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Recent published funding opportunities:

Funding Number Funding Title
WNS 2011 R5 White nose Syndrome Grants to States
FWS PF11 Notice of Intent to Award to Peregrine Fund
FWS JVGLRI 2011 Great Lakes Restoration Initiative Joint Venture Habitat Restoration and Protection
70181AR066 Multi Species Inventory Monitoring Protocol Development
FWS R8 YFWO 2010 FISHERIES FP 05 Blue Creek Chinook Coho Life Cycle Monitoring Project
FWSPIO2 Five Year Review of the Status of 56 Plant Species
FWSPIO1 Five Year Review of the Status of the Genus Achatinella
F14AS00321 Necedah National Wildlife Refuge Whooping Crane Forced Renesting to Prevent Population Extinction
F14AS00076 Wildlife Without Borders Latin America and the Caribbean FY14
F13AS00306 Bouchard Plover Restoration Projects
F13AS00220 Clean Vessel Act Grant Program
F13AS00120 Restoration of Atlantic Salmon in Lake Champlain
FWS R5 ES 13 025 Piping Plover Restoration
F13AS00041 Migratory Bird Conservation in the Upper Midwest
F12AS00039 Wildlife Restoration Grant Program R5
FWS DMBM AHDP 2012 0001 Avian Health and Disease Surveillance and Monitoring Support for Region 1
FWS DMBM AHDP 2012 0002 Avian Health and Disease Surveillance and Monitoring Support
FWS DMBM AHDP 2012 0007 Avian Health and Disease Program project support Region 7
FWS JV GLRI 12 Great Lakes Restoration Initiative Joint Venture Habitat Restoration and Protection
FWS R5 ES 12 001 White Nose Syndrome Research
FWS 12 MB 647 001 Migratory Bird Conservation in the Upper Midwest
FWS 2011 FHC Private Lands Day 2011
FWS NCTC 2011 08 Minority Youth Environmental Training Institute
8USFWSIM 1003 Biostatistical Design and Analysis
8USFWSIM 1002 National Vegetation Classification System
8USFWSIM 1001 Legacy Data Mining
CALCC 2004 Climate Change Adaptation Strategy
CALCC 2003 Invasive Plant Council
CALCC 2002 Endemic Plant Species Land Birds
CALCC 2001 Climate Adaptation Commons
FWS R6 GRIZZLYBEARMANAGEMENTASSISTANCE Grizzly Bear Management Assistance in Montana
FWSVENTURA 1102 Phenology Road Show MERITO Academy Program Field Visits
FWSR2 MBP AHDP FY2011 0001 FWSR2 Avian Health and Disease Prgrm Project Support Lead
FWS R1 PCJV FY2012 Notice of Intent to Award Pacific Coast Joint Venture Administration
91200117018 WCCBP Student Program
FWS R8 80211BG104 San Francisco Bay JV Administration
DOI FWS R8 REFUGES 11 003 Riparian Brush rabbit and San Joaquin Valley Ripairan woodrat
FWS R6 PRAIRIEDOGPOPULATIONANDHABITATMON Prairie Dog Population and Habitat Monitoring
FWS R6 INTERMOUNTAINWESTJOINTVENTURESAGE Intermountain West Joint Venture Sage Grouse Initiative Strategic Watershed Action Team
FWS R9 DMBM 9715 Cooperative North American Shotgunning Education Program
FWS R9 DMBM 9726 Atlantic Flyway Council Cooperative Waterfowl Banding
FWSR9 DMBM 9723 International Migratory Bird Day
NWRS R2 22521 1101 Establishment of the Rio Grande Canalization Project Water Transaction Program in southern New Mexico
R4 2011 03 NOI to award Marsh Impoundment 10, Mattamuskeet NWR
FWS WMGBP FY2012 Webless Migratory Game Bird Program RFP
STRC 21550 01 South Texas Refuge Complex Beyond the Boundaries
F11PS00799 Mapping Snow Habitat for Polar Bears along Beaufort Coast of Alaska
FWS R6 SURVEYINGSENSITIVEPLANTSPECIES Surveying Sensitive Plant Species Grahams White River Penstemon.


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