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Recent published funding opportunities:

Funding Number Funding Title
P19AS00608 The Earliest Americans National Historic Landmark Theme Study for Alaska
P19AS00618 Ethnographic Overview and Traditional Associations Study of Channel Islands National Park and Santa Monica Mountains National Recreation Area
P19AS00617 Management techniques to enhance California prairie biodiversity
P19AS00611 Prepare Historic Resources Study of Climbing for Joshua Tree National Park, California
P19AS00616 Conservation of native biodiversity in Southern California National Parks
P19AS00615 Threatened Western Snowy Plover Monitoring and Protection at Point Reyes National Seashore
P19AS00614 Enhancing natural resource stewardship and science outreach in southern California National Parks
P19AS00613 Channel Islands National Park Annual Landbird Monitoring 2020-2023
P19AS00612 Archeological Inventory, Condition Assessment, and Data Recovery to Address Vulnerabilities at Channel Islands National Park
P19AS00610 Improve control strategies for invasive plants and fungal pathogens in Hawaii Volcanoes National Park
P19AS00609 Archeological Inventory and Condition Assessments at Channel Islands National Park to Address Vulnerabilities
P19AS00607 Educational program emphasizing the cultural and natural resources of Glacier National Park
P19AS00606 Researching Alpine Species
P19AS00605 Facilitating critical park research and developing future scientists in the Mediterranean Coast Network
P19AS00604 Develop Products and Strategies of Mutual Interest on Western U.S. Air Quality Issues
P19AS00603 Coast Salish Ethnobotany: A Traditional Use Study of National Parks in Western Washington State
P19AS00602 Conduct Cultural Resource Assistance of Abandoned Mineral Lands Closure Area at Death Valley National Park
P19AS00601 Stream Condition Monitoring and Data Analysis for Mediterranean Coast Network Parks
P19AS00210 Japanese American Confinement Sites Grant Program
P19AS00600 Volunteers Track California Condors at Pinnacles National Park
P19AS00598 Lower B500 Road Removal in Redwood National Park
P19AS00597 Sierra Nevada Bighorn Sheep Research in the Northern Recovery Unit
P19AS00596 Preservation Field School and Repair of the Gem Mine Headframe, Ore Bin, and Mill at Death Valley National Park
NPS 19 NERO 0129 Westfield Wild and Scenic River Assistance
P19AS00595 Anza Expedition Education Programs
P19AS00594 K-12 Students' Stories and Perspectives Curriculum Development
P19AS00592 Preservation Field School and Repair of the Keane Wonder Aerial Tramway Towers at Death Valley National Park
P19AS00591 Plan and Implement Hazardous Fuels Reduction Activities on National Park Service Lands in Marin County
P19AS00590 Training for Public Agency Communicators and Partners
P19AS00475 Accessible Anza Trail Experience Community Design Installation
P19AS00471 Develop an American Indian Travel Guide to the Anza Trail
P19AS00589 Climate-smart Conservation of Snowy Plovers: A Spatial-Analytic Approach
P19AS00587 Monitoring Spread of Phytophthora ramorum in Redwood National Park
P19AS00588 Identification and Evaluation of WWII and Mexican Period Resources at Point Reyes National Seashore
P19AS00421 Historical Ecology to Understand Human Responses to Environmental and Climate Change: Research, National Register Nomination, and Public Interpretation of Two Archeological Sites at Redwood National Park
P19AS00585 Inupiaq Place Names Workshop
P19AS00586 San Francisco Bay Area National Parks Marin Landbird Monitoring
P19AS00584 Experimental Restoration of Rare Plants and Native Hawaiian Ecosystems
P19AS00583 Cooperative Agreement with Golden Gate National parks Conservancy and Golden Gate National Recreation Area
P19AS00582 Advancing the Public Connections of the North Coast and Cascades Research Learning Center
P19AS00581 Archeological Research Associates
P19AS00580 Heritage Documentation programs
P19AS00578 Lagoon trophic ecological connectivity and comparison to other Arctic lagoon systems
P19AS00577 Prepare National Register Determinations of Eligibility for Mission 66 Properties in the National Park Service
P19AS00575 Park Cultural Landscapes Program Multiple Media Intern
P19AS00574 Inventory and Assessment of NPS Alaska Archaeological Collections at the Haffenreffer Museum of Anthropology, Brown University
P19AS00573 South Carolina National Heritage Area - Modification 9
NPS 19 NERO 0127 Maintenance of Theodore Roosevelt Inaugural NHS
P19AS00571 Sea Grant Fellowship


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