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Funding Opportunities Available This Week: 104
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Funding Number Opportunity Title Award Ceiling
F16AS00370 Youth Engagement, Education, and Employment Programs $60,000.00
DE FOA 0001624 Measurement Innovations for Magnetic Fusion Systems $400,000.00
DE FOA 0001455 HydroNEXT Non-powered Dam Technology Development & Demonstration and North American Grid Integration $1,500,000.00
NOAA OAR CPO 2017 2004896 FY 2017 Climate Program Office $300,000.00
P16AS00367 Linking Hispanic Heritage Through Archeology- Session 4 $1.00
NPS 16 NERO 0118 Work Plan – Implementing Mutually Agreed to Projects, Programs and Activities for the benefit of Chesapeake Gateways and Trails $41,152.00
P16AS00394 Science Advisor to the Director, NPS $99,830.00
L16AS00263 BLM-(Arizona), BLM-(AZ), All Districts, Geographic Information Systems GIS and Database Maintenance $950,000.00
P16AS00393 Projected Effects of Climate Change on Birds at U.S. National Parks $54,098.00
USGS 16 FA 00353 Nitrogen Fixation Strategies in Trees $45,359.00
USGS 16 FA 0376 Museum transfer $27,566.00
F16AS00369 Student Scienific Series $150,995.00
P16AS00392 Provide Technical Assistance to the Greater Yellowstone Network $35,000.00
G16AS00118 Cooperative Ecosystem Studies Unit, South Florida/Caribbean CESU $12,000.00
G16AS00119 Cooperative Ecosystem Studies Unit, Rocky Mountain CESU $418,106.00
G16AS00120 Cooperative Ecosystem Studies Unit, Great Basin CESU $6,600.00
EP IDS 16 008 Strengthening Regional Capabilities to Provide Health and Medical Assistance in the Americas $150,000.00
NOIP16AC01176 Historical Reports on Lake Lodge at Grand Teton National Park Not Set
P16AS00391 Science Education and Outreach $113,770.00
USGS FA 16 0381 Notice of Intent - Three-Dimensional Geologic Mapping of Glacial and Post-Glacial Deposits in the greater metropolitan Chicago area of northeastern Illinois – Phase II $95,375.00
ED GRANTS 072616 001 OCTAE: Providing High-Quality Career and Technical Education Programs for Underserved, High-Need Youth Through a Pay for Success Model CFDA Number 84.051 $2,000,000.00
CDC RFA PS15 150403CONT17 Tuskegee University Apology Commemoration Activities Not Set
NPS 16 NERO 0117 Assessment of Natural Resource Condition for Gauley River National Recreation Area and Bluestone National Scenic River $119,992.00
NPS NOI 16 2010296 Youth Environmental Leaders Not Set
CENSUS ADR CARRA 2016 2004966 Administrative Data and data Linkages Research Program $1,000,000.00
L16AS00262 Idaho Bird Conservation Partnership $10,000.00
P16AS00390 Notice of Intent: Intergovernmental Internship Cooperative (IIC) Youth Partnership Project 2016 $241,967.00
NPS 16 NERO 0116 NOTICE OF INTENT TO AWARD - Identify Species Vulnerable to Climate Change at Acadia National Park $158,856.00
ISN ISNIAEA 16 001 IAEA Project Surge Expansion of Sterile Insect Technique (SIT) to Control Mosquito Populations $12,000,000.00
RFA AG 17 005 Alzheimer's Clinical Trials Consortium (ACTC) (U24) $10,000,000.00
PA 16 377 Limited Competition: Clinical Research Investigator Supplement (CRIS) for the Maternal Fetal Medicine Units (MFMU) Network and the Neonatal Research Network (NRN) (Admin Supp) $50,000.00
DE FOA 0001604 FY 2017 Research Opportunities in High Energy Physics $100,000,000.00
USGS FA 16 0377 Notice of Intent - Surficial Geologic Mapping Cass County, Michigan; Marcellus and Decatur Quadrangles $72,524.00
USGS FA 16 0334 Notice of Intent - Glacial Mapping of Western Waushara County Wisconsin $51,000.00
G16AS00117 Cooperative Ecosystem Studies Unit, Rocky Mountain CESU $19,620.00
USGS 16 FA C0229 Notice of Intent $150,000.00
NPS 16 NERO 0114 Conservation and Treatment for the Purrington and Russell Grand Panorama of a Whaling Voyage ‘Round the World $58,493.00
NOIP16AC1045 Traditional Cultural Property (TCP) Survey at MNRR $120,000.00
NPS 16 NERO 0115 An Evaluation of Commercial Fishing Operations Within and Adjacent to Assateague Island National Seashore $25,000.00
NPS NOIP13AC00758 01 THIS IS NOT A REQUEST FOR APPLICATIONS- Restoration and Invasive Spcecies Projects in the Northern Great Plains- THIS IS NOT A REQUEST FOR APPLICATIONS $400,000.00
EP HIT 16 001 Sector Information Sharing and Analysis Organization (ISAO) $150,000.00
MAJOR 201707 Access to Historical Records - Major Initiatives $350,000.00
ARCHIVAL 201612 Access to Historical Records – Archival Projects $100,000.00
P16AS00385 Potomac River Gorge Environmental History and Historic Resource Study $79,018.00
P16AS00386 Preservation and Documentation of National Park Service Museum Collections $90,000.00
P16AS00384 Exotic Plant Management Team Intern $69,861.00
