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Funding Opportunities Available This Week: 520
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Funding Number Opportunity Title Award Ceiling
USDA NIFA SBIR 005455 Small Business Innovation Research Program Phase II Fiscal Year 2016 Not Set
BOR LC 16 001 Lower Colorado Region – All Areas – for Water Conservation Field Services Program (WCFSP) Grants for Fiscal Year (FY) 2016 $100,000.00
RFA GH 16 003 Conducting Public Health Research in Thailand: technical collaboration with the Ministry of Public Health in the Kingdom of Thailand (MOPH) $7,000,000.00
EPA OSWER OBLR 15 06 FY16 Guidelines for Brownfields Cleanup Grants $200,000.00
P16AS00014 Canoe Carving and Natvigation using Math, Science, and Traditional Knowledge $200,000.00
P16AC00004 Winter Study of Wolf-Moose Population - ISRO $183,000.00
RFA MH 16 775 BRAIN Initiative: Development and Validation of Novel Tools to Analyze Cell-Specific and Circuit-Specific Processes in the Brain (R01) Not Set
P16AS00006 Chattahoochee River NRA Support Trail Intern $26,566.00
11202015 KV V0 11202015-KV-V0-TITLE Not Set
R16AS00004 Lewiston Orchards Project Pilot Water Exchange $559,967.00
NIJ 2016 9001 NIJ FY16 Research on Measurement of Teen Dating Violence $250,000.00
PAR 16 020 Clinical Trial Readiness for Rare Neurological and Neuromuscular Diseases (U01) Not Set
RFA CA 15 019 Genomic Data Analysis Network: Visualization Genomic Data Center (U24) $660,000.00
F16AS00028 IDFG Monitoring and Evaluations $896,534.00
NOAA OAR OWAQ 2016 2004717 FY 2016 Air Quality Research and Forecasting $150,000.00
RFA DK 16 017 Psychosocial and Behavioral Mechanisms in Bariatric Surgery (R01) $500,000.00
APP003BIHIERY Interethnic Reconciliation and Youth Camps $50,000.00
NPS NOIP16AC00010 Large Mammal response to wildfire and landscape-scale forest restoration in the Jemez Mountains Not Set
HRSA 16 172 Maternal, Infant and Early Childhood Home Visiting Program - Formula Not Set
RFA DA 16 012 Exploring Epigenomic or Non-Coding RNA Regulation in HIV/AIDS and Substance Abuse (R01) Not Set
RFA DK 16 016 Studies of HIV in Digestive Diseases Limited to Gastrointestinal Mucosal Immunology and Liver Diseases (R01) $250,000.00
RFA DE 17 002 NIDCR Award for Sustaining Outstanding Achievement in Research (SOAR) (R35) $650,000.00
MAP 2016 Maintenance Assistance Program $100,000.00
USDA NIFA BRAP 005435 Biotechnology Risk Assessment Grants Program Not Set
NOAA NMFS FHQ 2016 2004689 Fisheries International Cooperation and Assistance Program $100,000.00
RFA ES 15 015 Breast Cancer and the Environment Communication Research Initiative (R03) $50,000.00
2016 NIST RET 01 NIST Research Experience for Teachers (NIST RET) Program Not Set
PAR 16 028 HIV/AIDS Vaccine Scholars Program (K01) $350,000.00
PA 16 032 Advancing Understanding, Prevention, and Management of Infections Transmitted from Women to their Infants (R01) Not Set
PD 16 1788 Nanomanufacturing $300,000.00
20160217 ZA Next Generation Humanities PhD Grants $350,000.00
CDC RFA PS10 10360501SUPP16 Building Health Sector Capacity for HIV/AIDS Prevention, Care, and Treatment Interventions and Coordination in the Republic of Côte d’Ivoire under the President’s Emergency Plan for AIDS Relief $1,088,129.00
L16AS00004 BLM WY Bittercreek Restoration Projects Not Set
OVW 2016 9085 OVW FY 2016 Enhanced Training and Services to End Abuse in Later Life Program $400,000.00
RFA AI 15 057 Pediatric Diagnostic Biomarkers for Active Pulmonary TB Disease (R01) Not Set
