Funding Opportunities from Department of the Interior, National Park Service






Recent Published Funding Opportunities:

Funding Number Funding Title
NPS NOIP19AC00161 Conservation Crew for Prairie Restoration - THRO
NPS NOIP19AC00144 Rehabilitation of Greenstone Ridge Trail and Campground - ISRO
NPS NOIP19AC00219 The Natural Resources of the Lewis and Clark National Historic Trail Exhibit - LECL
NPS NOIP19AC00202 Replace Deteriorated Trail Markers and Improve Trail at Boland Ridge- WICA
NPS NOIP19AC00173 Tribal Perspective Travel Guide for Lewis and Clark National Historic Trail- LECL
P19AS00168 National Council for Preservation Education interns with Chaco Culture National Historical Park
P19AS00167 Ford¿s Theatre Performing Arts 2019 Season
P19AS00161 Natl Council for Preservation Education interns with Mount Rainier
P19AS00166 Aquatic Invasive Species Prevention
P19AS00165 Invasive plant management in 20 NPS park units in the Southeast Region
P19AS00038 Youth Development and Engagement
P19AS00046 YMCA Bringing Youth Outdoors Together
P19AS00163 National Council for Preservation Education interns at the Olmsted Center for Landscape Preservation
P19AS00162 NCPE internships with the Cultural Resources, Partnerships, and Science Directorate
P19AS00160 Field Sessions and Partner Scholarships for Past Forward Conference
NPS 19 NERO 0017 Shenandoah Backcountry Support Interns
NPS NOIP19AC00135 Airphoto Acquisition for Apostle Islands National Lakeshore- GLKN
P19AS00159 Traditional Trades Apprenticeship Program
P19AS00158 MARAD Maritime Internship
NPS 19 NERO 0018 NRMS Interns to support seasonal seashore science
NPS NOI 19 0239 CESU – Amphibian Monitoring at Gulf Islands National Seashore
P19AS00156 Monitoring, inventory, public outreach, and trace fossil research
P19AS00157 Grand Ditch Restoration Adaptive Management Monitoring
NPS NOIP19AC00096 Story Mapping for Indigenous Places (Mandan, Hidatsa, Sahnish)
P19AS00155 Landscape project to renew the grounds of Brotherton Field
P19AS00154 Fuels Treatment Evaluation at Rocky Mountain National Park
P19AS00153 Invasive plant management in 20 NPS park units in the Southeast Region
NPSNOIIMRCM1900424 Historic Preservation Internship in Cultural Landscapes (CLI)
NPSNOIIMRCM1900433 Historic Preservation Internship in Historic Structures (LCS)
NPSNOIYELL1900422 Cache/Miller/Lamar Trail Improvement Project
P19AS00151 Bat Maternity Colony Surveillance and Monitoring at Craters of the Moon
P19AS00150 Vector Borne Disease Prevention Program for Yosemite National Park
P19AS00149 UWNPS Research Center Support, 2019-2020
P19AS00148 Youth Preservation of Cultural Landscapes
P19AS00145 Yosemite Volunteer Outreach
NPSNOIP19AC00418 Five Year Master to assist with Preventative Building Maintenace,Grounds & Trails Maintenance
NPS 19 NERO 0024 Youth Interns Expand Outreach and Improve Visitor Exper.
P19AS00147 Special Resource Studies Administrative History Reconnaissance
P19AS00146 2019 Youth Corps Conservation Crew
P19AS00143 Engaging Colorado Front Range Youth at Rocky Mountain National Park
NPSNOICHIR1900389 Interpretation and Environmental Education Internships – 2 interns
NPS NOIP19AC00033 FY19 Next Century Stewards Internship Program
P19AS00142 Mosaics in Science Diversity Internship Program
P19AS00141 Mosaics in Science Diversity Internship Program
P19AS00140 Research Center Support, 2019-2020
P19AS00139 improving Park Landscape through Native Plant Restoration
P19AS00138 Summer Concerts: Memorial Day and Independence Day Concerts
P19AS00051 Physical Science Data Collection and Geospatial Analysis at Joshua Tree NP
P19AS00137 Strengthen local community response and resiliency to preserve cultural resources in the face of natural disasters




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