The United States government and New York's office of finance has put in $62,419.00 million dollars in federal grants and $52,183.00 million dollars in other types of federal financial assistance for people who live in the state of New York. As long as you have a valid citizenship certificate (green card) or a permanent resident certificate, you could be entitled to apply and receive New York government grants.

Government funding in New York is provided to various sectors, with the majority of the budget in business, education (pell & college grants), housing, veteran, and personal grants.

  • New York Small Business Grants: Starting and running a small business in New York can be a risky task. More than 58,161 small businesses or even large corporations file for bankruptcy every single year. To reduce the risks, you need to research into as many funding sources as possible. Here is more information on New York Small Business Grants.
  • New York Education Grants: Education plays an important sector in New York. The federal government in New York spend over $51,991,666,265.00 dollars every year in elementary and secondary institutions alone. Education grants are made available for students or even teachers in New York to finish and enhance their level of education. Here is more information on New York Education Grants.
  • New York Housing Grants: At an average market value of $303,900.00 per real estate property, there are more than 8,100,000 real estate properties in New York. With an average annual household income of $56,033.00, less than 55.00% of the people actually paid off their homes. A good number of the residents in New York cannot afford to pay off their mortgages. office of finance has set aside financial support in the form of housing grants to individuals in need, especially if you work at home. Here is more information on New York Housing Grants.
  • New York Veteran Grants: Residents of New York who have enrolled or who are current enrolling the military, naval, and air foce are able to apply and receive government grants in the form of veteran grants. Here's more information on New York Veteran Grants.
  • New York Personal Grants: The local state government in New York does not offer financial support to its residents for personal needs such as getting out of debt, financing a vehicle...etc. But, New York residents are eligible to apply for personal grants to receive financial help to carry out a public purpose of support or stimulation to the ecomony of New York. Here's more information on New York Personal Grants.

Recent State Funding Opportunities

Below is a list of opportunities recently published in the local state:

Funding Number Funding Title
USDA NRCS NY CIG 22 NOFO0001158 Announcement for Program Funding for NRCS’ Conservation Innovation Grants (CIG) for Federal fiscal year (FY) 2022 – New York
HHS 2022 ACF OHS HP R2 0146 Early Head Start Expansion and Early Head Start-Child Care Partnership Grants - The Borough of Bronx, New York
USDA NRCS NY CIG 21 NOFO0001070 Fiscal Year (FY) 2021 Conservation Innovation Grants New York State Program National Funding Opportunity
HHS 2021 ACF OHS CH R02 1881 Head Start/Early Head Start Grantee -- Communities in the state of New York
HHS 2020 ACF OHS CH 1818 Head Start and/or Early Head Start Expansion - Alabama, Arkansas, California, Colorado, Georgia, Illinois, Kansas, Michigan, Mississippi, New Jersey, New York, Ohio, Oklahoma, and South Carolina
USDA NRCS NY CIG 20 GEN0010792 NRCS’ Conservation Innovation Grants (CIG) for Federal fiscal year (FY) 2020 – New York
HHS 2020 ACF OHS CH R02 1850 Head Start and/or Early Head Start Grantee -- The Cities of Manhasset, Great Neck, Roslyn and Port Washington, New York
HHS 2020 ACF OHS CH R02 1789 Head Start and/or Early Head Start Grantee -- Oneida and Herkimer Counties, New York
HHS 2020 ACF OHS CH R02 1645 Head Start and/or Early Head Start Grantee -- Allegany County, New York
HHS 2020 ACF OHS CH R02 1747 Head Start and/or Early Head Start Grantee -- The City of Binghamton, and the Villages of Johnson City and Port Dickinson, and the Towns of Conklin, Kirkwood and Binghamton in Broome County, New York


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