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Recent published funding opportunities:

Funding Number Funding Title
F16AS00290 Fish and Wildlife Management Assistance
F16AS00289 Monitoring secretive marsh birds, focusing on two Species at Risk including Black Rail and Seaside Sparrow on 21 coastal National Wildlife Refuges
F16AS00285 National Fish and Wildlife Foundation - Sustain Our Great Lakes Program
F16AS00286 Support for the implementation of landscape conservation design through Alaskaâ¿¿s LCCs
F16AS00284 Investigation of the Impacts of Contaminants of Emerging Concern in Recruitment of Freshwater Mussels in the Maumee Watershed
F16AS00272 Public-Private Partnerships to Advance Landscape-Scale Conservation
F16AS00264 FY 2017 Boating Infrastructure Grant Program (Tier 2 - National)
F16AS00280 Conservation Science Education
F16AS00282 Engaging Under-Served Students on USFWS Refuges.
F16AS00281 Bird and Habitat Study
F16AS00269 Fiscal Year 2017 Boating Infrastructure Grant Program (Tier 1 - State)
F16AS00275 Adaptive Science
F16AS00277 Weed Control Partnership for National Elk Refuge
F16AS00278 Research Grants (Generic)
F16AS00273 FY16 Aquatic Nuisance Species Task Force Regional Panels
F16AS00254 Migratory Bird Joint Ventures
F16AS00271 Model-based projection of the genetic effects of natural recolonization of Gila Trout.
F16AS00188 Analysis of Feral Pig Eradication Techniques
F16AS00268 Design & Emplementation of Methodology for Data Mining on National Wildlife Refuges
F16AS00265 Aquatic Invasive Species Cooperative Agreement for the Fiscal Year 2016 Great Lakes Restoration Initiative
F16AS00263 Natural Resource Damage Assessment and Restoration Program
F16AS00261 Engaging Communities In Stewardship
F16AS00257 Seasonal Contributions to Breeding in Sage-Grouse
F16AS00262 Outdoor Outreach Adventure Club
F16AS00259 Migratory Bird and Monitory and Assessment and Conservation
F16AS00256 Grizzly Bear Management Assistance in Wyoming
F16AS00251 Harvey's Marsh Waterfowl Production Area Wetland Restoration
F16AS00252 Marine Communities Impacted by Extreme Climate Events
F16AS00249 San Francisco Bay Joint Venture Administration
F16AS00250 Fox River NRDA
F16AS00253 Migratory Bird Monitoring Assessment and Conservation
F16AS00248 Kentucky Natural Lands Trust
F16AS00247 US Fish and Wildlife Service, Region 7 National Wetlands Inventory Program
F16AS00244 Intermountain West Joint Venture Staff
F16AS00246 Refuge Water Consumptive Use 2
F16AS00242 Cooperative Ecosystem Studies Unit
F16AS00243 White Slough Restoration Project
F16AS00241 Refuges Inventory & Monitoring Program
F16AS00240 Evaluation of Degradation of Benthos in the Kalamazoo and Clinton Rivers: Health Survey of Native Freshwater Mussels
F16AS00239 Great Lakes Remote Sensing
F16AS00238 Great Lakes Remote Sensing
F16AS00235 National Fish and Wildlife Foundation Establishment Act
F16AS00236 The National Fish and Wildlife Foundation Establishment Act
F16AS00234 Juvenile Salmonid Habitat Restoration Downstream of Highway 20 Bridge, Yuba River CA
F16AS00237 National Fish and Wildlife Foundation Establishment Act
F16AS00231 Bird or Animal Deformities or Reproductive Problems Beneficial Use Impairment Assessment for the State of Michigan Areas of Concern
F16AS00232 Science and communication support for the Peninsular Florida Landscape Conservation Cooperative
F16AS00233 Endangered Species Conservation â¿¿ Recovery Implementation Funds
F16AS00229 Great Lakes Restoration Initiative, Partners for Fish and Wildlife 2016
F16AS00228 FY 2016 Playa Lakes Joint Venture Base Operations Support


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