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Recent published funding opportunities:

Funding Number Funding Title
11JA07 Document Tools for Implementing Inmate Behavior Management Setting Measurable Goals
11JA05 Document Tools in Assessing Inmates Risks and Needs The Assessment Interview
11JA03 New Jail Planning Initiative Review and Revision
11JA01 State Jail Inspector Training Curriculum Revision and Update
11AC02 Production of Seven Live Satellite/Internet Broadcasts
10A64 Curriculum Development Implementing and Sustaining an Evidence Based Risk Reduction Approach for First and Mid Level Supervisors in Corrections Settings
10PEI40 NIC Cost Containment Online Resource Center Project
10P12 Strategies for Women Executives in Corrections
10M15 Guidebook for Building High Performance Correctional Organizations
10PEI38 The Norval Morris Project Implementation Phase
10PEI37 Meetings of the Institutional Corrections Research Network and Two Subject Matter Experts Meetings on Correctional Research
10PEI36 Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, and Intersex Guidance Project
10C84 Evaluation of Technical Assistance for Evidence Based Decisionmaking in Local Criminal Justice Systems
10J74 Development of Two Documents Inmate Behavior Management A Guide to Meeting Inmates Basic Needs and Inmate Behavior Management A Guide to Defining and Conveying Expectations for Inmates
10A62 Training for Executive Excellence Leadership Style and Instrumentation Curriculum Development
10A61 Training for Executive excellence The Role of the Correctional CEO Curriculum Development
10A30 Curriculum Development Training for Correctional Industries Directors
10P09 Document Development Working with Mental Illness in Corrections A Framework, Strategies and Best Practices.
10PEI35 The Prison RapeElimination Act (PREA) Technical Assistance Project
10P08 Quarterly Publication of a Corrections Mental Health Newsletter.
10K121 Employment Retention
10P07 A Systems Approach for Workforce Performance Curriculum Development
10A59 Production of Four Satellite/Internet Broadcasts and Three Stand Alone DVDs
09PEI30 Subject Matter Experts Meetings on Organizational Culture and Performance
09PEI28 The Instructional Theory into Practice (ITIP) Guidance Tools Project
09J72 Direct Supervision Curriculum Development
09J71 Large Jail Administration Training Curriculum Development
09J70 National Sheriffs Institute Training Program Review, Delivery, Revision, and Evaluation
09PEI27 Green Corrections
09M12 Women Offenders Gender Responsive Approaches to Risk and Need Assessment
09C81 Evidence Based Strategic Planning in Southern California
09PEI25 The Norval Morris Project
09J69 Direct Supervision Curriculum Development
09J68 Jail Information System Document
09K112 Transition from Prison to Community
09A54 Production of Seven Satellite/Internet Broadcasts
14AC08 NIC Service Delivery Impact Initiative
14RE07 Thinking About Corrections Content Development
14AC02 Production of Eighteen Live Internet Broadcasts (54 Hours) Over a Three Year Period
14PR07 Strategic Essentials for the Advancement of Organizational Knowledge and Expertise
14JD01 Curriculum Review and Revision Inmate Behavior Management
14CS08 Veterans Risk and Needs Assessment Tool and Protocol
14CS15 Employment Retention Specialist Training Curriculum Revision and Certification
14CS14 Transition From Jails
14CS09 Strategic Communication Plan for the Evidence Based Decision Making in Local and State Criminal Justice Systems
14CS07 Planning and Development of a Model Curriculum for Schools of Criminal Justice
14AC07 Leadership Development for Corrections Supervisors
14CS11 Victims and Reentry A handbook for Probation and Parole Officers
14CS10 A Best Practices White Paper Specific to Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender and Intersex Juvenile Offenders in Corrections
13AC08 Thinking for A Change 3.1 Training for Trainers


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