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Funding Opportunities Available This Week: 137
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Funding Number Opportunity Title Award Ceiling
CDC RFA CE16 1608 Enhanced State Surveillance of Opioid-Involved Morbidity and Mortality $775,000.00
F16AS00183 Musser Run Stream Restoration Project $57,000.00
NPS NOI P16AC00576 Youth engagement (interns and crews), North Cascades NPS Complex, 2016 $100,000.00
NPSNOITUMA1600574 Natural Resources Management Intern Not Set
DE FOA 0001534 Notice of Intent to Issue Funding Opportunity Announcement entitled FY 2016 Vehicle Technologies Multi-Topic Funding Opportunity Announcement $5,000,000.00
G16AS00056 Cooperative Ecosystem Studies Unit, Great Lakes Northern Forests CESU $165,000.00
INLEA INLTC 16 001 INL-16GR0030-INLC-04-25-2016 $400,000.00
EDA HDQ OIE 2016 2004868 FY2016 Regional Innovation Strategies Program $500,000.00
NNH16ZEA001N ULI D.5 University Leadership Initiative Not Set
G16AS00057 Cooperative Ecosystem Studies Unit, Great Lakes Northern Forests CESU $110,179.00
INLEA INLCJ 16 003 Bosnia and Herzegovina Civil Society in Criminal Justice Sector Development $630,000.00
PD 16 7607 Energy, Power, Control, and Networks Not Set
DTPH5616SN000002 Pipeline Safety Research Competitive Academic Agreement Program (CAAP) 2016 $300,000.00
NPS 16 NERO 0041 Notice of Intent to Award - Paddle the Potomac! Community Outreach Event $25,000.00
RFA OD 16 009 Improving Physical Infrastructure to Enhance Animal Model Research: Revisions of Research Project Grants (R24) Not Set
ED GRANTS 042516 001 Office of Innovation and Improvement (OII): Investing in Innovation Fund: Development Grants Pre-Application CFDA Number 84.411P $19,000,000.00
USDA NRCS SC CIG 16 01 South Carolina Conservation Innovation Grants $75,000.00
CDC RFA PS14 141403CONT16 Collaborations to Improve Identification and Care for Chronic Hepatitis B Virus (HBV) Infection among Persons in the United States who were Born in Countries with Intermediate-High (≥2%) HBV Prevalence Not Set
NCD 16 06 Pre-Solicitation Notice - Inclusion of Individuals with Disabilities in U.S. Foreign Policy Not Set
RFA OD 16 007 Improving Physical Infrastructure to Enhance Animal Model Research: Revisions of Center Grants (P51) Not Set
PD 16 1517 Electronics, Photonics and Magnetic Devices Not Set
SOL 680 16 000007 Support for Scale-Up of Community Package of High Impact Interventions - Phase II $5,980,000.00
RFA OD 16 010 Improving Physical Infrastructure Revisions of Center Grants (P40) Not Set
USGS FA 16 0135 Notice of Intent - Imaging Near-Fault Earthquake Deformation with Integrated SAR, LiDAR, and Optical Measurements $222,194.00
NPS DOIP16AC00284 : Conservation Interns for Education Projects in Fairbanks Alaska Public Lands Information Center $37,000.00
PAR 16 214 Program for Extramural/Intramural Alcohol Research Collaborations (U01) $250,000.00
CDC RFA IP16 1607 Expansion of seasonal influenza vaccination programs in low and middle income countries $2,000,000.00
RFA DA 17 008 Extracellular Vesicle Tools, Technologies, and Products for Neuroscience Research (R41/R42) $150,000.00
F16AS00181 Phenology Monitoring - Nature's Notebook Citizen Science for Management and Engagement: Technical Assistance $332,559.00
F16AS00175 Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University $1.00
