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Recent published funding opportunities:

Funding Number Funding Title
F16AS00460 Environmental Education Program and Urban Refuge Initiative
P16AS00505 Effects of Infanticide Risk on Brown Bear Resource Selection in Lake Clark National Park and Preserve, Alaska
P16AS00500 Assessing the Impacts of Ocean Acidification on Plankton Populcations in Glacier Bay
F16AS00375 Youth Engagement, Education, and Employment Programs
F16AS00329 Youth Engagement, Education and Employment
F16AS00328 Visitor Facility Enhancements - Refuges and Wildlife
F16AS00211 Youth Engagement, Edcuation, and Employment Programs
P16AS00135 Wetlands Restoration Youth Crew - Indiana Dunes
F16AS00169 Visitor Facility Enhancements - Refuges and Wildlife
F16AS00121 Service Training and Technical Assistance (Generic Training)
F16AS00119 Assessing abundance and migratory connectivity of boreal wetland birds on Joint Base Elmendorf-Richardson, Alaska
F16AS00070 Region 7 - FY16 Wildlife Restoration Grant Program - Open to State Fish and Game Agency Only
P16AS00020 Conservation Intern Assistance with Invasive Plant Management in Katmai National Park & Preserve
F16AS00047 Coastal Program
70181AR035 McLees Lake Sampling
P14AS00295 Youth Engagement at the World Parks Congress
P14AS00141 Latin American Park Managers at Protected Areas Course
F14AS00076 Wildlife Without Borders Latin America and the Caribbean FY14
P14AS00017 Intern for Springs Monitoring
P14AS00016 Quantifying habitat selection predicting habitat use by Whooping Cranes
P13AS00197 The WILD 10 Conference
P13AS00081 National Alliance of Faith and Justice
P13AS00062 Evaluating the Influence of Nitrogen Deposition Gradients on Plant Diversity
L11AS00095 Partners For A Clean New Mexico (PCNM)
FWS NCTC 2011 06 Educator Career Awareness Institute
FWS NCTC 2011 05 Finding the Next Generation of Land Ethic Leaders
FWS NCTC 2011 01 Coastal America Foundation SOSCon 2011
70181BR001 USFW Alaska 2011 Challenge Cost Share Program
NOAA NMFS AK 2011 2002758 2011 Alaska Region Marine Education and Training Grant Program
SJV FY11 Sonoran Joint Venture FY11 Awards Program
FWSMBR91011 Urban Bird Treaty Existing Cities
FWSR9MB1011NEW Urban Bird Treaty New Cities
FWSR9MB1011 Urban bird treaty existing cities grant
NPS NOI HAFO FY10 H9608100011 Promote visitor understanding of Hagerman Fossil Beds NM, National Park Service
FWS NCTC 2010 9 Natural Leaders Network
FWS NCTC 2010 8 Natural Resources Youth Education 4 H Wildlife Habitat Evaluation Program
FWS NCTC 2010 11 NAAEE Careers and Young Professionals
FWS R9 DO 140 AFS 2010 140th American Fisheries Society
70181AR016 Alaska s National Wildlife Refuges Rural Youth Program Grant
70181AR013 2010 Challange Cost Share Program
FWS 09 DO WMI10 75 North American Wildlife and Natural Resource conference sponsorship
FWS R9 CC09 Carnivore Conference
FWS R9 DO ASA09 Conference Support
FWS R9 DO AFWA09 Conference Support
FWS R9 DO WS09 Wildlife Society Annual Educational Conf. Support
FWS R9 DO AFS09 Conference Assistance
FWS SRM GLCI 2009 Conference Assistance
701819R115 Tribal U.S. Russian Marine Mammal and Climate Change Workshop
FWS IGFA WRFC FY09 Conference Assistance


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