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Recent published funding opportunities:

Funding Number Funding Title
BOR LC 20 N008 Notice of Intent to Award to AZ Game and Fish Dept.
BOR DO 17 F001 Technical Assistance to Tribes for fiscal year (FY) 2017
BOR MP 16 N028 Porterville Irrigation District (PID) In-Lieu Project
BOR GP 16 N008 Notice of Intent to Award to Montana Fish Wildlife and Parks - Upper Missour River Pallid Sturgeon Study
BOR MP 16 N029 Continuation of Rosewood Creek Restoration
BOR MP 16N027 Delta Smelt Refuge Population and Culture Facility Renovation and Expansion
BOR LC 16 N020 Development of SNP markers for parentage assessment, and population genetics of razorback sucker
BOR LC 16 N019 Water Hydrological Study for Tribal Lands
BOR LC 16 N024 Salton Sea Management Program Avian Habitat Study
BOR LC 16 N023 Tribal Collaboration on Arizona Water Resource Management Project
BOR LC 16 N010 Notice of Intent to Award - Holtville-Alamo Wetlands Construction Project
BOR LC 16 N014 San Pasqual Reclaimed Water Project Phase III
BOR MP N026 Salmon Conservation and Research Interim Facility, Operations and Maintenance
BOR GP 16 N007 Curation of Reclamation Collections
BOR GP 16 N003 Cultural Resources Discoveries and Sites Visits
BOR GP 16 N006 Lame Deer Transfer Station Water Service
BOR PN 16 N018 Upper Columbia Region Habitat Improvement Projects
BOR PN 16 N017 Flood Plain Connection and Complexity Improvement
BOR PN 16 N016 Upper Grande Ronde River Juvenile Spring Chinook Salmon Habitat Improvement
R16AN20018 East Park Reservoir Recreation Area Construction of Disk Golf Course and Bathroom Improvements
BOR UC 16 N019 Grant for Long-term Curation Betwen the U.S. Bureau of Reclamation, Upper Colorado Region and the Texas Archeological Research Laboratory
BOR UC 16 N007 Maintenance of Utah Site Data Between the U.S. Bureau of Reclamation , Upper Colorado Region and the Utah State Historic Preservation Office (SHPO)
BOR UC 16 N018 Automation and Management of Cultural Reource Information between the Bureau of Relcamaiton, upper Colorado Region and the State of Wyoming
BOR DO 16 021 NOI - Characterization of Fluorine-Substituted Thin Film Composite Reverse Osmosis Membranes for the Bureau of Reclamation
BOR UC 16N021 Administrative History of the Glen Canyon Dam Adaptive Management Program
BOR MP 16 N022 2016-2017 Klamath Water Measurement
BOR LC 16 N018 New River Demonstration Wetlands Monitoring Program
BOR DO 16 022 NOI - Crystallization kinetics and surface patterns
BOR UC 16 N020 Aquatic Invasive Species Contamination Prevention
BOR PN 16 N013 Instream Habitat Restoration in Bear Creek above Ashland, OR
BOR PN 16 N015 MOD1 Hopkins Canal at Yankee Creek Piping Project
BOR MP 16N020 Anadromous Salmonid Habitat Restoration in the Sacramento River
BOR PN 16 N014 Large Woody Material and Flow Augmentation Feasibility Analysis and Project Development
BOR MP N024 Upper Klamath Basin measurement and monitoring project
BOR DO 16 020 AMTA/Reclamation Fellowships
BOR DO 16 019 Maximizing Product Water through Brine Minimization: Innovative Recovery RO Testing – Phase 2
BOR UC 16 N017 O&M Liaison for Navajo Gallup Water Storage Project
BOR PN 16 N010 Nason Creek Upper White Pine Construction
BOR MP 16 N015 Hemlock Project
BOR PN 16 N015 Hopkins Canal at Yankee Creek Piping Project
BOR PN 16 N011 Property Stewardship within Entiat Sub-basin
BOR UC 16 N015 Bluehead Sucker & Native Species Conservation Work
BOR MP 16 N014 Trinity County Resource Conservation District
BOR DO 16 017 Contaminants of Emerging Concern in Concentrate Stream Pilot Study
BOR LC 16 N015 Notice of Intent to Award
BOR LC 16 N013 Notice of Intent to Award Only
BOR LC 16 N012 Notice of Intent to Award
BOR MP 16 N010 Friant-Kern Canal (FKC) Reverse Pump-Back Project
BOR PN 16 N009 Yankee Fork Pole Flat Habitat Enhancement and Adaptive Management
BOR MP 16 N025 Indian Ditch Pre-Construction Work and Diversion Gate


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