development (CTD2) (U01 Clinical Trial Not Allowed) $750,000.00
RFA LM 21 002 Network of the National Library of Medicine All of Us Program Center (U24) (Clinical Trial Optional) $3,200,000.00
PAS FRANCE FY2021 06 Start US Up - Marseille $102,500.00
GABPE ARDF FY20 01 Child Labor in Botswana $300,000.00
PAS FRANCE FY2021 05 Start US Up - Paris $102,500.00
ED GRANTS 071221 001 Office of Elementary and Secondary Education (OESE): Innovative Approaches to Literacy (IAL) Program Assistance Listing CFDA Number 84.215G Not Set
ED GRANTS 070921 001 Office of Elementary and Secondary Education (OESE): Effective Educator Development (EED) Division: Teacher and School Leader (TSL) Incentive Program Assistance Listing Number 84.374A Not Set
ND NOFO 21 103 Study in the U.S. $150,000.00
C NOFO 21 106 Lower Mekong Media Reporting Tour $80,000.00
C NOFO 21 105 Tech Camp: Navigating Coastal India’s Water Woes $120,000.00
72039121RFA00002 Economic Recovery and Development Activity (ERDA) $24,000,000.00
W9126G 21 2 SOI 4931 Researching Methods to Improve Passage and Determine Impacts of Diversion and Flood Control Structures to Green Sturgeon $5,000,000.00
W9126G 21 2 SOI 4792 Invasive Species Management for Maxwell-Gunter AFB, AL $257,500.00
W9126G 21 2 4792 Invasive Species Management for Maxwell-Gunter AFB, AL $257,500.00
W9126G 21 2 SOI 4916 Natural Resources Support, Holloman AFB, NM $1,247,800.00
W9126G 21 2 SOI 4921 Invasive Species Support, Eareckson Air Station, AK $95,112.00
AFKAM FY21 04 Emerging Community Leaders Training Program $35,000.00
W9126G 21 2 SOI 4915 Natural Resource Support, BMGR & Luke AFB $144,239.00
NV VSR 21 001 Promoting Vaccine Confidence in Local Communities through Partnership with Regional Health Offices $125,000.00
MP CPI 21 004 Framework to Address Health Disparities through Collaborative Policy Efforts: Demonstration Projects $375,000.00
MP CPI 21 003 Framework to Address Health Disparities through Collaborative Policy Efforts: Coordinating Center $500,000.00
PAS MON FY21 05 Liberia Literacy Promotion Programs $40,000.00
AFPRA FY21 06 Design and Implementation of the English Access Microscholarship Programs on the island of Sal in Cabo Verde $30,000.00
HHS 2021 ACL AOD IL 0113 Centers for Independent Living – Michigan $142,635.00
AFMDG 21 02 Building a Regional Community of Practice Against Illegal, Unreported, and Unregulated Fishing (IUUF) $227,000.00
PD SEOUL FY21 03 American Instructors for English Lounge Series Program at the American Spaces Korea (seven American Spaces) $48,750.00
21 598 Advanced Technological Education $7,500,000.00
W912DR21R0055 Chesapeake Bay Oyster Recovery Monitoring $700,000.00
PAS NEWZEALAND 2021 06 Blue and Green Technology Conference 2022 $100,000.00
DE FOA 0002415 Advancing Wave Energy Technologies through Open Water Testing at PacWave $9,000,000.00
FHWA TTPSF 2021 FY21 Tribal Transportation Program Safety Fund (TTPSF) $10,100,000.00
NOAA OAR CPO 2022 2006799 Climate Program Office FY2022 $1,500,000.00
N40080 21 2 0005 Shoreline Stabilization, NSA Annapolis, MD $358,020.00
DE FOA 0002548 Request for Information- Energysheds: Exploring Place-Based Generation $2.00
AE 21 001 Poverty Research Center $2,615,000.00
HRSA 22 005 Service Area Competition Not Set
DE FOA 0002511 Request for Information: Section 242 Hydroelectric Incentive Payments Updated Definitions Not Set
20211014 AV Dialogues on the Experience of War $100,000.00
NOI ILAB 21 08 Strengthening Decent Work in the Fishing Sector in South America $5,000,000.00
CDC RFA OT18 18020403SUPP21 Strengthening Public Health Systems and Services through National Partnerships to Improve and Protect the Nation's Health Not Set
72061221RFA00005 Strengthening Teacher Education and Practice (STEP) Activity $15,600,000.00
W9126G 21 2 SOI 4824 Oak Tree Mitigation Siting Plan Support at Fort Hunter Liggett, CA $49,000.00
HQ003421NOFOVMIA0001 Vietnamese Personnel Missing in Action Cooperative Program $10,000,000.00
DLA 202201A Procurement Technical Assistance Program $1,000,000.00
21JD13 Indian Country Jails-Training and Related Assistance $85,000.00
21AD02 Corrections Podcast Series $100,000.00
21AD03 Correctional History Preservation Presentation $100,000.00
WH AST 21 002 State, Local, Territorial, and Tribal (SLTT) Partnership Programs to Reduce Maternal Deaths due to Violence $300,000.00
WH AST 21 003 State, Local, Territorial, and Tribal (SLTT) Partnership Programs to Reduce Maternal Deaths due to Violence $300,000.00
PAS MON FY21 04 Moving Forward Together Radio Program Producer $40,000.00
O NIJ 2021 53002 NIJ FY 2021 Invitation to Apply - Criminal Justice Requirements and Resources Consortium $1,500,000.00
O NIJ 2021 53001 NIJ FY 2021 Invited to Apply - Evaluation of Project Safe Neighborhoods $3,000,000.00
PAS JOR FY21 004 Entrepreneurial Approaches to Countering Disinformation & Misinformation (Hakkerha!) $120,000.00
PAS COL 2021 ASACM Administrative Support – American Center in Maldives $185,200.00
PAS LAPAZ FY21 3 Emerging Leaders TechCamp 2022 $80,000.00
7200AA21RFA00023 Strengthening Natural Resources Safeguards for Large-Scale Linear Infrastructure in Asia (SNRS) $6,037,311.00
O OVC 2021 51001 OVC FY 2021 Invited to Apply - Transforming America's Response to Elder Abuse: Enhanced Multidisciplinary Teams (E-MDTs) for Older Victims of Abuse and Financial Exploitation Training and Technical Assistance $1,000,000.00
Funding Opportunities Available This Week: 66
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