Community Development Funding Opportunities






Recent Published Funding Opportunities:

Funding Number Funding Title
SFOP0005577 Nigeria Defections Promotion Messaging Program
SFOP0005584 DRL FY18 IRF Addressing Societal Constraints on Religious Freedom in Pakistan
DOS HAR FY2019 Julia Taft Refugee Fund 2019
DOS ABJ FY19 01 Julia Taft Refugee Fund FY 2019
BAA ESC GDO 2019 The USAID/Eastern and Southern Caribbean’s Community Resilience Initiative Broad Agency Announcement
AFREO 19 GR 002 AF 121919 Ambassador’s Special Self Help Program – Annual Program Statement
72016819RFI001 Localworks Pre-Award Survey Option
SFOP0005506 Countering Violent Extremism in the Philippines through Targeted, Networked, and Effective Initiatives
DOS CONAK FY18 01 Ambassadors' Special Self Help Fund
FR 6100 N 40 Notice of Funding Availability for the Fiscal Year (FY) 2017 Homeless Management Information System Capacity Building Project
72011719RFA00001 Copilaria Mea (My Childhood)
FR 6200 N 23 Community Development Block Grant Program for Indian Tribes and Alaska Native Villages
72016918RFA00008 Media Initiatives and Partnerships Support
P18AS00638 Groundwork Hudson Valley Outdoor Recreation Partnership
72051418APS00001 Annual Program Statement (APS) for Colombia’s Ethnic Communities “Strengthening Ethnic Communities for Inclusive Peace”
P18AS00611 Groundwork Richmond VA Outdoor Recreation Partnership
P18AS00608 Groundwork Bridgeport Outdoor Recreation Partnership
P18AS00605 Groundwork Richmond VA Project and Program Development
P18AS00604 Groundwork Indianapolis Project and Program Development
P18AS00603 Groundwork Southcoast Project and Program Development
FR 6200 N 07 Section 4 Capacity Building for Community Development and Affordable Housing Grants (Section 4)
NPS DOIP18AC00334 FY2018 Implementation of Management Plan
P18AS00491 Contribute to Community Development through Education and Info
BOR GP 18 N009 Water SYstem Improvements and Booster Station Replacement Projects
CDFI 2018 BEA FY 2018 Bank Enterprise Award Program Application
CDFI 2018 CMF Fiscal Year 2018 Capital Magnet Fund Program
TI 18 021 Center of Excellence for Protected Health Information Related to Mental and Substance Use Disorders
SFOP0005283 Countering Violent Extremism in the Philippines through Training, Programming, and Coordination
VA GRANTS NCA FY2019 Veterans Cemetery Grants Program
P18AS00348 Visitor and Resource Outreach, Support of Equestrian Operations
SFOP0005185 Violence Prevention Focused on Gang Disintegration
SFOP0005173 Strengthening Nonviolence as a Strategy for Peacebuilding and Promoting Social Cohesion in the Abyei Area
SFOP0005124 Community Advocacy for Emerging Cuban Leaders
DOS COD SSH FY18 Ambassador's Special Self Help Fund
HKG NOFO FY18 002 U.S. Consulate General HK, 175th Anniversary Programs
DOS MWI ASSHF FY18 U.S. Ambassador’s Special Self-Help Fund, U.S Embassy Lilongwe
SFOP0004260 Increasing Civil and Political Participation of Ethnic Minorities in Moldova
SFOP0004235 Supporting Democracy, Good Governance, Religious Freedoms and Human Rights in Pakistan
18 MMR NOFO 101 Supporting Tolerance and Peace Advocacy at the Community Level
BOR LC 18 F001 Lower Colorado Region Water Conservation Field Services Program Grant Program for FY 2018
2018001 U.S. Ambassador’s Special Self-Help Fund (SSH)
SFOP0004199 Supporting Civil Society and Media in Ukraine
72066418RFA00002 Tunisia Resilience and Community Empowerment (TRACE)
PRE SOLICITATION Tunisia Resilience and Community Empowerment (TRACE)
DOS ABJ FY18 01 Julia Taft Refugee Fund for FY 2018
7200AA18APS00002 Cooperative Development Program
720 522 18 RFA 00003 Improving Tertiary Violence Prevention




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