P16AS00122 Document Maritime Resources â¿¿ Ellis Island & ABMC Cemeteries $28,278.00
ECA ECAPEC 16 047 FY 2016 Communities Connecting Heritage Program $800,000.00
HHS 2016 ACF OCS ET 1127 Community Services Block Grant (CSBG) Training and Technical Assistance (T/TA) Organizational Standards Center of Excellence (COE) $600,000.00
P16AS00123 Notice of Intent: Monitoring soundscapes to investigate interactions between human activities, Sonoran pronghorn and other wildlife $46,000.00
ED GRANTS 042216 001 Office of Innovation and Improvement (OII): Magnet Schools Assistance Program CFDA Number 84.165A $12,000,000.00
F16AS00179 Youth Training and Education Through Invasive Species Removal $38,000.00
RFA DA 17 009 Extracellular Vesicle Tools, Technologies, and Products for Neuroscience Research (R43/R44) $150,000.00
HHS 2016 ACF ORR RR 1136 U.S. Repatriation Program $1,000,000.00
HHS 2016 ACL CIP LRLR 0166 2016 Lifespan Respite Care Program: Grants to New States $200,000.00
EE ERT 16 002 FY 2015 Program for Research and Training on Eastern Europe and the Independent States of the Former Soviet Union (Title VIII) $1,500,000.00
NPS 16 NERO 0040 Crossroads of the American Revolution Association, Inc. Not Set
HHS 2016 ACL CIP LRLI 0174 FY2016 Lifespan Respite Care Program--Competing Program Expansion Supplements $150,000.00
OVC 2016 9285 OVC FY 16 Project Beacon: Increasing Services for Urban American Indian and Alaska Native Victims of Sex Trafficking $450,000.00
RFA HS 16 002 Pediatric Quality Measures Program (PQMP): Dissemination and Implementation of Child Health Quality Measures Cooperative Research Grants (U18) $675,000.00
P16AS00124 Larimer County Conservation Corps crew working directly with a wilderness trail crew in Rocky Mountain National Park. $29,616.00
USDA FS 2016 GLRI U.S. Forest Service 2016 Great Lakes Restoration Initiative $200,000.00
OJJDP 2016 9157 OJJDP FY 16 Safe and Thriving Communities: Uniting Community Based Violence Prevention, Defending Childhood and National Forum Approaches to Prevent and Heal Violence $1,000,000.00
OVC 2016 9287 OVC FY 16 Project Beacon Training and Technical Assistance $450,000.00
F16AS00178 Migratory Bird Joint Ventures - Gulf Coast Joint Venture Priority Science Needs $34,000.00
20160623 AB Humanities Initiatives $100,000.00
16 559 Robert Noyce Teacher Scholarship Program $3,250,000.00
BOR DO 16 012 Salton Seawater Vertical Tube Evaporation & Brine Management Project $150,000.00
PAGA PAAQM 16 001 A Diplomatic Simulations Program: Project Coordination, Curriculum Design and Video Production $198,000.00
ECA ECAAS 17 001 FY2017 Hubert H. Humphrey Fellowship Program $11,200,000.00
ED GRANTS 042116 001 Office of Innovation and Improvement (OII): Charter Schools Program (CSP) Grants for State Educational Agencies (SEAs) CFDA Number 84.282A Not Set
HHS 2016 ACF OCC YN 1120 Native Hawaiian and American Indian Non-Profit Organization Child Care Grants $1,000,000.00
PAR 16 210 NIDCD Research Dissertation Fellowship for Au.D. Audiologists (F32) Not Set
M16AS00013 BOEM FY 2016 Environmental Studies Program $1,000,000.00
PAR 16 211 NIDDK Mentored Research Scientist Development Award (K01) Not Set
P16AS00120 Notice of Intent: In-Depth Historical Research & Documentation, Phase 3 $37,500.00
PAR 16 212 Leveraging Cognitive Neuroscience Research to Improve Assessment of Cancer Treatment Related Cognitive Impairment (R01) Not Set
