Opportunity Information:

  • The Agency for International Development in the other (see text field entitled explanation of other category of funding activity for clarification) sector is offering a public funding opportunity titled "CONFLICT MITIGATION AND RECONCILIATION PROGRAMS AND ACTIVITIES WITH POSSIBLE MULTIPLE AWARDS" and is now available to receive applicants.
  • Interested and eligible applicants and submit their applications by referencing the CFDA number(s): 98.001 USAID Foreign Assistance for Programs Overseas.
  • This funding opportunity was created on Jul 8, 2008 and posted on Jan 9, 2008.
  • Applicants must submit their applications by Aug 12, 2008.
  • Each selected applicant is eligible to receive up to $35,000,000.00 in funding.
  • Eligible applicants include: Others (see text field entitled Additional Information on Eligibility for clarification).
  • US and non US non profit or for profit non govermental organizations (NGOs), International Organizations (IOs), and other qualified non US Government organizations (including faith based organizations and community based organizations.) See Section IV in APS for more details.
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DRL 09 IRAQ2 PROP 090710 Post National Election Democracy Initiatives in Iraq
DRL 10 RSOI 01 CHINA 100402 Request for Statements of Interest China
PRM ECA 10 CA SA 05042010 AFGHAN FY 2010 Funding Opportunity Announcement for NGO programs benefiting Afghan refugees in Pakistan
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DRL 3 IRAQ PROP 08202010 Iraq Womens Democracy Initiative
J979110K037 CESU Kobuk Valley National Park Cultural Resource Studies
FWS 11 MB 647 001 Migratory Bird Conservation in the Upper Midwest
PRM ECA 10 CA SA 12132010 PAKISTAN FY 2011 Funding Opportunity Announcement for NGO programs benefiting Afghan refugees in Pakistan
PRM ANE 11 CA SA 012811 PRM NGO Projects in South Asia
EP PMC 11 001 Postal Model for Medical Countermeasures Delivery and Distribution
DRL 10 PROP 01 LIFELINE 110207 Lifeline Embattled NGO Global Assistance Fund
NNH11ZHA002C MSP EONS 2011 MUREP Small Projects (MSP)
NNH11ZHA002C MSFCMISE EONS 2011 MSFC Minorities in Science and Engineering
M OAA GRO LMA 11 00307 Science and Engineering Fellowship Program


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