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Funding Opportunities Available This Week: 109
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Funding Number Opportunity Title Award Ceiling
NPS 19 NERO 0046 Stewards of the Future Youth Crew Engage Young Audiences at Local National Historic Sites $55,601.00
FOA ILAB 19 05 Equal Access to Quality Jobs for Women and Girls (EQUAL) $5,000,000.00
OVC 2019 15624 OVC FY 2019 Field-Generated Solutions for Tribal & Non-Tribal Communities to Improve Services for Victims of Crime $800,000.00
USGS 19 FAC 0135 Notice of Intent - Status and Trends of Fish Community Downstream $210,000.00
F19AS00246 Deer Creek Irrigation District Fish Passage Project Implementation $740,000.00
USDA NRCS AL MULTI 19 GEN0010289 Enhanced or Accelerated implementation of the key conservation objectives $50,000.00
F19AS00245 Expanding Agricultural and Conservation Interests in North Dakota to support the 2017 Prairie Pothole JV Implementation Plan $60,000.00
P19AS00275 Connecting Youth to Conservation Opportunities at Ebey’s Landing National Historical Reserve $43,515.00
P19AS00278 NOTICE OF INTENT: Local Youth Employment for Natural Resource Monitoring and Education: Next Generation Ranger Corps Program $58,963.00
P19AS00279 Enaging Youth Through Critical Habitat Restoration at San Juan Island National Historical Park $27,000.00
HHS 2020 ACF OPRE PE 1566 Career Pathways Secondary Data Analysis Grants $75,000.00
P19AS00246 Timucuan Preserve Natural Resource Management Youth Internships $48,000.00
NPS NOIP19AC00154 Paddle Bike Share - MISS $50,000.00
P19AS00277 Youth Conservation Internships $143,619.00
P19AS00276 NOTICE OF INTENT: Engaging Youth through National Heritage Area Internships $30,000.00
DOS ZAMBIA PE 2019 03 U.S. Ambassador's Special Self Help Program $15,000.00
2019 NIST TPO 02 Enabling Federal Technology Transfer Program (EFTT) $3,200,000.00
ND NOFO 19 112 Internationalization of Indian Universities: Collaboration and Capacity Building $75,000.00
06152019 SA S2S 1X TITLE-06152019-SA-S2S-1 $200.00
L19AS00068 BLM CA Youth Conservation Opportunities on Public Lands $150,000.00
P19AS00274 NOTICE OF INTENT: FY2019 Yuma Crossing NHA Implementation of Management Plan $343,000.00
OVC 2019 15640 OVC FY 2019 Transforming America's Response to Elder Abuse: Mobilizing Attorneys for Older Victims of Abuse & Financial Exploitation $3,500,000.00
P19AS00273 NOTICE OF INTENT: FY2019 Cache la Poudre River NHA Implementation of Management Plan $332,097.00
NPS NOIP19AC00246 History Comes Alive Outreach Initative - LIHO $237,600.00
L19AS00088 ORWA 2019 Forest and Woodlands Resource Managemen Master Funding Opportunity $200,000.00
ED GRANTS 061319 001 Office of Elementary and Secondary Education (OESE): State Tribal Education Partnership (STEP): Tribal Education Agency Development Discretionary Grant Program (STEP Development) CFDA Number 84.415A Not Set
NPS NOIP19AC00256 CESU GLNF: Early Detection and Control of Invasive Mussels - APIS $99,700.00
NIJ 2019 16111 Longitudinal Research on Delinquency and Crime, FY 2019 $1,000,000.00
P19AS00272 Researching Indigenous Communities along El Camino Real de los Tejas NHT $51,000.00
MBDA OBD 2019 2006126 Virtual Business Center $5,200,000.00
W912DR1920003 FLTP Data Collection at Corps Facilities $1,800,000.00
M19AS00015 BOEM FY 2019 Environmental Studies Program $175,000.00
N624731920020 Mosquito Abatement and Vector Control at Naval Weapon Station, Seal Beach California $16,000.00
F19AS00244 Department of the Interior, United States (U.S.) Fish and Wildlife Service; Youth Engagement, Education and Employment $20,000.00
P19AS00269 Promote Management of National Park Service Collections $75,316.00
P19AS00271 Cultural Landscape Inventory for the Navajo Settlement Landscape $94,000.00
P19AS00270 Advance Access to and Preservation of Museum Collections $53,297.00
NAP AX 19 002 Integrating the Healthcare Enterprise (IHE) USA Cooperative Agreement Program $500,000.00
L19AS00077 ORWA 2019 Invasive and Noxious Plant Management Master Funding Opportunity $150,000.00
NPS NOIP19AC00367 Pitcher's Thistle Demography Database Management and Analysis Collaboration - SLBE $45,921.00
HHS 2019 ACL AOA ADPI 0360 Alzheimer's Disease Programs Initiative - Grants to States and Communities $1,000,000.00
NPS 19 NERO 0045 Historic Preservation Specialist (HPS) Interns $84,249.00
NPS 19 NERO 0044 Split-Rail Fence Restoration $38,072.00
K NOFO 19 108 Promoting Energy and Infrastructure Growth in the Indo-Pacific $60,000.00
DOS BAGHDAD PD 2019 014 English Access Microscholarship Program for Sulaymaniyah $150,000.00
DOS BAGHDAD PD 2019 013 English Access Microscholarship Program for Erbil $150,000.00
DOS NBO PAS FY19 010 EducationUSA Adviser Position $50,000.00
19 588 Established Program to Stimulate Competitive Research (EPSCoR): Workshop Opportunities $100,000.00
