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Funding Opportunities Available This Week: 155
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Funding Number Opportunity Title Award Ceiling
BOR LC 16 N008 Yavapai- Apache Nation Reclaimed Water Resources Study $150,000.00
PAR 16 277 Program to Assess the Rigor and Reproducibility of Exosome-Derived Analytes for Cancer Detection (R21) $200,000.00
PAR 16 281 Planning Grant for Fogarty HIV Research Training Program for Low-and Middle-Income Country Institutions (D71) $28,000.00
P16AS00164 Restoration Work with NPS Southwest Exotic Plant Management Team $100,000.00
L16AS00122 BLM-ES, Jupiter Inlet Lighthouse ONA Cultural Management Support $100,000.00
OJJDP 2016 10100 OJJDP FY 2016 Smart on Juvenile Justice: Age of Criminal Responsibility Training and Technical Assistance $200,000.00
W81XWH 16 LCRP CA Lung Cancer Concept Award Not Set
PA 16 232 Prescription Drug Abuse (R21) $200,000.00
HHS 2016 ACF ACYF CA 1184 Quality Improvement Center on Child Welfare Involved Children and Families Experiencing Domestic Violence $2,500,000.00
INL 16GR0040 INLEAGEORGIA 05 23 2016 Supporting Justice Sector Reform in Georgia $300,000.00
BOR LC 16 N007 Native Fish Conservation Efforts by AZGFD $398,326.00
G16AS00070 Cooperative Ecosystem Studies Unit, Rocky Mountain CESU $65,000.00
L16AS00125 BLM-WO, Adobe Town HMA Wild Horse GPS Collar Study Support $40,000.00
L16AS00137 BLM-WO, Support for Cooperative Management of the North American Ornithological Conference (NAOC) $10,000.00
PAR 16 278 Stimulating Innovations in Behavioral Intervention Research for Cancer Prevention and Control (R21) $200,000.00
F16AS00240 Evaluation of Degradation of Benthos in the Kalamazoo and Clinton Rivers: Health Survey of Native Freshwater Mussels $95,464.00
P16AS00190 Notice of Intent: Assessment of Ponderosa Pine Resistance to Mountain Pine Beetle $37,868.00
CDC RFA DD16 1605 Surveillance, intervention, and referral to services activities for infants with microcephaly or other adverse outcomes linked with the Zika virus $360,000.00
L16AS00134 BLM-ES, Jupiter Inlet Lighthouse ONA Veterans Engagement Program Support $10,000.00
PAR 16 280 Infrastructure Development Training Programs for Critical HIV Research at Low-and Middle-Income Country Institutions (G11) $92,000.00
F16AS00239 Great Lakes Remote Sensing $200,000.00
L16AS00136 BLM-ES, Jupiter Inlet Lighthouse ONA Biological Management Support $100,000.00
RFA DK 16 011 Standardization of C-peptide and HbA1c Measurements Program (UC4) $350,000.00
P16AS00187 Glacier and perennial snowfield mass balance of Rocky Mountain National Park (ROMO): Historic, Modern and Future $42,739.00
P16AS00189 Provide Youth with Park Work Experience with the Santa Monica Mountains Fund $350,000.00
RFA TW 16 002 Fogarty Global Health Training Program (D43) $1,100,000.00
PAR 16 279 Fogarty HIV Research Training Program for Low-and Middle-Income Country Institutions (D43) $280,000.00
PAR 16 276 Program to Assess the Rigor and Reproducibility of Exosome-Derived Analytes for Cancer Detection (R01) Not Set
L16AS00123 BLM-WO, National Trails Day and Volunteer Vacations Support $20,000.00
RFA 168 16 000001 USAID/Enhancing and Advancing Basic Learning and Education in Bosnia-Herzegovina (ENABLE-BiH) $1,000,000.00
W81XWH 16 DMDRP CDA Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy Career Development Award Not Set
L16AS00127 BLM-ES, Eastern States Lower Potomac Field Station Natural Resource Assessment & Forest Stewardship $20,000.00
NNH16ZDA001N SGR ROSES 2016: Space Geodesy Research Program Not Set
P16AS00185 Field Ecology and Technical Support for Long-term Monitoring in National Parks of the Southern Colorado Plateau Network $240,000.00
P16AS00170 National Maritime Heritage Grant Program $200,000.00
L16AS00121 BLM-ES, Bois Forte Chippewa Archeological Site Stewardship $20,000.00
ED GRANTS 052316 001 Office of Innovation and Improvement (OII): Teacher Quality Partnership Grant Program CFDA Number 84.336S $1,500,000.00
F16AS00238 Great Lakes Remote Sensing $200,000.00
P16AS00186 NOTICE OF INTENT: Denver Urban Ranger Program $48,609.00
P16AS00191 Centennial Youth Employment Program $55,000.00
P16AS00188 Notice of Intent: Do Western Bat Species Possess Natural Defenses to White-nose syndrome? $154,399.00
MBDA OBD 2016 2004601 Exporting Project $5,000,000.00
BOR LC 16 N009 Genetic & Demographic Studies to Guide Conservation Management of Bonytail $867,382.00
P16AS00183 Develop Phase 3 Restoration Plan for Halstead Meadow, Sequoia National Park, CA $40,290.00
CDC RFA MN11 110106CONT16 CDC’s National Undergraduate Student Program: A Public Health Workplace Experience to Increase Student Interest in Public Health Not Set
NCD 17 01 2017 Progress Report Not Set