P16AS00382 Natural Resource Condition Assessment and Climate Change Vulnerability Assessment for Oregon Caves National Monument and Preserve $50,000.00
F16AS00366 Service Training and Technical Assistance (Generic Training) $500,000.00
P16AS00383 Notice of Intent: Administrative Support for the Chihuahuan Desert I&M Network in 2016 & 2017 $70,000.00
P16AS00380 Promote Research and Preservation on National Park Service Collections $58,683.00
P16AS00381 Improve Access to National Park Service Archives $39,971.00
P16AS00379 Internship Training Program Isle Royale National Park and Pictured Rocks National Lakeshore $31,800.00
USAFA PASCC BAA 2016 Project on Advanced Systems and Concepts for Countering Weapons of Mass Destruction $25,000,000.00
USAFA PASCC BAA 2016 CALL 0001 Project on Advanced Systems and Concepts for Countering Weapons of Mass Destruction (PASCC) CALL 0001 $200,000.00
NOAA NMFS FHQ 2017 2004980 2017 Saltonstall-Kennedy Competitive Research Program $300,000.00
P16AS00376 PIPA Volunteers Monitor California Condors $60,000.00
P16AS00378 National Park Service-Conservation of Interior Surface Finishes in Mission San Jose de Tumacacori $39,998.00
NPS 16 NERO 0113 National Heritage Area Collaborative Community Projects with NPS Units in Baltimore Region Not Set
P16AS00374 Notice of Intent: Hallowed Grounds: Sites of African American Memories and the Relevance of National Park Service Sites and Programs $65,000.00
L16AS00260 BLM WY Plant and Pollinator Species and Habitat Assessment, Inventory and Monitoring CESU $500,000.00
BAA AFRL AFOSR 2016 0008 Air Force Defense Research Sciences Conference and Workshop Support $50,000.00
P16AS00377 National Park Service- Support conservation actions for Quitobaquito and Rio Sonoyta $49,998.00
W911NF 16 R 0027 Collaborative Research for Enhanced Academic-TTCP Engagement (CREATE) $200,000.00
ND NOFO 16 108 Effective Communication Strategies to Prevent and Counter Violence Against Women $125,000.00
ND NOFO 16 107 U.S.-India Young Leaders Program (U.S.-India YLP) $260,000.00
ND NOFO 16 106 Five Step Guide to Creating U.S.-Indian Partnerships $35,000.00
H NOFO 16 102 Workshop On Trafficking in Persons: Amplifying Lessons from Swaraksha Caravan $130,000.00
H NOFO 16 101 Viral Videos on Climate Change $95,000.00
DOS 2016 VIETNAM LGBTI Vietnam LGBTI Small Grant $25,000.00
DTNH2216R00041 FARS $5,000,000.00
P16AS00375 Parks Unite - Condor Interpretation Interns $60,000.00
P16AS00373 Notice of Intent: Engaging Young Adults with community based conservation and recreation enhancement projects $27,411.00
P16AS00369 Blue Ridge National Heritage Area $690,000.00
P16AS00372 Notice of Intent: Identification and Assessment of Degraded Wetland Areas $10,000.00
P16AS00371 Notice of Intent: Developing Skills and Methods for Landscape Scale Inventory and Evaluation of Cultural Resources $120,845.00
P16AS00370 Notice of Intent: Wupatki and Sunset Crater NM Visitor Use Study $50,602.00
BJA 2016 9216 PSOB National Firefighter Survivor Support $3,700,000.00
P16AS00356 Arabia Mountain National Heritage Area $300,000.00
P16AS00365 2017 Underground Railroad Conference $1.00
P16AS00364 Internship Training Program Everglades National Park $1.00
USGS 16 FA 0372 Notice of Intent $108,228.00
ED GRANTS 072116 001 OSERS: OSEP: National Technical Assistance Center to Increase the Participation and Improve the Performance of Students with Disabilities on State and Districtwide Assessments CFDA Number 84.326G $2,000,000.00
2016 HANOI LGBTI SMALL GRANT 2016 Mission Vietnam LGBTI Small Grant $25,000.00
CDC RFA DD16 1606 Surveillance, intervention, and referral to services activities for infants with microcephaly or other adverse outcomes linked with the Zika virus-High Risk Local Areas $720,000.00
USGS 16 FA 0331 Identification of genes encoding cell surface markers $148,905.00
BOR PN 16 N010 Nason Creek Upper White Pine Construction $1,684,676.00
BAA AFRL AFOSR 2016 0009 Military Medical Photonics Program $2,500,000.00
USGS 16 FA 0332 Identification of genes encoding cell surface markers $148,572.00
P16AS00362 Assistant Volunteer Coordinator Internship $3,890,545.00
P16AS00360 Canal Classrooms Education Program Support $55,152.00
P16AS00361 Canal Classrooms Education Internships $11,299,313.00
CDC RFA GH13 130205CONT17 Support for Activities to Eradicate Polio, Accelerate control of measles and rubella Not Set
P16AS00359 Native American Youth Connect to National Parks $64,000.00
HHS 2016 IHS NIHOE 2 BH HIV AIDS 0001 National Indian Health Outreach and Education II - Behavioral Health and HIV/AIDS $300,000.00
CDC RFA GH13 130105CONT17 Poliomyelitis Eradication Initiative and Expanded Programme On Immunization, Not Set
BOR MP 16 N015 Hemlock Project $300,000.00
Funding Opportunities Available This Week: 104
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