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Recent published funding opportunities:

Funding Number Funding Title
DOS BAGHDAD PD 2019 013 English Access Microscholarship Program for Erbil
ED GRANTS 060419 001 Office of Elementary and Secondary Education (OESE): Alaska Native Education (ANE) Program CFDA Number 84.356A
NPS 19 NERO 0010 Expand Youth and Community Engagement
NPS 18 NERO 0186 Support Local Educators in Northeast through a Park for Every Classroom Program
P18AS00598 Mississippi Gulf Coast National Heritage Area - Modification 10
P17AS00251 Yellowstone Frontcountry Youth Work Projects
P17AS00143 ACE Interpretation and Resource Management Positions
P16AS00652 School to Work: Explore Careers in the NPS
NPS NOIP16AC01390 Youth Projects at Craters of the Moon National Monument
NPS NOIP16AC01640 Administrative Interns at Hagerman Fossil Beds
P16AS00650 Youth Intern for Centennial Projects in Administration
P16AS00649 Develop and Print Selma to Montgomery National Historic Trail Teacher Education Packets
P16AS00645 Cultural Resources, Partnerships and Science/Planning and Stewardship Branch
NPS NOI 16 MACA 5332 Winter Bat Monitoring Interns
NPS DOIP116AC01561 Historic Resources Inventory and Documentation for the Skagway and White Pass District National Historic Landmark
P16AS00636 Provide Support for Tuskegee Airmen National Historic Site, Tuskegee
P16AS00635 SCA Facilities Management Intern at Jimmy Carter NHS
NPS 16 NERO 0211 Preservation and Interpretation – Fiscal Year 2016 Programs
G17AS00005 The Educational Component of the National Cooperative Geologic Mapping Program
P16AS00619 Intermountain National Park Service ProRanger Program at Texas A&M University
P16AS00620 University Of North Alabama/Muscle Shoals National Heritage Area
P16AS00616 Notice of Intent: Intergovernmental Internship Cooperative (IIC) Youth Partnership Project 2016
NPS NOI 16 GUIS 0422 University of West Florida Interns
NPS NOI 16 VICK 5695 Oral History Interviews
NPS NOI 16 JELA 0198 Resource Management Program Intern
NPS NOI 16 CESU 5679 Upgrading Curation and Cataloging Collections
NPS NOI 16 CARI 6002 Develop National Underground Railroad Network to Freedom Nominations for Cane River Creole National Historical Park
NPS NOI 16 NATC 5026 Trail Construction and Rehabilitation for MS Segments of the Natchez Trace National Scenic Trail and Jeff Busby Campground
NPS DOIP16AC01521 Permafrost and Carbon Cycling Monitoring at the 8-Mile Lake Permafrost Observatory and permafrost index site in Denali National Park and decadal data analysis.
NPS 16 NERO 0207 Expanding Education Innovation
P16AS00594 Develop Interdisciplinary Curriculum-Based Lesson Plans for Grades K-8
RFA 263 16 000001 The Literate Village
NPS DOIP16AC01094 Complete Historic Resource Study Titled “Seward Lot Histories: Windows through Time, 1903-1990s
P16AS00589 Annotated Bibliography on African American Experience and the Creek War 1813-14
NPS 16 NERO 0197 Heighten Park Visibility & Relevance through Creative Community Engagement
EP HIT 16 004 Enhance, Manage and Promote the Medical Reserve Corps Training Finder Real-Time Integrated Network (MRC-TRAIN)
P16AS00554 Delta State University -MIDE NHA
P16AS00551 Internship Training Program Southeast Regional Office, Cultural Landscapes Program
P16AS00549 Invasive Plant Crew for Mapping and Invasive Exotic Plant Eradication
ED GRANTS 082416 001 Office of innovation and Improvement (OII): Investing in Innovation (I3) Fund: Development Grants Full Application CFDA Number 84.411C
P16AS00543 Interpretive Programming for 50th Commemoration of Selma to Montgomery March
P16AS00534 SCA Museum Collections Intern
ED GRANTS 082216 001 Office of Elementary and Secondary Education (OESE): Preschool Development Grants: Preschool Pay for Success Feasibility Pilot CFDA Number 84.419C
NPSNOICHOH1601410 Canal Steward Program Internship
P16AS00509 Expansion of Urban Engagement Efforts in the Seattle Area
P16AS00504 Frederick Douglass Institute Student Think Tank
P16AS00502 Policy Development and Analysis Fellowship for Public Safety within the NPS


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