The website - - contains information that is not true about government grants and federal funding.

More than 1,500 individuals and businesses have reported scam activities from

False claim: "If you are interested in construction or home remodeling, the government is willing to provide you money so that you can complete your projects"

Why it's false: The government does not offer any grants to help individuals on their own projects. The only types of grants the United States government is offering that is related to housing is grants for public housing organizations.

Misleading claim: "Individuals who are interested in growing their small businesses have access to a number of different grants"

Why it's misleading: Government grants are mostly available for government, education, public housing, and not-for-profit organizations. If you are a for-profit organization, your business must match SBA's minimum size standards and the requirement is different for every type of small business. For example, if you are in the crop production - soybean farming business, your sales must be greater than $750,000 a year in order to meet the minimum qualification to apply for grants.

False claim: "There are government grants available at a personal level, such as funding for single mothers who need basic financial support."

Why it's false: There are no personal grants available at all. The United States government does not offer grants for single mothers.

False claim: The website is claiming to allow you to apply for grants directly on their website.

Why it's false: The only way to apply for government grants is through instructions provided on the official website. Information submitted through will not be received by US government and funding officials.


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