CDC RFA GH16 1710 Reinforcing HIV Clinical Services within a Network of Faith-based Health Institutions in Haiti under the President’s Emergency Plan for AIDS Relief (PEPFAR) $5,500,000.00
INL 16CA0007 WHPMEXICO 11032015 International Narcotics and Law Enforcement – Mexico Police Professionalization Program $5,000,000.00
PAS 16 018 HIV/AIDS High Priority Drug Abuse Research (R01) Not Set
L16AS00008 BLM (Arizona), Arizona Botanical Inventory and Rare Native Plants Monitoring (ASO) $900,000.00
R16 NOI DO 005 Notice of Intent to Award - Center for the Development and Use of Alternative Water Supplies $2,100,000.00
INL 16 CA 0011 WHPMEXICO DDR 12142015 Development and Implementation of a Mexican Anti-Drug Community Coalitions Model $2,500,000.00
16 507 Exploiting Parallelism and Scalability $1,000,000.00
2016NEA01AWCC NEA Art Works Creativity Connects Projects, FY2017 $100,000.00
DARPA BAA 16 14 Rapid Attack Detection, Isolation and Characterization Systems (RADICS) Not Set
CDC RFA CD16 1601 National Foundation for the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention $1,250,000.00
F16AS00046 Engineering Surveying and Design Services of Wetland Irrigation Infrastructure $50,000.00
DHS 15 GPD 044 000 99 FY 2015 Assistance to Firefighters Grants (AFG) $9,000,000.00
DOS MSU PFSGP FY16 PEPFAR Small Grants Program 2015-2016, U.S. Embassy Maseru $25,000.00
OWBO 2015 01 2 Women's Business Center Initial Phase Grant $85,100.00
16 512 Critical Techniques, Technologies and Methodologies for Advancing Foundations and Applications of Big Data Sciences and Engineering $2,000,000.00
PAR 16 026 SBIR/STTR Commercialization Readiness Pilot (CRP) Program: Technical Assistance (SB1) Not Set
16 520 Ideas Lab: Measuring "Big G" Challenge Not Set
RFA DK 16 004 Development of New Technologies and Bioengineering Solutions for the Advancement of Cell Replacement Therapies for Type 1 Diabetes (R43/R44) Not Set
OVW 2016 9104 OVW FY 2016 Rural Sexual Assault, Domestic Violence, Dating Violence and Stalking Program Not Set
RFA PM 16 001 Precision Medicine Initiative Cohort Program Coordinating Center (U2C) Not Set
F16AS00017 ODFW Operations and Maintenance $3,452,609.00
CDC RFA GH16 1689 Building Global Capacity to Support Diagnostic Testing of Tuberculosis, HIV and Other HIV-Related Infections/Diseases under the President's Emergency Plan for AIDS Relief (PEPFAR) $10,000,000.00
CDC RFA DP16 1603 Nutrition Strategies to Address Micronutrient Deficiencies $1,000,000.00
HRSA 16 014 Licensure Portability Grant Program Not Set
TI 16 001 Grants to Expand Care Coordination Targeted Capacity Expansion (TCE) through the Use of Technology Assisted Care (TAC) in Targeted Areas of Need (Short Title: TCE-TAC) $280,000.00
CDC RFA PS10 10290501SUPP16 Strengthening Care and Support Services for Orphans and Vulnerable Children and their Families, plus HIV Prevention for Youth in the Republic of Côte d’Ivoire Under the President’s Emergency Plan for AIDS Relief (PEPFAR) $4,312,949.00
PAR 16 045 Planning Grant for Emerging Epidemic Virus Research Training for West African Countries with Widespread Transmission of Ebola- Guinea, Liberia, and Sierra Leone (D71) $50,000.00
PAR 16 041 Drug Discovery For Nervous System Disorders (R01) Not Set
NPSNOIGRCA1600029 Corridor/Greenway Trail Rehabilitation Not Set
NPSNOIGRCA1600028 Corridor/Greenway Trail Maintenance Support Not Set
M16AS00001 FY 2015 Environmental Studies Program AK CMI $400,000.00
