New Mexico Housing Grants

The Office of Departmental Grants Management and Oversight (ODGMO) of New Mexico is responsible for housing grants (HUD programs and initiatives) in the state of New Mexico. Although there are funds available to New Mexico residents, not everyone is eligible to apply and receive New Mexico Housing Grants. The ODGMO has set a list of policy priorities.

Housing Grants for Low-Income Residents in New Mexico

New Mexico's local government has set aside financial assistance for residents with no or low-income. According to the latest research, with an average household income of $43,508.00 per year, only 70.40% of the population paid off their mortgages on their homes. The average home value in New Mexico is $158,400.00. The main initiative behind this policy is to assist residents financially while they look for jobs or improve their income.

Housing Grants for Green Homes in New Mexico

There are currently 901,000 households in the state of New Mexico. The local government in New Mexico actively promotes green initiatives in the housing sector. Funds are available for residents of New Mexico to improve the sustainability of their homes through energy-efficient, environmentally friendly, and healthy design. For metropolitan and some regional areas in New Mexico, housing grants are also given to households to improve location efficiency and disaster resiliency.

Housing Grants for Minorities in New Mexico

To overcome discrimination due to race, color, nationality, gender, religion, disability, or familial status, the department of housing in New Mexico actively promotes fair housing by providing financial assistance in the form of housing grants to the minorities of New Mexico.

Housing Grants for Home Businesses

For residents of New Mexico who run businesses at home, they are eligible to apply for housing grants in addition to small business grants. If you use your home as a platform for improving other outcomes, such as business, education, health, or environment, the HUD initiatives will be able to provide you with the funding you need.

To apply for housing grants in New Mexico, contact New Mexico financial aid agencies.



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