L16AS00130 BLM Utah Assessment and Management of Aspen Ecosystems on Public Lands for the 21st Century. $30,000.00
HHS 2016 ACF ACYF TV 1180 National Human Trafficking Hotline Program $1,500,000.00
HHS 2016 ACF ORR RT 1140 Targeted Assistance Grant Discretionary Program $350,000.00
F16AS00235 National Fish and Wildlife Foundation Establishment Act $600,000.00
L16AS00131 BLM (AZ), LCNCA Interpretive Association, Tucson Field Office $100,000.00
L16AS00111 BLM-MT, West Nile Virus Threats Surveillance in the Sagebrush Focal Area of North Central Montana, HiLine/Central Districts $75,000.00
P16AS00184 Historic Preservation Fund Grants to Underrepresented Communities $50,000.00
P16AS00091 Base Cooperative Agreement Not Set
F16AS00236 The National Fish and Wildlife Foundation Establishment Act $600,000.00
CDC RFA PS14 140204CONT17 Improving Sexually Transmitted Disease Programs through Assessment, Assurance, Policy Development, and Prevention Strategies (STD AAPPS) Not Set
L16AS00133 BLM (Arizona), Las Cienegas NCA FROG Restoration and Education Project TFO $500,000.00
NEAAC ACMEPI 16 009 Empowering Women through Entrepreneurship in Tunisia $1,500,000.00
NOI ILAB 16 11 Project to Reduce Child Labor in Agriculture in Mexico $7,000,000.00
BOR PN 16 N008 Michaud Surface Water Measurement Program $150,000.00
USGS 16 FA 0176 Developement of an operational Rapid Situational Awareness System $50,000.00
F16AS00234 Juvenile Salmonid Habitat Restoration Downstream of Highway 20 Bridge, Yuba River CA $1,700,000.00
F16AS00237 National Fish and Wildlife Foundation Establishment Act $600,000.00
VA GPD 2016 SN VA Grant and Per Diem Program Special Need Renewal Not Set
DRLA DRLAQM 16 079 Quality Infotainment in Eurasia $2,100,000.00
EPA OAR OAQPS 16 04 Tribal Training Support for the Community and Tribal Air Quality Programs $300,000.00
USGS 16 FA 0215 Status and Trends of Downstream Fish Community $195,000.00
NOI ILAB 16 10 Child Labor Reduction and Prevention in Tunisia $3,000,000.00
BOR LC 16 N005 valuation of Predator Recognition Response in Bonytail and Razorback Sucker in Mesocosms NOI $546,008.00
P16AS00177 San Francisco Maritime NHP Small Craft Documentation Project $148,050.00
USGS 16 FA 0216 Bedding Geometry and Depositional Conditions in Gale Crater and the Medusae Fossae Formation $30,000.00
FR 6000 N 06 HUD Community Compass Technical Assistance and Capacity Building Program $20,000,000.00
PAR 16 275 Serious Adverse Drug Reaction Research (R01) Not Set
USGS 16 FA 0177 Combining Sample Analysis and Numerical Modeling to Reconstruct the Origin and Evolution of Flynn Creek Crater, Tennessee $43,000.00
L16AS00129 BLM (Arizona), SPRNCA Interpretive Association, Tucson Field Office, AZ $100,000.00
NPSNOIORPI1600746 Natural Resource Internship Not Set
PA 16 273 Environmental Exposures and Health: Exploration of Non-Traditional Settings (R21) $200,000.00
EPA R4 16 SFL 01 2016 SOUTH FL INITIATIVE $200,000.00
G16AS00062 2016 WUDR $100,000.00
PAR 16 274 Serious Adverse Drug Reaction Research (R21) $200,000.00
RFI 674 16 000101 Regional Political Party Strengthening Project $3,000,000.00
USDA NIFA AFRI 005845 AFRI Childhood Obesity Prevention Challenge Area Not Set
P16AS00182 Crew to Maintain Historic Cast Iron Tablets at CHCH $36,630.00
PA 16 263 Environmental Exposures and Health: Exploration of Non-Traditional Settings (R01) Not Set
A16AP00088 Mississippi Choctaw Gulf Coast Restoration Project $100,000.00
A16AP00085 Poarch Creek Gulf Coast Restoration Project $100,000.00
SDVETP 2016 01 Service-Disabled Veteran Entrepreneurship Training Program $150,000.00
A16AP00087 Miccosukee Tribe of Indians Gulf Coast Restoration Project $100,000.00
INL16GR0039 AMETANZANIA WILDLIFE05192016 Combating Wildlife Trafficking in Tanzania $2,000,000.00
L16AS00128 BLM AZ, Southern Arizona Project Border Restoration Youth, Tucson Field Office, AZ $500,000.00
HRSA 17 008 Healthy Tomorrows Partnership for Children Program (HTPCP) Not Set
HHS 2016 ACL CIP MP 0183 Senior Medicare Patrol Projects - Empowering Seniors to Prevent Health Care Fraud $282,950.00
F16AS00231 Bird or Animal Deformities or Reproductive Problems Beneficial Use Impairment Assessment for the State of Michigan Areas of Concern $127,740.00
ONDCP DRUGCOURTTTA 2016 Drug Court Training and Technical Assistance Grant $3,400,000.00
NPS 16 NERO 0059 Notice of Intent - Resource Interpration Interns $47,835.00
PAR 16 271 NIAID SBIR Phase II Clinical Trial Implementation Cooperative Agreement (U44) Not Set
EPA OW OWOW 16 02 FY 2016 and FY 2017 National Wetland Program Development Grants $200,000.00
L16AS00118 BLM CA Dos Palmas Geophysical Survey $100,000.00
PAR 16 272 NIAID Clinical Trial Planning Grant (R34) $150,000.00
Funding Opportunities Available This Week: 155
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