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Recent published funding opportunities:

Funding Number Funding Title
RFA WY08 9012 WLCI Support of Watershed Management Habitat Enhancement for Triple Creek Forage Reserve
L14AS00304 BLM AZ Juan Bautista de Anza National Historic Trail Management Partnership
L14AS00276 BLM AZ Gila District Youth Internships and Public Land Corps Opportunities
L14AS00149 BLM AZ Gila District Youth Internships and Public Land Corps Opportunities
L11AS00132 BLM OR WA Renewable Energy Partnership Collaboration and Facilitation
L11AS00115 Youth Environmental Outdoor Education and Camps
L11AS00127 BLM CA Mattole River Fisheries Monitoring and Improvement Project
L11AS00125 BLM CA Headwaters Forest Reserve Watershed Restoration Project
L11AS00126 Communities as Risk Assistance Program
L11AS00124 BLM WY Medicine Bow Conservation District Projects
L11AS00123 BLM OR WA CESU Riparian Elevation Facilitation
L11AS00122 BLM OR WA CESU Consensus Center Pilot Project Facilitationin the Roseburg, Oregon
L11AS00119 Golden Eagle Concentration Areas and Renewable Energy in the Montana/Dakotas
L11AS00121 National Fire Program Rural Fire and Ready Reserve in MT and ND
L11AS00113 BLM WY Native Plant Materials Development High Altitude Evaluation and Increase
L11AS00120 FA BLM Arizona Youth Strategy for Low Income Minority Youth Employment
L11AS00118 Take Pride in America Phase III SNPLMA
L11AS00117 BLM CA Mattole River Recovery Rearing Project
L11AS00104 SNPLMA Round 11 Parks Trails and Natural Areas
BLM WO NOI L11AS00115 Youth Environmental Outdoor Education and Camps
L11AS00106 Meadow Valley Wash Noxious Weed Control Phase 2
L11AS00114 BLM OR WA CESU Fire Regimes, Forest Change and Restoration of Forested Plant Associations in the Middle Applegate Watershed, Medford District, Oregon
L11AS00112 Data Sharing Program in North Dakota and South Dakota
L11AS00111 BLM OR WA Five Creeks Riparian and Rangeland Restoration, Burns District, Oregon
L11AS00110 BLM OR WA Molalla River Rapid Bio Assessment (RBA) Project, Salem District, Oregon
L11AS00109 BLM OR WA Grassland Communities in the Cascade Siskiyou National Monument
L11AS00108 BLM OR WA Integrating Cascade Siskiyou National Monument Aquatic Resource Inventories and Monitoring, Medford District, Oregon
L11AS00105 International Migratory Bird Day
L11AS00081 Tri County Weed Treatment and Inventory Project
L11AS00102 Invasive Species Outreach
L11AS00101 BLM OR WA Oregon Conservation and Environmental Stewardship Project
L11AS00100 Native Plant Development Program Seeds of Success, Alaska
L11AS00099 BLM NV Winnemucca District Office Intern Program
L11AS00097 New Mexico Forest and Woodland Inventory and Monitoring (CESU)
L11AS00092 BLM WY Amphibian and Reptile Monitoring in Powder River Basin Wyoming
L11AS00095 Partners For A Clean New Mexico (PCNM)
L11AS00098 Pioche Caselton Wildland Urban Interface Project
L11AS00096 BLM NV Winnemucca District Office Cooperative Management and Implementation of Environmental Education and Interpretive Projects
L11AS00094 Campbell Tract Fuel Break Maintenance, Anchorage, Alaska
L11AS00091 BLM NV Elko District Office Community Fire Assistance Program
L11AS00090 Youth Fish Guide Camp, Alaska
L11AS00089 Restore New Mexico Healthy Lands Initiative for 2011 to 2016
L11AS00088 FA Interpretive Associations for the Tucson Field Office Arizona
L11AS00079 BLM CA Public Land Restoration Youth Corps Teams
L11AS00078 BLM CA National Landscape Conservation System Youth Corps Team
L11AS00087 Native Plant Propagation of Snake River Plain Forb Species
L11AS00086 San Miguel Basin Travel Management project in the State of Colorado.
L11AS00085 Peregrine Fund Interpretive Exhibit and Trail


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