G16AS00011 Cooperative Ecosystem Studies Unit, Great Basin CESU Not Set
PAR 16 025 NCI Research Specialist Award (R50) Not Set
RFA MH 16 815 BRAIN Initiative: Non-Invasive Neuromodulation - Mechanisms and Dose/Response Relationships for Targeted CNS Effects (R01) Not Set
PAR 16 016 Novel Genomic Technology Development (R43/R44) Not Set
RFA HS 16 001 Increasing Access to Medication-Assisted Treatment (MAT) in Rural Primary Care Practices (R18) $1,000,000.00
HRSA 16 050 Emergency Medical Services for Children State Partnership Regionalization of Care Not Set
RFA OD 16 001 Clinical Sites for the IDeA States Pediatric Clinical Trials Network (UG1) $315,000.00
RFA MH 17 200 Services Research for Autism Spectrum Disorder across the Lifespan II (ServASD II): Pilot Research on Services for Transition-Age Youth (R34) $225,000.00
NOAA NWS NWSPO 2016 2004713 Next Round of Research to Operations Initiative: NGGPS and HFIP $200,000.00
F16AS00043 Stormwater Threats and Clean Water Solutions for Puget Sound Salmonids $45,075.00
HRSA 16 070 Advanced Nursing Education Program Not Set
NPS 16 NERO 0005 Shenandoah Valley Battlefields National Historic District $85,390.00
L16AS00002 BLM (Arizona), Arizona Fossil Recovery and Curation, Arizona State Office $150,000.00
16 508 Integrative Strategies for Understanding Neural and Cognitive Systems $1,000,000.00
DOJ 2016 4369 U.S. Department of Justice Coordinated Tribal Assistance Solicitation $4,000,000.00
RFA DA 16 014 Effects of Drugs of Abuse on Latent HIV Reservoirs in the CNS (R01) Not Set
F16AS00035 Sediment loading and functional assessment of Medicine Lake National Wildlife Refuge $50,000.00
RFA 685 16 000003 Health Systems Strengthening (HSS) Mechanism $37,000,000.00
W81XWH 15 NETPR DRA Neurotoxin Exposure Treatment Parkinson's Depression Research Award Not Set
NOAA NOS OCM 2016 2004625 Coastal and Estuarine Land Conservation Program - Fiscal Year 2016 Great Lakes Competition $1,500,000.00
NNH15ZDA001N ECF ROSES 2015: Early Career Fellowship Program Not Set
SP 16 001 Drug-Free Communities (DFC) Support Program $125,000.00
CDC RFA GH15 161202CONT16 National Stop Transmission of Polio (NSTOP) initiative supporting polio eradication in Africa Not Set
USDA NIFA TCRGP 005536 Tribal Colleges Research Grants Program (TCRGP) $220,000.00
CDC RFA GH16 1711 Strengthening HIV Clinical Services within a Network of Public and Private Health Institutions in the West, South, and North West Departments of Haiti under the President’s Emergency Plan for AIDS Relief (PEPFAR) $6,000,000.00
AT ATC 16 001 J/TIP FY 2016 International Programs to Combat Trafficking in Persons Request for SOIs $750,000.00
HHS 2016 ACL AOD LL 0118 National Limb Loss Resource Center $2,727,237.00
F16AS00037 Coastal Program Not Set
TI 16 004 Cooperative Agreement to Support the Establishment of a Southeast Asia Regional HIV Addiction Technology Transfer Center (ATTC) (Short Title: SE Asia Regional HIV ATTC) $250,000.00
CDC RFA GH14 142003CONT16 Global Noncommunicable Disease Prevention and Promotion of Health Not Set
PA 16 029 Applying Metabolomics to Drive Biomarker Discovery in Symptom Science (R21) $200,000.00
HRSA 16 173 AIDS Education and Training Center National Clinician Consultation Center Not Set
HRSA 16 087 Ryan White HIV/AIDS Program Part D Grants for Coordinated HIV Services and Access to Research for Women, Infants, Children, and Youth (WICY) Supplemental Not Set
Funding Opportunities Available This Week: 520
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