MMR FY19 NOFO 01 English Access Microscholarship Program (Access) $40,000.00
S19AS00006 OSMRE Semester Internship Program $100,000.00
S19AS00004 OSMRE/AmeriCorps Program $625,000.00
USGS 19 FA 0205 Use of CO2 and chemical agents to control invasive red swamp crayfish (Procambarus clarkii) in ponds and burrows $49,750.00
L19AS00031 BLM Idaho 2019 Threatened and Endangered Species Recovery Projects $50,000.00
L19AS00073 BLM-ES, Cultural and Paleontological Resource Managment Program $500,000.00
L19AS00036 BLM CA Forest and Woodlands Resource Management Program $50,000.00
USGS 19 FA 0238 Deployment of an Acoustic Deterrent System for Bigheaded Carp on the Wabash River $21,366.00
L19AS00070 BLM Idaho Plant Conservation and Restoration Management $200,000.00
L19AS00087 Wyoming Cultural and Paleontological Resource Management Program $40,000.00
HRSA 20 011 Teaching Health Center Graduate Medical Education (THCGME) Program Not Set
P19AS00267 NOTICE OF INTENT: FY2019 SPNHA Implementation of Management Plan $332,097.00
P19AS00266 Inform and Redirect Visitors During Redwood Renewal Projects $415,000.00
P19AS00013 NPS 21st Century Conservation Service Corps Program $1.00
SFOP0005982 19.PMWRA.Jordan.VictimsAssistance.NOFO $400,000.00
P19AS00265 Free Ranging and Feral Cats in National Parks: Development of Park Management Strategies for Stakeholder Engagement $48,489.00
ED GRANTS 061319 002 Office of Special Education and Rehabilitative Services (OSERS): Rehabilitation Services Administration (RSA): American Indian Vocational Rehabilitation Services (AIVRS) CFDA Number 84.250M Not Set
RFI 72061119CA000ZH Draft Program Description for the Zambia Accessible Markets for Health (ZAM-Health) Activity Not Set
DHS 19 NPPD 127 NC001 FY19 Cybersecurity Education and Training Program (CETAP): Expansion of a Portable Cybersecurity Education Teacher-Focused Model: Supplemental $4,300,000.00
L19AS00085 NV Fisheries and Aquatic Resource Management $150,000.00
HHS 2019 ACL AOD DNHC 0362 Human Dignity and Civil Rights for People with Disabilities $442,868.00
BOR GP 19 N005 Developing a Collaborative Environment for Sharing Geographic Information Systems (GIS) $30,000.00
CDC RFA PS19 1906 Strategic Partnerships and Planning to Support Ending the HIV Epidemic in the United States Not Set
20190925 FT Summer Stipends $6,000.00
NPS 19 NERO 0042 Expand Public Access to Olmsted Archives with Digitizing Project $69,850.00
F19AS00239 Missouri River Valley Wetlands - Loess Bluffs National Wildlife Refuge $200,000.00
P19AS00263 Produce an Historic Resource Study for Devils Tower National Monument $171,548.00
P19AS00264 NOTICE OF INTENT: Youth Experience in Management of Invasive Species and Hazardous Fuels $91,056.00
NIJ 2019 16510 Establishment of a National Center on Restorative Justice, FY2019 $3,000,000.00
NIJ 2019 16109 Evaluation of Street Law Programs, FY 2019 $750,000.00
P19AS00262 Archaeological Site Preservation Maintenance Project $100,000.00
693JK319NF0010 Assistance for Local Emergency Response Training Grants $1,300,000.00
APS 613 17 000001 Advancing Accountability and Rights in Zimbabwe (AARZ) $2,000,000.00
NPSNOITONT1900542 SCA Biological Technician Intern $25,667.00
NPS NOIP19AC00172 Northwest Indiana Regional Exhibit Development- INDU $130,274.00
DOS PAS SLO 2019 003 FY 2019 Notice of Funding Opportunity: NGO Small Grants Program $10,000.00
NPSNOITONT1900543 SCA Archaeology Technician Intern $28,537.00
NPS NOIP19AC00267 GUCO CESU: Assessing Water Quality Conditions and Reviewing Monitoring Strategies for OZAR and BUFF $160,000.00
CDC RFA IP19 1902 Influenza Surveillance Networks and Response to Avian, Pandemic, and Seasonal Influenza by National Health Authorities Outside the United States Not Set
ED GRANTS 061219 001 OSERS-OSEP: Doctoral Training Consortia Associated with High-Intensity Needs CFDA Number 84.325H $1,300,000.00
ND NOFO 19 111 E-Teacher Alumni Train the Trainers $50,000.00
DOS PAS SLO 2019 04 FY 2019 Notice of Funding Opportunity: Cultural Grants Program $10,000.00
P19AS00260 Buddy Bison School and Kids to Parks Day Programs $88,000.00
P19AS00258 Buddy Bison Fishing Clinic School Program $36,000.00
NPS NOIP19AC00361 Education Science Technology Engineering and Math (STEM) and Outreach Program - DAAV $175,000.00
P19AS00259 Pacific Northwest Cultural Arts Program $1,172,290.00
NPS NOIP19AC00325 Illinois Freedom Project - Youth Mentor Trainings & Workshop $127,788.00
NPS DOIP19AC00587 FY2019 Implementation of Management Plan $332,097.00
201900814 TD TR Media Projects $1,000,000.00
FR 6300 N 15 Lead and Healthy Homes Technical Studies (LHHTS) Grant Program Pre- and Full Application $1,000,000.00
P19AS00211 How to Survive a Death Valley Summer; Death Valley National Park $44,236.00
Funding Opportunities Available This Week: 109
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