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Promote and earn $10.00 USD commission on all new and recurring transactions. Take advantage of our multi-tier system and earn $2.00 USD on all new and recurring transactions from your referrals.

How does it work?

When you promote through your unique URL, people who visit our website through your unique URL will be tracked and associated with your account. As they sign up for free accounts, create grant proposals, and pay for submission to private funding organizations and investors, you will earn a commission for all qualified transactions. These accounts will be associated with your account permanently, so you will earn a commission even when they file proposals a year down the road.

How much do I get paid?

You will earn $10.00 USD on each qualified transaction from your direct referrals. If your referrals promote, you will earn $2.00 USD on each qualified transaction from their referrals. Both purchases and refunds will be reflected in your account.

When will I be paid?

At the beginning of each month, a payout record will be generated for you and will be processed by the end of the current month. For example, for all transactions that occurred in January, a payout record for January will be generated in early February, and the payout record will be processed (you'll be paid) by the end of February.

How will I be paid?

We will pay you via PayPal. Please make sure your PayPal account can accept international payments from both Canada and United States.

How do I get started?

When you create a free account on, you can find your unique URL inside our applicant portal. It is fast and free to create an account.


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