BJS 2016 9580 FY 2016 Continuation of the Federal Justice Statistics Program $1,000,000.00
ND NOFO 16 101 Beyond Borders: A Workshop on Filmmaking Across the Punjab Region $150,000.00
ND NOFO 16 102 WE Can: Workshops and Business Plan Competition for Women Entrepreneurs $100,000.00
PAR 16 213 Leveraging Cognitive Neuroscience to Improve Assessment of Cancer Treatment-Related Cognitive Impairment (R21) $200,000.00
HHS 2016 ACF ORR RG 1117 Refugee Microenterprise Development (MED) Program $250,000.00
M16AS00012 The Environmental Studies Program $500,000.00
NNH16ZDA001N THP ROSES 2016: Terrestrial Hydrology Program Not Set
P16AS00121 Huna Tribal House Programs $375,000.00
NPSNOIPETR1600549 Fence maintenance and brush clearing project Not Set
SCAISB 16 AW 007 04212016 Media Training and Professional Journalism Development in Pakistan $200,000.00
HHS 2016 ACF ORR ZI 1113 Refugee Individual Development Accounts (IDA) Program $250,000.00
N00014 16 S BA10 Broad Agency Announcement for the Office of Naval Research (ONR) Navy and Marine Corps FY2017 Basic Research Challenge (BRC) Program Not Set
DE FOA 0001558 Lighting Alternatives Maximizing Performance & Suitability (LAMPS) $1,500,000.00
OWBO 2016 02 Women’s Business Center Program Renewal Grant $150,000.00
HHS 2016 ACL CIP ATTA 0172 Assistive Technology Act National Activities: State Training and Technical Assistance for Assistive Technology Programs and National Assistive Technology Public Internet Site $625,000.00
USDA NRCS AL CTA EQIP 16 01 Alabama CTA-EQIP Outreach Services $15,000.00
RFA 624 16 000001 Moderate Voices $24,981,235.00
F16AS00177 Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University $1.00
BJS 2016 9860 National Survey of Youth in Custody (NSYC-3) 2017-18 $8,000,000.00
HHS 2016 ACF ACYF CA 1175 National Quality Improvement Center for Preventive Services and Interventions in Indian Country $1,000,000.00
SCA ISB 15 AW 010 04202016 Lincoln Corners Pakistan – Programming Support $100,000.00
USGS 16 FA 0132 Notice of Intent $226,070.00
INL 16GR0033 WHPMEXICO 04202016 Mexico Correctional Training Capacity Enhancement $3,000,000.00
P16AS00116 National Park Service Academy FY 2016 $700,000.00
AFRP N 2 Impacts of Illegal Marijuana Cultivation on Aquatic Resources Phase 2 $76,722.00
P16AS00118 Larimer County Conservation Corps crew working directly with the North District Trail Crew in Rocky Mountain National Park. $60,636.00
P16AS00117 Notice of Intent: Cooperative Research and Support for Cultural Resource Condition Assessments and Cultural GIS Data Management $109,000.00
USDA NIFA SLBCD 005800 Youth Farm Safety Education and Certification $300,000.00
ARDRAW DRW 16 001 Analyzing Relationships between Disability, Rehabilitation, and Work: A Small Grant Program $300,000.00
P16AS00119 Notice of Intent: Field Surveys, Monitoring, and Data Development for Special Status Plants in Mesa Verde National Park, Montezuma County, Colorado â¿¿ 2016 $26,300.00
L16AS00091 BLM-WO, Western States Collaborative Sage-Grouse Habitat Conservation $20,000.00
PA 16 207 The Use of mRNA for an HIV Envelope Vaccine (R43/R44) Not Set
BJS 2016 9840 Survey of Prison Inmates Statistical Support Center (SPISSC) $1,000,000.00
RFA AI 16 008 Nonhuman Primate Transplantation Tolerance (U19) Not Set
20161005 AK Humanities Connections $100,000.00
Funding Opportunities Available This Week: 137
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