Funding Opportunities from Department of the Interior, Bureau of Land Management






Recent Published Funding Opportunities:

Funding Number Funding Title
L19AS00004 BLM National Interagency Fire Center (NIFC) Joint Fire Science Program (JFSP) Regional Fire Science Exchange Announcement (One Task Statement)
L19AS00003 BLM National Interagency Fire Center (NIFC) Joint Fire Science Program (JFSP) Primary Announcement (Two Task Statements)
L19AS00002 BLM National Interagency Fire Center (NIFC) Joint Fire Science Program (JFSP) Graduate Research Innovation (GRIN)
L19AS00001 BLM ORWA Improving Habitat Quality in Oregon Big Game Migration Corridors
L18AS00096 BLM Improving Habitat Quality in Arizona and Utah Big Game Migration Corridors
L18AS00094 BLM ORWA All Lands Collaborative Planning - Rogue Basin
L18AS00043 BLM Utah 2018 Youth Opportunities to Work on Conservation Projects on Public Lands
L18AS00093 BLM WY Master Integrated Invasive Plant and Noxious Weed Management Program
L18AS00090 BLM Idaho Biological Control Development
L18AS00007 BLM FY2018 Bureau-wide National Conservation Lands Scientific Studies Support Program
L18AS00082 BLM-WO, Natural Resources Shared Conservation
L18AS00076 BLM Utah Grand Staircase-Escalante National Monument/Kanab Field Office Visitor Interpretation, Education, and Public Outreach Project
L18AS00088 WO, Bureau-wide Pilot Experienced Services Program
L18AS00087 BLM-WO, Wet Meadows Restoration in Sagebrush & Grassland Wildlife Habitat
L18AS00086 BLM-CO Arkansas Headwaters Recreation Area Shared Conservation Project, Royal Gorge Field Office
L18AS00056 MT/DAK Aquatic Invasive Species
L18AS00085 BLM-CO Expanding Recreational Access on Colorado's Public Lands, Royal Gorge Field Office
L18AS00081 BLM-NOC Socio-Economic and Fiscal Impact Assessment Study of Nevada's Communities
L18AS00084 BLM-CO Archaeology and Cultural Resources Study Project, Tres Rios Field Office
L18AS00083 BLM Idaho Wildland Urban Interface Community Fire Assistance
L18AS00080 BLM-CO: Connecting Underserved Youth to Colorado's Public Lands Through Outreach and Education
L18AS00079 BLM Idaho Aquatic Invasive Species Early Detection and Rapid Response
L18AS00078 BLM Idaho 2018 Youth Opportunities to Work on Conservation Projects on Idaho Public Lands
L18AS00077 BLM-WO, National Public Lands Day
L18AS00044 BLM ORWA Master Secure Rural Schools
L18AS00070 BLM ORWA 2018 Master Cultural and Paleontological Resource Management
L18AS00048 BLM ORWA 2018 Master Recreation Trail Management
L18AS00016 BLM OR WA 2018 Master Species Conservation
L18AS00022 BLM ORWA 2018 Master Fish and Wildlife Restoration Access
L18AS00061 BLM-CO Preserving the Mining Heritage in San Juan County
L18AS00045 BLM ORWA Master Noxious Weed Control Program
L18AS00074 BLM â¿¿ NM Cultural and Paleontological Resource Management
L18AS00073 BLM-NV 2018 Recreation Resources Programs and Projects
L18AS00072 BLM NV 2018 Fish, Wildlife and Plant Conservation Resources Programs
L18AS00018 BLM CA 2018 Youth Opportunities to Work on Conservation Projects on CA Public Lands
L18AS00029 BLM-AZ, Cultural Heritage Archaeology Program
L18AS00028 BLM-AZ Education, Outreach and Stewardship of the Agua Fria National Monument
L18AS00010 BLM Utah Listed Cacti Sampling and Monitoring in Sevier, Emery and Wayne Counties, Utah
L18AS00071 BLM-AZ, Ecological Monitoring and Adaptive Management
L18AS00058 BLM Utah Assisting BLM Partner Repositories to Meet DOI Museum Standards
L18AS00054 BLM MT/DAK Noxious Weed Control
L18AS00069 BLM (NV) Range Management Project -- Using Plant Genetics to Improve Range Restoration
L18AS00055 BLM MT/DAK Native Fish Study in SW MT
L18AS00014 MT/DAK Sportsman Access and Habitat Restoration
L18AS00063 BLM NV Ely District Office Lincoln County Land Act of 2000 PL106 298 Lincoln County Archaeological Initiative Round 11 Announcement
L18AS00068 BLM-CO Strengthening Partnerships for Invasive Vegetation Management, Southwest District
L18AS00067 BLM-CO Gunnison Gorge National Conservation Area Education and Outreach Project
L18AS00066 BLM-NM Genetic Association Project for Kuenzler's Hedgehog Cactus (Echinocereus fendleri var. kuenzleri - EFK)
L18AS00033 BLM-AZ Strengthening Partnerships to Restore the Upper Gila River Watershed
L18AS00031 BLM-AZ Bald Eagles Conservation




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